Friday, October 28, 2011


So, the plan to drug my human with sugar totally worked. One bowl of Frankenberry and she was O-U-T. To make sure she stayed in the sugar coma, I suggested she wait until that Project Runway show to eat her bowl of Frankenberry. This season must be superboring because she always sleeps through the eliminations.

Anyway. Once my human was in the Franken-coma, I sneaked into her office and hacked into HAL4. I tried to make Dutch promise to bark if my human woke up, but he wanted no part of Operation Frankenberry. I bet he would if the problem was 1000 DALMATIANS, but whatever.

So far, so good.

You better get comfortable, this might take awhile. Because things got harder once I was inside HAL4. I think HAL4 is like a computer version my human's brain and my human's brain is a very scary, messy place. The desktop thing was full of junk, but none of it had anything to do with 1000 Pugs. Or so I thought.

Code name: 1k Pugs

My human must have suspected I was up to something because she gave 1000 Pugs a code name: 1k Pugs. Yeah. How sneaky is that? Well, not sneaky enough because one click on the yellow folder thing and I was in.

I'm not 100% sure what half the stuff in the 1k Pugs folder
, so I took screen shots so you could see it too. First thing I clicked on had 'postcard' in the file name so I guess that's what it is. Maybe I should be happy that I'm on the front of it, but right now I'm not really happy about anything 1k Pugs.


Oh yeah, that black pug in the tree? That's my friend Bellatrix. I'm not sure if being on the back of a postcard makes her a traitor, but I think knowing all about 1k Pugs and not spilling the beans might.

Anyway. Next click was on some sort of mini card thing (file name: minisquare_1kpugs). Looked like some more propaganda, but it didn't really tell me anything new. Like, who are these freaking 1000 pugs???

More propaganda!

For some reason, the next click was really troubling (file name: Tmockup_1kpugs)
. It's just a stupid shirt, but I think it might be a sign of something much bigger. And badder. Like an entire 1000 Pugs empire or something awful like that.

Tshirt = bigger and badder sign.

I only got one more click in before Dutch barked. I wasn't sure if it was a hey-Pug-she's-waking-up! bark or a real bark, but I didn't want to take any chances. If I remember right, humans don't wake up from sugar comas happy.

I kinda thought this last click would spill all the beans because it looked like a website and that's what websites are supposed to do (file name: 1kpugs_dotcom). But my sneaky human totally made it so the beans could not be spilled. At least not by me.


Dutch's bark turned out to be a false alarm, but I'd seen enough and stopped snooping after the website click. My original plan was to delete anything 1000 Pugs, but I didn't want to do anything crazy until I have all the facts.

Right now, all I really know is one photographer (probably my human) is going to do something in one year (probably 2012) with 1000 Pugs. But here's the thing - my human calls me Pug. So maybe the 1000 pugs is me. I mean, the pugs in 1000 Pugs has a capital P and that means it's a name, right? If she's going to take 1000 pictures of me, I definitely don't want to stop her.

So confused! What does everyone think???

* * *

Big fat happy Whelp to Klaus of the infamous Klaus and Natty in Chicago. Have an awesome day Klaus and make your sister give you all her extra cookies. Except maybe one. To be nice. because she's a girl.

JUJU PS: Meatball, I hope your belly is better and your tail is happy and curled.


Sabrina said...

OMP Puglet! You are a great secret agent! I'm glad you didn't get caught and I'm glad you aren't secret agenting against me! But...what is this about a tour? Are you going to meet your adoring fans?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man...this is so exciting! My human is on the edge of her seat. Please buy more Frankenberry so you can drug her again tonight and spy on HAL4 some more! Maybe you should sprinkle some extra sugar on her cereal so you can spy a little longer! Oh and my human says she defintely wants one of those t-shirts!

Bailey & Buddy (B&B from Alexandria)

Payton said...

Good sleuthing! I guess we'll have to wait until Nov 1 to see the rest for ourselves. Pug, for your sake I hope the Pug in "1000 Pugs" is you, but I'm not so sure. Especially with all this talk of a tour. If it's not you and not rescue pugs, I am hoping and praying that I can be one of the 1000 Pugs! It would be so cool! I would be so honored to have Nikon pointed at me! If it is a tour, I also hope you (and Dutch) get to come along for the adventure! Oh my pug, I'm just getting overwhelmed at the thought of your human taking pictures of me and getting to meet you too! A girl can dream, but I'm so putting that on my Christmas list this year for sure...just in case! Have a good weekend, Pug!
PS. Happy birthday to Klausie! And I'll be sending up some tummy soothing prayers for Meatball.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh it's getting better and better, can't wait till 1st of November!!!! 2012 tour?? east west north south?? and what about Poland, and Berlin, and Europe?? :( we will cry :( but still love the idea and hope we could be a part of it somehow :)
P.S. your Human looks so sweet sleeping with those crocs on ;) and I love Project RUnway :)

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

MAN oh MAN Pug you are something! I can't believe you got all that info and didn't get caught! So glad Dutch was there to be the lookout too, ned some help sometimes when your investigations are as sneaky as this has to be! Great job with getting your human to sleep...I've really got to try that! I just can't wait much longer for the final results on this 1Kpug thing, but what you have so far is pretty good.

