Thursday, July 3, 2014


Ok, so I have a question. About shoes. I know, weird. But ever since I stepped into that first pair on the sidewalk, I keep finding more of them. Like, everywhere. Big shoes, little shoes, lady shoes, man shoes - they're all over the place. My human says I'm kind of obsessed and she might not be wrong. 

If I was Dutch, I'd probably think the shoes were following me. Or that they, umm, "belong to people who got sucked up into the sky". No idea, something about a rapture? Guess it's some HBO show he heard about it NPR.


My human thinks the orphan shoes are for homeless people who might need them. This makes more sense than Dutch's stupid stalker/rapture theories, but a lot of the shoes I find have heels and stuff and I don't think anyone would be mean enough to give a homeless person shoes with heels. I still have nightmares about the pair I tried on and not just because they were pink. 

Freaking things are *evil* 
I'm kinda maybe starting to think someone might be leaving the shoes out for me. Y'know, like a shoe fairy or something. Dutch said this proves I'm a narcissist, but whatever. I just can't think of any other reason there'd be so many stray shoes in my neighborhood. 

Can you?


Anonymous said...

Puglet, you *are kind of magical, and have the special attraction energy - so, yes, it *might just be you!!

Ya know, my human talks about the law of attraction (LOA) and the more you see something or focus on it, the more it comes into your, you never know...the universe might just be bringing you shoes!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Well, you never know when you might need to change your shoes, so maybe people find a pair they like better than the ones they're wearing & trade.

We think the black sneakers look good on you. The pink ones would suit Dutch much better though.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Puglet, those pink shoes look cute on you, even if they are heels! We have no idea why people leave them out!

Pearl, Trixie, and Margie

Anonymous said...

There IS a shoe fairy, Puglet. ;)

Love Daisy

Unknown said...

I'd say living in the Castro district in San Fransisco explains it all, Pug. Jus' sayin'.

Laura A said...

Puglet, I see shoes all over the place too and I don't live in San Francisco. Usually, it's just one shoe. I don't understand. Who walks around with one shoe?