Thursday, April 24, 2014


Sorry about giving you to Ernie yesterday. But, you know... BACON. I mean, who can say no to bacon? Not me. 

Unless we're talking bacon *flavor*. Totally NOT the same. At all. But I won't get into that now. Let's just say my human has no idea what she's doing when it comes to bacon.

So. While I'm waiting for my real bacon, I need help naming our new fish. My human brought him home the same day as my new food with the nasty bits, but I was waaaay too distracted by the bits to think about fish names and you don't even want to know what my human came up with. You know how much she sucks at names.

Here is fish:

He looks a little less cool in real life because my human accidentally used one of Steve's filters or something when she took the picture. No idea what that's about, but it's why she thought 'Hipster' would make a good name for our fish. 

ME: Hipster? what kind of name is that?
HUMAN: he just looks so... cool. Like something on instagram.
ME: but he only looks that way in the picture.
HUMAN: oh. right.


I think fish should have a food name, but I don't know many tasty foods that have blue speckles on them. My friend Lulu's mom suggested Gorgonzola (Google says that's a cheese). Dutch came up with Blueberry Muffin ("Muffin" for short) and Scone


Uhm, yeah. Any ideas??

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


HIIIIII! it's me. ernie. remember? it's ok if you don't. i forget my name too. the Faceless One said i could be here one more time to say hi and bye. his lady said he would get bacon. i don't know what that is but Faceless is happy about it. 

my regular lady is back so i'll be with her again from now on. i still live in the next house so you might see me sometimes. i get bigger so next time i might not look like me. but i will try. sorry!!!

the Spotted One said i should tell you something i know before i go. i told him i don't know anything yet but he said *not* knowing things is just a different kind of knowing. i don't even what that means!! Spotted is soooo wise.

here is something i think i know:

when it's time to go into the crate and you don't want to go into the crate, hide in the couch not on the rug. our rug is green. 



Tuesday, April 22, 2014


What's cuter than my butt? Duh. Two of my butts!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Sorry. I've been feeling kinda weird today. The radio people keep talking about the bad thing that happened in Boston last year and I know I'm not supposed to be sad but it still makes me kinda sad so... yeah.

Happy Easter Monday?

Friday, April 18, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: ernie edition

hi. i'm ernie. the Spotted One said you know who i am and i should tell you stuff. sorry if don't know all the best words yet. 


the Spotted One is my favorite. he lets me lick his lips but doesn't play so i just lick his lips a lot. i think he likes it. he is also a mystery. i think that's the word? what i mean is he does stuff i don't understand. like he eats grass.

Spotted is very nice and also wise. what i mean is when things don't make sense to me he helps them make sense. we have very long talks. so many things don't make sense! Spotted says this is because i am a puppy. he says i'll know everything he knows some day. 

the Faceless One is my favorite too. Faceless is not as nice or wise as Spotted but he is more fun. sometimes more fun. getting him to be fun is not so easy. i have tried lots of things to make Faceless want to play with me. maybe you have some ideas? 

here is what i've tried:

pretending i hate to play 

sharing my most favorite toy ever

letting him win at tug

showing him how to stalk poodles

none of those things make Faceless want to play with me. one time he got weird and ran around really really fast. maybe he was playing and i didn't know it? being me can be so confusing.

does this look like play to you?

ok. i think i'm done. thank you! sorry! good bye!


PS: Faceless let me hold his paw. it wasn't fun but i liked it a lot.