Happy day to Klaus and hope Meatball is doing good!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh and Happy Bithday do Klausie and again we are sending juju Meatball's way !!!

Deb and Daisy said...

Puglet I am sure this 1000 pugs has something to do with you! You are your humans inspiration! It is so neat to peek at everything with you!

Kitty+Coco said...

I suuuuuuuuuure do hope that the South is included in the 1000 Pugs. Like, Alabama for example..IF it is not all about you Pug. Keep on sleuthing Sherlock Pug!


Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Puglet, you're so sneaky!! Great job on getting all those facts! Looks so exciting!! And my mom says she'll need, like, four t-shirts. Clearly, that's you on the logo so that's got to be a good sign :)

There is so much going on in the first picture, I absolutely love it! Lol! Dutch is so sweet enjoying his Project Runway.

After you complete this mission, I think the next one should be "Operation Croc Disappearance" :P

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Crabbie Chris said...

Ok another nightmare. 1000 pugs all "going Poodle" on you! Hahaha. Or what about 1000 pugs taking over your stomping grounds like the Apple store, or Urban Outfitters. Oh what about 1000 pugs setting a record and all doing "the jimmy" at the same time. What a hoot! I could hold this over your head for years!!
Don't worry next time I see you, I might have to spill the beans (psst bring an omega treat and we have a deal!)

Gabby "The Gabbinator" said...


Can kittys who dress up as Pugs be part of the 1000 Pugs Tour?

Please, please, please....

If so Gunnie and I are ready!


P.S. We live in the east close to your cousins!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, like Sherlock Holmes would say 'the game is a foot' whatever that means but you did darn good sluthing and now you have us on the edges of our seats.

If there is a chance we can be part of the 1000 pugs, sign us up specially cause the shirt had a black pug...

Just be careful pug you might need a disguise the next time you break into HAL4.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli
Happy Day Klaus

PS...Emmitt here, mom wanted me to tell you I ate two candy bars yesterday, mom freaked called the vet and I got stuff to make me puke. The chocolate was good, the puke part not so good.

Anonymous said...

Way to give us the lowdown Puglet! for the record, we think this is mighty suspicious, but totally awesome!! can't wait to see what it's all about.

sounds like a cool idea to, I mean, maybe it's still about you?

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Who thought of it? Sounds like a world tour to me?? 1000 pugs!!!

Anonymous said...

hideous cros! LOL

Noodles said...

I think you can't trust your HUMANS 1000 PERCENT!!!! But, I'm IN whatever it it!!! BTW, who took the photo of your sleeping human? Both you and Dutch are in the photo and usually it is just the 3 of you . . . You know???
Love Noodles

Christa said...

Good job on being super sneaky Puglet. That picture of the sugar coma is too funny. :) Your spy huntung skills are amazing.
We are super excited about 1000 Pugs and cant wait to find out what it is all about!
Hope your tour includes Memphis. :)
Have an awesome weekend!

Holdin27 said...

Puglet, you totally need a harness like the one Tom Cruise wore in Mission Impossible! Don't let a hair hit the floor!

Me thinks you aren't going to be the only pug model anymore! Better come up with a new Blue Steel!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Maybe you're going on 1000 awesome adventures to meet 1000 awesome pugs!

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

OMG Puglet, great detective work. OMG, we're so excited .... so excited. We had to go outside and, ummmm PEE .... we're so excited. What could be happending? What does it mean? One Year - One Photographer - 1000 pugs. Oh no!!! We're puggles. Do we count??? If there's a tour you HAVE to come to the Jersey Shore. OMG, we're so excited. Send more info. A.S.A.P. next week.

Klausie, Happy Birthday. Live long, eat lots of cookies and bark a lot!

Meatball - serious tummy juju being sent to you. Feel better soon.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Noodle said...

Uhm,... Pug.... uhm,.. who took the picture?

Just wondering...

Good luck with the sleuthing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherlock H. Puglet,

I even left my new bone, fresh from the meat department of a store unattended to read your new interesting post!

Once we pugs are into things, there is nobody stopping us. This is why we are pugs.

I am so excited, it seems my quite adventurous life is dull compared with yours.I've never drugged my mom but I might try some day. I just do not know what to use for it. My bone? She will not appreciate it, especially once the bone is two days old. Humans!

We are waiting for the next spy report. Be careful, do not take any risks, cousin Puglet.

Happy whelp day to Klausi, I also have a pug friend here of the same name. So I will have two cookies just in case.

Again big jugu to Meatball, are you better?

Excited pug greetings from Berlin
Carlos Santana

.. if there is a tour involved, you are welcome to Berlin, 1000 pugs and all. We are used to arranging pug meetings (may be smaller ones?) and finding Hotels which accept pugs gladly. And it*s only one hour to Poland ..

