Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I know everyone's been waiting to hear about the big Seattle secret. Well, you're not alone. I've been waiting too. And I'm still waiting. Because my human's been either busy or tired since she got home and hasn't said a peep. And when I tried asking her about it, all she said is Seattle's "VERY cool".

Doesn't exactly tell you much, huh?

So, I've started snooping around. Y'know, looking for clues. All her stuff smells so weird, sniffing her bags didn't tell me much - except that Seattle (or the airplane or the taxi or the train) smells like a mixture of newspaper and feet. My sense of smell is my best snooping weapon, so this was very discouraging.

Without any smells to go on, I was about to give up. Until I spied a big fat clue on my human's computer: pictures from her trip. Pictures of pugs! And not just the pug in today's picture. No. There are LOTS of pug pictures. Of LOTS of different pugs. Pugs I have never seen before and do not know. Pugs eating something that looked suspiciously like Pirate's Booty - like my Pirate's Booty - while having their picture taken. By my human's camera.

Uh, hello. That's my job!

So, apparently my human went to Seattle to give my food away and take pictures of strange pugs. And when I confronted her about what you see in today's picture, the truth didn't exactly surface.

MY HUMAN: oh, that's Fiona. Isn't she CUTE?!?
ME: why are you feeding her Pirate's Booty?
duh, Puglet. So I could take her picture.
ME: oh.

And now you know as much about Seattle as I do. My human did say we're going to have "a talk" and I'm kinda wondering if a talk can be a surprise. And if a talk-surprise is ever a good surprise. It definitely doesn't sound as good as, say, green lipped mussel cookies :(


Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet! Not to worry. No other pug is taking over your blog. But be very suspicious, and keep a lookout. You never know what the surprise could be. Remember, we always love to see your mug up there : )

Judy said...

Awwww....the little longing face! Nothing does longing like a pug!!!

Keiki and Ruby said...

Maybe she is planning on giving you a baby brother or sister?

Anonymous said...

My human brought me home a big sister last year...Tessa, a "recycled" pug from the "Wrinkle Ranch"...she is so much fun, and the two of us love all the attention we get (especially me, since I am the cutest white pug you will ever see). I hope you are getting an addition to your family...cause otherwise it might not be sounding too good!


Lola said...

Are you moving,Puglet? Maybe she went up to Seattle to find a house and another puggy meet-up? I don't know if they have cowpies and parks full of trash in Seattle, but I hear they get tons of rain.
Oh- and Fiona is extrasupercute! Maybe she went looking for a girlfriend for you,too?
Lafayette Lola

Miley said...


Boka is feeling your pain, we went to the vet today and he gained 4lbs just like you, but it was over 1 1/2 months. So now he has to lose 6lbs!!! So maybe the two of you can go to weight watchers togeather? The vet said that I am too thin and that I have to eat more. That made Boka mad! I told Boka that I would hide some of my treats for the two of you to share in case you really don't get any treats for like 3 years.


Anonymous said...

Puglet..have you thought...perhaps there is a wedding in your future...maybe your human is trying to get you in shape for your wedding to a hot pug! I tend to pack it on a little, my mother is trying so hard not to give in, but all I have to do is put my paw in my bowl and drag it accross the kitchen floor, the guilt works almost every time.


Anonymous said...

Pug - you have to get the 411 for us - these secrets are driving us crazy!!! Keep snooping..

Ann & Frodo

THE PUGLET said...

I'm as confused as you guys. If it rains in Seattle like Lola says, there's no way we'd ever move there. Even if Seattle is "VERY cool", rain makes my human sad.

And I don't think we're getting another pug. My human's brain almost exploded when Frank stayed with us and that was only for like 4 days. And Dutch would probably have a nervous breakdown if he was outnumbered.

A wedding sounds kinda cool. Especially to a hot puglette. Is Seattle near Portland? Because we all know my heart belongs to Jenny (or maybe Scout?) and they both live in Portland.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

That puggy is cute, but you need to start grilling your human! We really want to know what happened in Seattle. How's the diet been, we hope its not too bad.


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Puglet - you might be getting a little bruder or sister! Can you imagine if there is another female in the house? What WILL you do?!


THE PUGLET said...

Ugh, the diet SUCKS. I vetoed the green beans and left half the peas in my bowl. Trader Joe's only has canned sweet potato in the fall/winter, so my human had to make some mashed yams for me. I had them for breakfast - not so bad.

When I saw my human cooking the yams, I knew she's 100% serious about this diet stuff. She totally doesn't believe in cooking.

Sabrina said...

Oh Puglet! I hope you are getting a fun talk-surpise!

I took Beulah into the vet to get weighed for her heartworm pill and she actually lost weight--she's down to 15.8lbs. It sounds good until you know that my cat (Marble) actually weighs more than her!!! So Marble is on a diet now and she certainly won't eat peas. But instead of green peas maybe you can try canned chickpeas or black beans? I give them to Beulah and Barney and they love them AND your human doesn't have to cook them. Just a thought.

And one more hopeful idea--Marble has been put on diet food which actually has more fibre and stuff so she actually gets to eat THREE times as much as she used to. Sometimes she doesn't even finish all of her food! Maybe this whole diet thing isn't half bad...

3pugs2luv said...

This is all very mysterious. You know that pugs are not very good when it comes to anticipation; we're more of instantaneous satisfaction group...the suspense is driving us crazy. Can't wait for more clues!
It's only the first day of the diet it will get easier. It's good that it's summer & not winter; maybe you can swim off some of those pounds.
There is a big dog event by our house:The Niles Dog Show on July 17th. They have it every year & there are lots of dogs, rescue groups & fun things for a dog to do. We think you, Dutch & your human would have a great time. If you need more details, let us know. We think there might even be a website.
Zoey & Phoebe

Wilma said...

Aaaarrrghhhhhh!!!!! I think I'm gonna loose it.I can't take it another day.That parent of yours better give up the secret. I may just have to come out there and lick it out of her. Actually, just my breath alone should do the trick. Puglet, you and Dutch must be going mad with anticipation. It had better be good!

Anonymous said...

Raw dog food is the best for you anyway Puglet. Especially if your human doesn't believe in cooking. I've heard some great things about it from dog owners in terms of health for their pets.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, is this cheating? When your human goes to see other pugs and take their pictures? Just asking.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, it's TOTALLY cheating. When it comes to dogs and cameras my human is a total hussy. I can't stand it, but she doesn't usually go behind my back. Like to another state and everything.

THE PUGLET said...

OK, this fiber/fibre food is starting to sound like a *really* good idea. Can I really eat THREE TIMES as much of it??? Cool! Sign me up.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, the Niles Dog Show sounds fun. I think that's kinda near Miley & Boka's house. We could do like a pug-dalmatian invasion!

Frances said...

You guys are cool...all of very nice to hear of the fun trip..simply 'Pugtastic'!

Noodle said...

Hee, hee... I think Fiona is really cute. I love her Puppia. Do you think, if you get to meet her in the fur, you could put in a good word for me?! ;)

Your buddy,

THE PUGLET said...

Sorry dude, but I saw pictures of Fiona with a blue Puppia-wearing boy pug. My human says his name is Hendrix and is {quote} "supremely cute". Yeah. I know.