Friday, October 29, 2010


Thanks to my human's brochialsaurus or snuffalufagus or whatever it is that's making her sick, today's Daily Puglet turned into the Nightly Puglet instead. This has *never* before happened in the history of Puglet and if I didn't love my human so much, I'd be really mad at her for letting germs come between me and the internet.


Just one more reason to reeeeeeeally hate not having my own thumbs.

I don't have a picture for today, but I do have a pre-Halloween video. Because when my human *finally* took us to the park, the sun was going down and all these supercreepy noises were happening. Wild noises. Spoooooooky noises.

I couldn't tell what the noises were or who they were coming from, but they seemed to follow us all through the canyon. My human said it was all very Blair Witch. Whatever that means.
Dutch was afraid we were going to get eaten alive by a werewolf, so I did my best to scare the spooky noise-maker away by barking at it. We didn't get eaten, so I guess my plan worked.

Speaking of spooky, I'm not sure what's happening for Halloween at my house. Dutch said he saw my costume and it's extrasuper humiliating, but I don't know what it is yet. I haven't had to go out in public wearing it, and no embarrassing pictures have been taken. Yet. Paws crossed neither of these things happens, BUT for everyone who isn't so lucky...

Show off your dressed-up self in the 2010 Howl-o-ween photo gallery.
Let everyone see your Halloween fierceness!

Email your photo to:
(the name of your file will show up as your name in the gallery, so if you want everyone to know who you are, make sure the name of your picture is "YOUR-NAME-HERE.jpg")

Visit the gallery at:

Uuuuuuhm. I just remembered we never picked a random winner from the last gallery (doh!) so we'll do that next week :) Winner will still get a fabulous Henrietta... or a luscious crackball!


Crabbie Chris said...

Yeah for you mom who's feeling better! I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy this nice cool day. I hear spooky noises all the time and I love to bark at them too. It drives mom and dad crazy, but I can hear them out there and it is my job to keep the house and yard safe. Good job Pug, you were in fine form!!
Make sure that you and Dutch take very good care of mom.

DMBY said...

Good job barking at the spooks Pug! Someone needs to protect your mom, since all Dutch did was stand there. Unless he was just trying to blend in and hide?

THE PUGLET said...


I know! Dutch is such a whimp. He was even freaked out by that dude on a bike. And of course my human just grabbed her phone and started "documenting".

THE PUGLET said...

Bella -

Have you ever seen the spooky noises? Dutch thinks they are from werewolves. My human said something about coyotes, but she also said something about a witch so who knows.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

Not sure what I was barking at (using my inside voice) but I was watching out for you & Dutch while viewing your video. What kind of creature was making that noise the distance? Spooky-scary.

Hope your human is feeling better!


stock trading said...

I hear spooky noises all the time and I love to bark at them too.

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
You have such a manly bark! Mine is more ofq a squeak and a breath. Maybe a little Marilyn Monroe-esque?
Wait til you see my costume!
Love Noodles

Noodle said...

Happy HOWLoween, Puglet! I hope you're getting lots of treats!!

Anonymous said...

Those noises sound hella scary. Good thing your human has you (and Dutch) for protection!

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet,

I played your scary video in front of Lucky the Pug and Rodney the Boston Terrier and it totally freaked them out!! My boys who were asleep on couch heard you bark and they started barking up a storm every time they heard you bark. It was kinda funny! They on the other hand did not think it was a laughing matter.