Anonymous said...

That's some powerful Juju everyone sent. Meatball was his lucky go hyper self by the evening. Thanks for your help pug world.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Sabrina ~

I'm really glad I didn't get caught too. Human + sugar-induced sleep = grumpy!

Re: the tour. I have no freaking idea.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya B+B ~

There's probably enough sugar in a box of Frankenberry to drug an elephant and I'm pretty sure most of the box is still uneaten... but HAL4's clues really aren't helping me figure anything out. I feel more confused than ever.

THE PUGLET said...

Payton, I think you might be right. We might *all* have to wait until Nov 1st to know everything. HAL4's clues kinda sucked.

PS: I hope you aren't right about the 1000 pugs not being this Pug.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Misiober ~

Ugh. The hideous pink Crocs! I seriously wanted to take them off her feet for the picture but I was afraid she'd wake up. Between Dutch's metro-sexual collars and the hideous crocs, I am so sick of pink.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Maggie,

Oh, Dutch is the worst partner in crime ever. He's the "perfect one" and never wants to do anything wrong. How boring is that?

THE PUGLET said...

Kitty + Coco,

You can hope for Alabama. I'll hope it's all about me.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya EMP3!

Operation {hideous pink} Croc Disappearance. YES! Hmmmm. I feel a plot coming on....

THE PUGLET said...


You're lucky you're my friend or I'd go poodle on YOU for saying such terrible things.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi G+G,

Uh, maybe? No idea. I'm still trying to figure out who these 1000 pugs even are!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey 3Es,

I'm going to ignore everything you said except for the part about getting to eat 3 candy bars.

PS: Sorry about the puking Emmitt. Hope you {and your mom} feel better now!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Noodles,

I set up a remote control spy cam :)

THE PUGLET said...


If you seriously think I'm not going to be the only pug model anymore, can you please stop thinking?


Ollie said...

You have a distinct talent for mischief. The scene of the crime photo is one of the funniest you've ever posted. I don't know if it's your expression, the pink crocs, Dutch or all of the above but this beagle will be laughing all weekend.
1000 Pugs is turning out to be like a PBS Mystery. I need next week's episode, today!
Happy Day Klaus! Wishing you a fresh meat bone like the one Carlos in Berlin has (sounds very tasty).
And Meatball, so nice to know you're better.

THE PUGLET said...

YAY Meatball!

THE PUGLET said...


DUDE! Hurry up and get back to that bone before someone else eats it. I'll be here forever...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that scene of the crime photo is the best ever. Dont know whether it's Dutch peeking out from the covers, the hideous crocs, the darkness of the room, or all combined!

Anonymous said...

Oh Pug!

Chaos and I are really hoping you and your human are going on tour! if so, South Florida baby! The weather is finally pug friendly!

Bouncer and Chaos, the Plantation (fort lauderdale pugs) and recipients of "pug" anti cancer juju!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i'm on the edge of my seat! i want to know what is happening! i love the sound of 1000 pugs!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Hmmmm...Nov 1st is All Saints Day...maybe renamed as All Pugs Day? Keep me posted on a possible road Popppa is the best planner e v e r !
So glad that Puglet is one of the Hardy Boys kind of sleuths :)

scrub4pups said...

I am enjoying your sluthing. Nov 1is right around the corner. So we don't have too long to wait. PS: I have a pair of pink Crocs that are pinker than your human's

Salinger The Pug said...

Wow Pug...this is a major mystery!

Good call on the FrankenCereal! Mom wanted to suggest mixing her up a Pugtini or something like that. Just tell her it's a vegetarian, free range, fair trade, wheat grass vitamin enhanced beverage packaged in a recycled glass bottles by endangered pygmy spotted owls. Mix her up a few of them and keep 'em coming. It should buy you several hours of computer access if you need it.

Good luck and GOOD WORK!


Anonymous said...

Puglet, there are 2 adorable, if a tad elderly, pugs in Toronto who would love to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Klaus!!
Hope Meatball is feeling better!!
I dont think Bellatrix is a traitor just an innocent bystander who likely has been bribed with treats to not spill the beans.
I hope 1k Pugs is 1k pictures of you supermodeling your curly tail off!
And salinger's comment about the martini cracked me up!!
Paula from DE

Salty McSalterson said...

The anticipation is eating me alive! Actually, I'm the one eating and I blame it on the stress and excitement. I also had my first trip to the beach this weekend, and I'm feeling floaty and lethargic thinking about those amazing first moments - a face full of sand, those intoxicating smells coming from strange piles of what my human insists were fish guts and seaweed, those peculiar creatures that make loud noises that come from the sky to taunt me… aside from the wrinkle cleaning that I had to endure it was a pretty pug-liscious weekend and I’m officially jealous that you live so close to such a magical place.
I also had my nose smoothened with that ‘snout smoother’ you mentioned on here and now my precious nose crust is all but gone. Thanks a LOT, puglet, that took me a year to create.