Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don't know about you, but I'm a people pug. I love people as much as - well, almost as much as - I love, say, bacon. I pretty much love everybody, but I do have favorite people. Y'know, the ones I go extra crazy over.

Like The Man. And Miley's mom. And Bellatrix's mom. And this lady in my neighborhood who stops to scratch my butt every time she shes me. I really love her. But I never thought of my own human as someone to go nuts over. Not because I don't love her or anything. But because I see her like all the time. I mean, you can't really go crazy over someone you see every minute of the day.

But my human has been on vacation since last year and I'm totally starting to miss her. Like, really miss her. Even though I love The Man and The House of Meat is ridiculously fun, I kinda want my human back. Like, now.

I miss the stupid names she calls me (Pugaroo. Pugalicious. Puggers.), the way she grabs my ears and scrunches up my head. I miss the way she says Perfect! when I strike a cool pose for Nikon, and the look on her face when I Jimmy. And I really miss her thumbs and the way they help me talk to you.


The Man says my human comes back tonight and I cannot wait to go completely nuts over her. She loves it when I cackle from happiness and I'm going to cackle like I've never cackled before so she knows how much I love and missed her.

I'm pretty sure our people know we love them even if we don't go gaga over them every minute of the day. But it probably wouldn't hurt to go nuts over your human for no good reason every now and then. Like today :)


Wilma said...

Why Puglet, that just may be the cutest little mug shot of you I've seen. I am sorry you are having to miss your human. Mine have out working more than usual lately so I know how you feel. I think yours will be totally pumped about you going gaga over her when you see her. I am sure you will be getting millions of face squishies too. Do you think she will have bacon?

Molly in PA said...

Heya Pug,

I'm sorry she's MIA, but as much as you miss her I am *certain* that she misses you more.

My humans went away for only 2 nights and when they got home I got *SOOOO* many face scrunches and sooo many kisses, head pats - it was wonderful. I was so excited that I made extra squeaky noises and I think my tail even tried to wag when they finally did get home :)

Hang in there, and try not to gain any HOM weight or else that will be your Human's first 2011 post!

Molly in PA

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Oh Puglet, we DO love when our little puggy bears go nuts over us! It's the absolute BEST. Klausie hardly ever wags his tail, so when I see that little curl twitch for ME I absolutely melt. :) And Natty will talk and talk and SING to me while twirling in her pug circles, and that kills me too. Show us the love, pugs!

I Love Lucy said...

Aww Puglet, You're such a soft hearted little guy. I think it's so sweet that you've shared how much you miss your human. Remember, she misses you just as much and knows that you, like, crazy love her. I bet she'll go all gaga and cackle too when she sees you.
My mom goes to that big tall building everyday, and when she comes home, I make weird furbie sounds; I can't help it, but she just loves it!
Have fun with your human tonight Puglet.

Love ya'

Anonymous said...

This is Pearl and Tessa's human. They stayed at their Grannys for a week, picked them up last night. Tessa was so excited to see me that she was barking her little soundless bark. As much as they missed me, I think I missed them even more.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Awwww I am sure that your mom will be so happy to see you too!!!! Happy 2011 Pug and Dutch!!!

The Monsters

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Sorry your mom is MIA, our mom took us to an agility competition but had to leave Ellie home with Dad. We know Ellie missed us because when we got home she sniffed our parts & snorted & ran in circles.

When Ellie noticed mom coming thru the door she went puggy balistic. Mom calls her crazy girl and scoops her up & dances around, they actually look quite funny.

We bet when your mom gets home she picks you up too...just wondering, Puglet can you dance??
Emmitt and Eli the San Antonio Pugs

Pugs2Luv said...

We feel your pain Pug. That's how we feel when our human is at school. There's only one cure...to go crazy when your human gets home and then stay as close as possible to her. (Warning: this may lead to getting stepped on accidentally but it's totally worth it) Give your human a big welcome home cuddle from us.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. I had a pretty good time with my Aunt Rachel while my humans were gone for 2 weeks: Christmas parties, hiking in the woods, playing with Bill Murray the lab...but I was happy to see them when they picked me up. I think they were a little worried I might forget about them! I usually pout for a little while after they return, but I'm pretty much back to wiggling all over when I greet them, and I'm happy to go back to work at Kink.fm. I'm not sure how THEY got along without me!

p.s. My mom wants to hear what you sound like when you cackle. Video?


Crabbie Chris said...

I must admit, I love going crazy for my 'rents. Why just yesterday dad picked me up from daycare and when my well orchestrated prison break occured, they all went to greet my dad and I went poodle on all their asses!
You're so lucky we're like bestest buds, because I let my mom give you kisses and hugs without going poodle on you. Oh that's right, your mom gives me the most excellent of lovin' too! hmmmm....

Holdin27 said...

Well said Puglet, well said. Great pic too!

Ollie said...

I'm sure she's really missing you guys too and can't wait to see you. And who knows what fabulous treats she'll be bringing back? Paws crossed that you won't have to have a post Meat House Stay weigh-in this time (just in case you've put on a little extra meat in the middle).
P.S. I really like your nicknames, they're way cooler than mine (Ollikins, Ollipop & Babycakes).

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

I feel so bad for you, not to go on vacation with your Human. Mom took me to Nashville for Christmas, even got to play in the snow & see Santa at the Airport.

Next time, you need to insist on going on vacation too!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo my human is the bestest! I don't care if she's gone for 10 minutes or 10 hours, I get so excited every time she comes through the door, I wag my tail so hard my whole body sways from side to side and I usually levitate (aka, jump straight up in the air really high) as well - my human thinks this is extra funny because I'm so big (100 lbs) that I guess I look kinda goofy doing this.. of course she only thinks it's funny when I'm good and don't jump *on* or *toward* anyone. She calls me silly pet names too, like Poochie, Mari-kins, Puppy, Goofball and Bedhog (I do need to be in her space all night long, so I know she's right there to protect me from those bad guys who were my humans my first couple of years!).

Glad your human will be home tonight Puglet, and I hope the House of Meat was kind to your tubiness!

- Mariah

Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet! I wanted you to know that although I love bacon as much as the next girl there is a dark side to bacon. For Christmas morning Barney and Beulah got some bacon (1 strip for Beulah and 2 for Barney) and they ended up in the hospital with gastroenteritis from the fat. In some dogs it can cause something called pancreatitis which is even more dangerous. After some IV fluids and medicine they're both fine but that was some expensive bacon!!! I'm sure its fine in moderation, but be careful with your first revolution!

As a human, nothing was better than seeing how excited they were to see me when I sprung them from the joint (I mean the hospital!).

anti snore said...

You're so lucky we're like bestest buds, because I let my mom give you kisses and hugs without going poodle on you.