Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ready To Go (in my belly) Meat

So after we stopped to look at the meat, we went to see - more meat! I told you this place was full of meat. Get this - next to the big chunks of naked meat in the glass box, and the wall of meat pillows (!), there were three more entire meat sections. Maybe four. I kinda lost count.

OK, here goes:

There was meat for kitties (and Massimo)
, AKA seafood. Y'know, fish and crabs and things in shells. I've seen all this stuff at the beach before, so I wasn't that excited. But I know a lot of you don't live near a beach, so here's a look at the ocean-meat section.

Ocean Meat

There was also something called 'Ready To Go' meat
. No idea where the meat was ready to go, but I reeeeally wanted it to go in my belly. When I was watching the Ready Meat, I met a really nice man (that's his hand in the picture). He was there to buy something called salami.

Salami? No idea.
Anyone here ever had it??

I asked my human to move the cart thing reeeally close to the Ready-Meat, hoping some
might fall in and then we'd have to buy it. Figured that was the only way I'd get her to buy me any. I was able to get a really good sniff, but nothing fell into our cart.

Meat Tubes

Across from the Ready-Meat was a great big wall of Meat Tubes (Nathan's and snausages). There were fat tubes, skinny tubes, pink, red and white tubes. All made of meat (and other stuff). I stared at them until my neck hurt and eyes almost fell out.


Next to the Meat Tubes, I saw a HUgE bunch of bacon. You have no idea how hard it was not to break the No-Licking rule at the bacon enclosure.

Ok, now just in case you're a freak like my human and not so into the meat stuff, there are other things at the supermarket. I saw a whole bunch of stuff called "Novelties". They were in glass boxes like the special meat, so I thought they must be supertasty. After sooo much looking-but-not-touching, I kinda broke one of my human's rules and kinda touched one of the glass boxes. With my tongue.


Uhm, yeah. If you ever get to go to the supermarket, do NOT lick the glass boxes where the Novelties live. Apparently they are freezers, which means that they are cold and licking cold is NOT fun. Luckily my human thought it was kinda funny so I didn't get in trouble or anything.

Cookies + Stuff

There are also cookies (human variety). And lots of them. Kinda boring though. None of them were special enough to be locked up in a glass box. One thing I learned: at the supermarket, most of the good stuff is behind glass.


Like these things called donuts. I've never had one, but they're behind glass (glass=good) and a lot of humans were really into them. One nice lady asked if she could feed me one, said I looked hungry. Of course my dumb human said no. Anyone here ever have a donut? I don't even know what food group they're in.

So, that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll show you the #1 best thing in the whole entire supermarket. And some other stuff. Like carrots.

* * *

A little puggy named Chloe is supposed to be born today. Not sure if she made it out of her momma's belly yet, but Chloe - if you're here - welcome to the world!


Sabrina said...

Wow Puglet, what an adventure! In Canada we have drive-thru donut places. They're everywhere! Usually Beulah and Barney get dOnut bits called "timbits". If you ever make it to Canada you'll have to see if you can score some!

Molly in PA said...


You're still learning, so take it from me. You know how SPAM has it's own "food" group? So does salami (think SPAM + butter x 10 = that good). Salami is like every kind of meat thing stuffed together and then seasoned extra extra good. And the Nathan's? They don't hold a candle to salami. Or donuts - I've snagged a bite of those before.

I love the 'Pug goes to Supermarket' series :)

Molly in PA

Noodles said...

Puglet your adventure just gets better and better.
I like to lick cold. . . glass, windows, slurpee cups. . .
My Mommy the Vegetarian almost NEVER goes NEAR the meat section - and I told you what happens at Target if Mommy #1 rolls me too close to any of the food aisles (candy excepted as it is not food, really).
I am very jealous of your adventures.
Tubes of Meat???? Is that also called Heaven (and Bacon aisle PARADISE)?
Love Noodles

Kizzy said...

hey pug!
i don't think i've ever been in a real store (maybe home depo but like i said) but my cousin maxwell get's to go to all sorts of places with my girl's dad and he get's carried around these places and comes home and brags about his trips (SAD DAY!) so i'm a bit sad a pug that's not me got to go but i'm super happy you gave better details than max (all max thinks about is finding his human mom and not food so we don't get the mouth watering details)
thanx for the details maybe a pug from my house could go and check it out some time
i love you puglet
kizzy in oregon

Barbara said...

