Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's a sad day here at Casa de Puglet. Because yesterday afternoon, Nikon got stuffed into a box and shipped off to the camera spa in El Segundo. Again.

I tried to crawl inside the box to be with Nikon, but my human said pugs need air and Nikons don't. I
t takes 2 days to get to the spa, so I'd probably suffocate and die halfway to El Segundo.

Dying in the back of a UPS truck didn't sound good to me, so I gave Nikon a hug and said goodbye.

My human says if she can live without Nikon for a week, I can too. Whatever. For her, a week without Nikon means a week without pictures. Big deal. For me, a week without Nikon means there will be no supermodeling. No supermodeling = no cookies. No cookies = one sad Pug.

But I guess there are sadder things than no cookies. For the past week, we've been seeing a LOST DOG sign over the place. I mean like EVERYWHERE. They are all over the city. This one was down by The Man's house and he lives like 20 miles away.

I know most of you don't live anywhere near San Francisco. But Casey the Boxer's people are trying so hard to find her, I totally want to help her get found. I mean, I'd want the whole entire internet looking for me if I got lost. Wouldn't you?


Paws on the Run said...

Oh Puglet. You are the cutest thing ever. It was very nice of you to say good bye to Nikon. Don't worry. He'll come back better than ever.

I feel for Casey's owner. There is not much worse that having a lost dog. I hope they find her soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Sorry to hear about Nikon but El Segundo will fix him up soon.

Poor Casey we really hope she gets found. Our mom would go to the ends of the earth to find us.

3E's from San Antonio

Payton said...

Pug, I think we need to start working on your back-up plan. You know, let's think of the kind of jobs could you do without Nikon around that would get you some treats... Cause we just can't have you being sad for an entire week and Nikon has been taking a lot of trips lately. What about it you took out the trash or fetched the newspaper or the mail everyday? Or tried to give your human a foot massage? Ok, you're right, I'm not so good at this, so we need everyone else to come up with ideas too!
PS. We'll be thinking of cute Casey and her family.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you're just going to have to try something out of the box, like sitting up and begging. Our other cookie getting ideas are, sit and give paw to Mom for no reason at all. Roll over and lay on your back like you're dead when Mom is near you. If all else fails, super model for Mom as if Nokon was still in the room.

Roxi said to pick a flower for Mom - like you did for Jenny. That's cookie worthy.

We are sending MAJOR puggle thoughts and prayers for Casey's safe and speedy return. Hopefully she is micro chipped .... Every dog should be just for this reason.

Roxi, Riley and Lea
Thos Jersey Shore Puggles

Minnie Moo said...

So sad when a baby gets lost.
And sad for the loss of your cookies, I mean camera!

Good luck.


Minnie Moo

Barbara said...

Oh man, you giving Nikon a hug was so sweet! I have a feeling you'll get cookies anyway.

We are hoping that the puppy finds his home again. Very sad.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Puglet...if you got lost the whole entire internet and probably the whole world would be looking for you! I hope Casey is to pugs I love boxers! I sometimes wish I was a boxer!

Nikon will be back before ya know it! You'll get some cookies...I just know it!

citydog said...

You're such a good egg, Puglet.

Ollie said...

Nikon, not again! I bet Dutch isn't feeling too sad about it :)

One of my tags has a big REWARD on it. My human couldn't fit "Return this dog and get a big wad of cash. No questions asked." I got this tag after a labradoodle in my city got dognapped and was returned for a $5000 ransom (who would think this could happen in Canada?).

I've been told I'm way too friendly and would take off with anybody for a snack and a belly rub. The reward tag is to "inspire" people to return me asap.

Lots of good beagle energy to Casey so that she may find her way back to her family.

pugsmom said...

We are praying for Casey's safe return. We hope her humans see The Daily Puglet and give an update when Casey is safely home again. We all love happy endings.
Poor Nikon, off to the spa again. Maybe there is a Nikon offspring in the future. New Nikon means Nikon training and training means lots of supermodeling and that means TREATS!!!!
Good thoughts to all,
The pug pack in Gladstone Oregon
Phoebe, Kizzy, Dutchy and Olita

August 4, 2011 11:27 AM

Anonymous said...

Puglet, how's Swedish and Meatball?

THE PUGLET said...

Swedish & Meatball are awesome. I hate to say bad stuff about Fish (since he's dead and everything) but Swedish is SO much nicer! Like, he goes to the top of the bowl at feeding time and waits for food. Fish would get all aggro and attack my human for being near his bowl. I'm thinking that's why he got so skinny and starved to death.

Meatball is the coolest snail ever. He climbs around on the plant, which doesn't seem possible since meatball is a big fat snail and the plant is, well, a scrawny little stalk.

THE PUGLET said...

Ollie - I love your REWARD tag. One of my friends from the dog park got 'napped but her ransom was $200. Totally weird that happened in Canada. My human says Canadians are so supernice... and like smurfs? No idea.

THE PUGLET said...

Hrm... Dutch is definitely not sad about Nikon's spa trip. I'm kinda wondering if Dutch did something to make Nikon sick. Not sure he's that smart though.

Ollie said...

The labradoodle belonged to a wealthy human and was grabbed by the gardener's cousin or something like that. VERY uncanadian and totally not smurf-like; those little blue gnomes would never snatch an innocent dog for financial gain.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Ollie. My human would be crushed if the Canadians turned out not to be smurfy.

No idea what it means to be smurfy, but am pretty sure it's a compliment.

Pug Slope said...

Puglet, you truly are a master of cuteness. I love to rest my head on things, too...but I've never gotten a treat for it. I think my parents have some explaining to do! Anyway, we hope Nikon gets back soon so you can get back to modeling and getting treats.

We'll keep Casey and her parents in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Puglet I think the truth is out!!!!!!!!!!! you are a ham not a dog. How could she not give you treats you are so cute. The whole internet would look for you if you were lost but my grandma said it would be hard to give you back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
You are so cute - she and me agree at least once about something! Don't be sad about Nikon going away for a little while. You could plan some modeling sessions in the meantime and generelly work on performances and PR strategies while Nikon is away.

We hope that Casey (funny enough, we used to know a Casey here in Berlin, also a Boxer who has crossed the rainbow bridge some time ago) will be safely returned home. Poor thing. Last week my pug friend Trudy almost got stolen, her Mum left her in front of a shop. She just returned in time to save Trudy from a sad fate. How terrible humans can be ... this happens especially to pugs here, so we are always very careful. Me without my Mum? Never ...

I am depressed because it is raining and raining ..weeks on end now. I get soaking wet when we go hiking, but nevertheless we go. Summer? Not this year, must have traveled over the big ocean.

I am working on my new blog. For the time being it is in German only.

There is much to do about the design, etc. With the constant rain I have time to develop my thoughts and philosophy .. like all pugs I am a great thinker!

Pug greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

So heartbreaking!!! I know that Boxer Rescue LA has a huuuuge party out looking for HERO the boxer and he's been missing for over a month now... no luck. =(

Anonymous said...

Poor Casey!! We hope that they find her. The dogs lost walking a lot. I cam imagine shes owners are feeling pain! I am so far...Well, I am looking all webcams(live) that have in California...Ohh soo poor Casey! We are praying for she find her house or a good soul look her and help her.
Fred and Estelita