Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hiking with The Man.

Sorry for spending two whole days talking about how much I weigh. Since my human has been out of commission, I haven't had many adventures. And when you're not adventuring, really the only thing left to do is eat. Right?

I did go on one adventure when I was at the HOM though. The Man took me on one of my human's favorite hikes. It's long and goes to the top of a mountain and The Man said both of those things would keep me from getting too fat. On the way to the top, he took a video of me that made my human laugh

Before I tell you the story behind the video, my human says I have to warn any human video watchers that it's kinda gross. Like, blood and guts kind of gross. But if you can get over the grossness, I guess it's kinda funny.

OK. So, back at Christmas my human got a book called Inside of a Dog and part of it talks about how dogs might be related to wolves, but we are soooooo far from being wolves it's not even funny. Because I guess when humans started breeding for things like smushed snouts and spots, a lot of the wolf-ness got left behind or something. So, from the way we look to the way we act to the things we eat - today's dog is not very wolfy.

Here I am being not very wolfy:

And I guess a video of me barking at a pile of wild meat is kinda funny because it if I had any wolfness left in me, the last thing I would do to a pile of fresh meat is stand there and bark at it.


Green Dog Wine said...

LOL ohhhh Puglet - you are just the most adorablest dog ever! :) You were just making sure you were defending the Man, Dutch, and Jack! :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha Puglet you are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Great video...Pearl was barking at a Target shopping cart someone left in the park the other day...fierce protector!

We Pugs were bred for companionship....we don't have those instincts some other dogs have...pursuing poor little creatures or attacking things...we evolved!

Pearl and Tessa

Noodle said...

I don't blame you. I'd probably bark at that thing too. In fact, I've been getting in trouble a lot lately for "going poodle" at work. See, I work in an office trailer. My human and the others that work there only come into my trailer occasionally, usually to use the computer. Packages are picked up from and delivered to my trailer, but the humans that do the picking up and delivering don't stay very long. I don't like that. I try to get them to stay by barking, jumping, and growling at the door, but it only seems to make them leave faster! My human says I'm the opposite of a guard dog! I guess that's not very wolfy either!!!

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Whoa, Puglet, you have a deep bark for a little pug dude! It may not be very "wolfy," but it's a tough-guy bark for sure! I think you knew that something was "wrong" with that Bambi--you just weren't sure WHAT. Keep on puggin', Puglet. :)

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Hahahah so funny!!!!! I am pretty sure my two barbarians would have dragged that off and fought over it... Ewwww.

Kitty+Coco said...

At least you gave it a good bark. I mean, that is something, right? Coco has barked all of twice in her two years of life. She can barely muster a "guf guf", so we are impressed.

Kitty and Coco

pepper the pugalier said...

very scary, puglet! i'm not very wolfy either. one time, i flipped out and barked at a motorcycle under a cover while i was walking with mommy. i wouldn't even walk by it. but in my defence, it reminded me of a very scary guy i saw in a movie one time that made me flip out and bark and try to eat the tv. i think mommy called him dog vader or dark vader or something... she laughed at me and called me chicken pants. :'(

anyway, you have a nice voice and i had a bark-a-long with you when i heard it. glad you're back again!!! my mommy says she hopes your human feels better soon.

your friend in weight loss (4kgs worth!!!!),

pepper the (ever pudgy) pugalier

Ollie said...

Hey Puglet,
My human was totally grossed out (she had to put her jelly beans away) but I loved your video! I have an excellent nose for finding dead things to chomp on (both fresh and vintage).
For me, that would have been a surprise meat snack. For my human, it would have sent her running mighty fast and screaming at the top of her lungs.
Her idea of the great outdoors is a patio bar with some nice foliage.

Anonymous said...

I guess the obvious question is (or maybe not so obvious, because we didn't ask in our previous post) what did Dutch do???

Pearl and Tessa

Barbara said...

WHAT? You BARKED at meat? Are you a vegetarian?

CloggieGirl said...

Puglets are lovers, not fighters. By the way, the word in the back of the bench you supermodelled on is the name of a city in the Netherlands where my family lives (Nijmegen). They don't have mountains but they do have a lot of meat. Maybe you should do a world tour and check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
You are so funny, your bark sounds like it starts in your tail, rumbles thru and comes out sounding like a husky pug.
In the summer Eli barked at a squished frog on the road..not as funny as you though!!!
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli..the protector of humans from flattened squished road kill frogs!

Wilma said...

Oh Puglet, I just love seeing you in action. Love how you glanced back over your shoulder to make sure everyone saw what you found. Mom says thank your human for giving the heads up on the grossness factor. She didn't look. I did get scared when I saw you on the bench, I was afraid you were going to fall right off the mountain. Your ears look really silly in that picture.

Pugs2Luv said...

Well you were doing what any pug with a sense of duty do. To prove this point we joined in on your barking causing an uproar in the house. Also we are an ancient breed and probably as old or close to wolves. .. we were just given better jobs: being fiercely cute and keeping humans happy. We're glad that you're giving your human reasons to smile. Give her a cuddle from us.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Salinger The Pug said...

Holy crap! That was a big ol pile of roadkill!!!

I'm totally proud of you for not chowing down on that mess!


SpencerBartholomew said...

Piglet - mighty video... I would have worried about seeing what made that mess! You were braver than me... I freak out at everything!

Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

No apologies necessary. Weight and nom nom is an issue when you are a pug.

Plus, I would rather have a pug for a pet and friend than a woof (how I pronounce wolf) anyday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, it's Atticus from the pugtacular. I started barking when my mom showed me that video. That's crazy! I would have had a bark-and-run! If it makes you feel better, my grandma painted a picture of me because she paints stuff for her job and every time I see it I can't stop barking at it. I'm such a scaredy-pug! Ps my mom thinks your mom rocks bigtime! Playdate soon!!!!

Floris said...

Nijmegen???? That is a town just an hour away from me! In the small, wet and cold Netherlands.... brrrrr. I'll listen to your bark later today when I'm home from work ;)

Minnie Moo said...

Hmmm I'm not seeing myself as a former wolf either...I bark at trashcans...


Minnie Moo

Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC said...

Oh, Puglet, your EARS! That's what made me laugh--the photo of you on the bench and your hilariously airborne ears, completely caught up on an ocean breeze!
Happy hiking freepug--love it!
Thanks as always for the end-of-day bit of Pug Hilarity.
Scritches from Caitlin & the tabbies Audrey & Abby in PDX!