Man, I'm so glad my dogs don't know about this meat and donut place. They'd never come home~

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Holy meat balls, Puglet! You went on such an amazing much MEAT!! Sadly, we only have fake "meat" in our house so I've never had any of the goodies you're showing except for some ocean meat. Mom gets me tuna but I have a feeling this BAAAACON stuff is better. Sigh...

Did you go deeper into the pastry section? I've had doughnuts...they're pretty tasty. I recommend checking out croissants and Portuguese buns. So goooooood!!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Ollie said...

We have to wait until tomorrow for the #1 best thing?!
I don't know how you're going to top that 'Wall of Meat Ready For Your Belly'.

Anonymous said...

Dutch could not come with you? Did you tell him about this paw-some adventure? Was he jealous? I hope your human got some meat for you and Dutuch from the super meat store. Can't hardly wait to hear about the #1 best thing !!! Is it tomorrow yet??


Kitty+Coco said...

We totally have the meat sweats just from looking at your pics. Your mommy doesn't know about meat sweats being a vegitarian and all, but it is real I tell you. Donuts are AWESOME and I sure hope you get one. Mom says they are doggy crack.
Hehe our grandmom used to take her pup in the Piggly Wiggly all the time (Can you tell we live in the South?). They even knew her name and she also got invited to church.

Kitty and Coco

Massimo said...

Good looking out, Puglet, about the ocean meat. I'm on a strict diet after all those socks! Ha!

I Love Lucy said...

Puglet, my friend,

You are having such a great adventure, and I am green with envy. Not only have I never been to a supermarket, but I've never had that stuff called salami. I've seen a donut, but my mommy has never given me any. My mom is sort of a freak like yours, except, she likes to eat that ocean meat. She has given me ocean meat, so I don't feel too deprived. But wow, I'd love some salami and a donut.
I'm so excited to hear about day 3 of your adventure Puglet. This is is so much fun.

Love ya'

I Love Lucy said...

P.S. - if you're here Chloe, welcome to the fantastic world of pugdom.

Love ya'


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Walls of meat, meat behind glass, BBAACCOONN, meat in tubes we've never even dreampt of such stuff..and why would we, where we live we can't go into stores except Lowes; and who wants to walk around plants that are only there to pee on.

Great pictures of you in your SACK, we specially liked the tongue pic after you licked the cold glass box.

You make us laugh Puglet.

Happy Birthday to Chole if she has been born.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Aarin and Mimi said...

Oh Puglet, salami to humans is kinda like poo to you. yes, its that good. Did you know there are two kinds of salami? Genoa and hard uncured salami. the latter is better in my opinion. Salami is good for you in small doses, if you eat too much you'll get tubey though! it has tasty things that will make your coat shiny and your belly happy. maybe if you pose it to your human that way she'll get you some.

Anonymous said...

One thing I'm noticing in all of the great pictures is that the shopping cart is empty (besides you, Puglet)! Didn't you convince your mom to buy you anything? Maybe we'll see some carrots in there tomorrow...can't wait to find out what's next in this adventure! Don't forget to tell us how this was all possible.
Chloe, happy BIRTH day!
Payton from Mascoutah

Lola said...

Welcome and happy birthday to baby Chloe! I wish you many puggy adventures like MUNI, the supermarket,baby cow pies, and beaches. Keep reading the Daily P, and he'll teach you everything you need to know about being green and blue, about the tastiest treats, and the coolest toys.
Lafayette Lola

2 Chun Pugs said...

We have tried salami. It is delicious but we prefer bacon. Too bad, in Melbourne, dogs are not allowed in any supermarket.
Mei Mei and Cho Cho

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, there is so much I don't know about the world.

Meat sweats?
The different salamis!
Donut bits?!? (my human totally laughed at drive-thru TimBits. Her sister used to live in Canada and told her all about the ridiculous # of those Tim Hortons donut places)

I'm so glad I have you guys to help me figure all this stuff out!

THE PUGLET said...

Payton, I did get to buy one thing. But it really wasn't meat or anything supertasty like that. It was kinda funny though -- I'll save that story for tomorrow :)

Lucy + Noodles ~ my human was a vegetable for like 15 years, but now she does the meat thing every now and then (not often enough!). It's usually Ocean Meat or Bird Meat. Dutch says she ate something called a steak once, but that was like 4 years ago and he's not 100% sure it wasn't some of that Fake-Steak stuff.

Treat Lover said...

Dear Puglet,
I am in awe of your adventure. Thank you so much for sharing! Here in Denver, pugs aren't really allowed anywhere. At least, that's what my human tells me. She did see a dog with some other humans in church one time, but that was in the small town where my grandma lives. I don't think they have a wall of meat there, or donuts, so I don't think I want to go there. Now that I think about it, I went to a liquor store one time in the town where my grandma lives. There was another dog there. My human called her a chihuahua. My human said I looked like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon compared to the chihuahua, whatever that means...
Can't wait to read more about your adventure! I'm living vicariously through you, dreaming about walls of meat and donuts...

Happy Birthday Chloe!


Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Puglet!!
Oh my we are in Meat Heaven!! We have to convince our Mamma to takes us there!!
Ohh the Donut thingies are GOOOOOOD!! Pappa always gives us his last piece!!
Spongy & Licky

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Happy BIRTH day Chole if you made it today!!!!
Pug can't wait for the rest of the adventure. You are one lucky pug and please tell Brother Dutch all about your adventure.
Love Ya

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

You are so lucky your tongue didn't stick to the freezer when you licked it.

Can't wait till tomorrows post.


Pugs2Luv said...

This is like food porn.We're drooling all over the place. Especially since our human is very restrictive with such delicacies. We can't even imagine what is better than what we've seen already. Can't wait!
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Bella said...

Holy cow! The adventure keeps getting more and more paw-some! I am so jealous! Yeah, mom and dad give us little bites of these things called donut holes...they are sooooo good! And in the summertime I like to jump up on the outside table and steal the warm meat tubes that mom takes off the hot grill. More pics and more adventures, please. I'm drooling!

Snorts and snarfles,

Crabbie Chris said...

Pug, you have to get your paws on salami! I totally orb'd my dad and he gave me some. Oh and mom....she gave in and I got a tiny bite of hamburger. I've only had beggin' strips, they are like bacon, but I've never had the real stuff. If it's anything like those strips, you and I are going to have to lodge a campaign to get some.
I'm thinking sneak attack at a local Denny's??

Anonymous said...

Welcome Chloe! whishes of health and so much adventures to you. We hope to see your pictures here too.

Fred and human

moPSY+MISIOber said...

ohh salami!! salami is good, in Poland people say that the best salami is made from the donkey, but I don't belive it, and I've never tried it :) anyway salami is good;) but donuts are much better, you must try some one day Puglet. They are caloric though :( but in Poland we have special day called Fat Thursday, marking the last Thursday before Lent, and on that day EVERONE MUST EAT DONUTS (in Polish Pączek), and no like one but lots of donuts :) Next Fat Thursday will be on 16th February 2012, maybe then we all eat some donuts :) Hugs Gosia

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Chloe if you are here, have a best life ever :) kisses :)

Emily said...

Hey Puglet! It's Chewie and Penny here; we're pugs from Minnesota. We begged and pleaded and finally were able to get our mom to agree to type a message to you yesterday (if only we had thumbs!) but then when mom hit 'post comment' something happened and she lost it all and said some naughty words. We made sure to be extra cute and good last night and then asked again this morning and she told us she would let us use her thumbs one more time but she's not going to be happy if blogger eats our comment again.

We won't make our mom retype our whole comment because that would just be too long but we just wanted to say that we read you everyday and love all your stories. We're also very jealous of you! We never get to go into stores and we never get chicken. Can you believe that?? Even our food and treats are chicken free (along with eggs, soy, corn and wheat). But the food and treats we do get are super super yummy.

We'll try to stay extra good all weekend and give mom extra cuddles and then she'll use her thumbs to give you some of our choppy thing recipes because even without chicken, corn, wheat, soy or eggs she makes us some incredibly tasty treats. Even our dad thinks they smell amazing!