Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dutch was going to tell you about his two #1 favorite things from the Ginormous Canadian Box today, but he's still totally freaked out about yesterday's near-death lion encounter. And even though Frank is in today's picture, he went home last night and can't be the blog either.

I know I had a bunch of stuff to tell you about, but my human's gimpy brain must be contagious or something because I totally can't remember any of it. So. Instead of talking about me, today we're going to talk about you. Because I've been wondering something for awhile now. Well, more like two somethings:

Something #1: Where do you live?

Something #2: How did you get here?

Something #1 should be totally easy to answer. Something #2 just means how did you find me. Y'know, here. On the internet.

In case you don't already know the answers to my somethings: I live in San Francisco. I got here on April 1st, 2009 when my human finally agreed to let me blog, stuck a fake mohawk on my head, and called me Mr. P.

Can't wait to hear everyone else's somethings!

* * *

We wrote today's blog really late last night and totally forgot to check if today is special... and it totally is! Happy superspecial Whelp Day to my man Spencer Bartholomew. We'll be finishing off the last of the fancy Canada cookies in your honor :)


We got an email today from the 3Es that their comments were going POOF! My human asked Google about the malfunction and I guess Blogger is having some sort of issue.

The Blogger people are working to fix things, but until that happens a new (and kinda funky) comment form is in effect. It should stop things from going POOF! and give everyone their voices back :)


Eddie said...

Hey my name is Eddie!
I live in Leipzig/ Germany.
My Mommy found your blog a few days after she got me as a little pug baby in September 2010. She totally fell in love with me and all pugs in general, so she googled 'pug' to find out if there were other pug owners who wanted to share their pug experiences.
Then she found your blog and immediately loved it. Everything about it! The great photos, the supercute dogs and the style of writing.

So thank you puglet.

pugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Every time I comment it doesn't show up :(
But I'll try for the tenth time.
I'm from Perth, Australia. I read your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I LOVE pugs.
I can't remember how I found you guys though :(
I think Max and Minnie (the head tilters) put a link up to your blog one day and I've been hooked ever since!
YOu make my day - every day!
xxxx Kirstyn

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi I'm Gosia (Misiober) :)
Me and my 3 pugs (Fredzio, Zuzia and Pucia) live in Poznan/Poland.
I found you via facebook. On page called PUGSPOTTING, I found link to your blog. I'm here EVERY SINGLE DAY (sometimes even more ;)) and love you, your blog, Dutch, Frank other DP friends. I also like your Human :) xxx Gosia

Anonymous said...

We live in Melbourne Australia. We came to know you because of Green Pug. My human loves you. It is routine now for her to drink coffee and read YOU every morning. We are kinda of jealous. But guess what, carrots are healthy treats for outs.

From Mei Mei and Cho Cho

aleiva said...

My name is Sarge. I live with my people in San Jose and my mom found you one day and we have been hooked ever since!

Pollie the Pug said...

This is Pollie from Kansas City, Missouri. My human and "M" (my sister -the golden retriever) found you when you and Dutch appeared with your human on CNN (or was it MSNBC?). You were promoting your video for Earth Day. Since that day, I've introduced you to lots of my friends. Thanks for all the laughs, hugs, and pug wisdom you spread through the land!!

Anonymous said...

Our names are Milton, Oscar and Toast. We live on the shores of Lake Erie in Dunkirk NY.
We found you through a Rochester NY based pug blog called pug possessed.

Anonymous said...

We live in Lincoln,CA, which is on the way to Tahoe Pug! Pearl is a rescue from Mexico, and came to live here 3 years ago. Tessa is from Grass Valley, pretty close by, and came to live here 2 1/2 years, a recycled pug. We found you when someone sent our human a link to the oceans video on utube.

We have been having posting for some reason, hope you get this, been sending JUJU to all who need, just have not been able to post it.

Pearl and Tessa

Stephanie said...

Hi Puglet! I live in Florence, Italy, by way of Los Angeles. I must say that San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world! I've never lived there but every time I visit it's like a missing part of me clicks back into place =) I found your blog a week or two ago, after my cousin linked your video "Being Green is Easy - watch me!" on Facebook. Her pug, Benji, is named after our late grandfather, and he's totally awesome... just like you! =)

Payton said...

Hi Pug,
It's going to be so interesting to look at everyone's comments. I live in Mascoutah, IL...a small town by Scott Air Force Base that is only about 30 minutes from St. Louis, MO.
I'm pretty sure that I found your blog after seeing your Being Green video, but I don't remember how I found that. I think it was before you were on one of those morning news programs, but maybe that's where I saw it. I don't remember exactly...guess the gimpy-ness is going around this morning.
PS. Thanks so much for being ok with sharing Nikon. I'm totally going to keep begging my mom and dad until they make it happen!!

Anonymous said...

We live in Florida and found you around your one year anniversary after reading a news article that talked about your blog. None of us are pugs, but it was a half-pug that made my mutter fall in love with dogs. Thanks for sharing Casa de Puglet and all your adventures with the world. Your human has a real gift and we're breathlessly awaiting more videos...books...and the Puglet and Dutch movie!
Chloe & sissies
P.S. I have a HUGE crush on Dutch, being black & white too (half-Boston).

The Fabulous Felines From MD said...

Hello PB,

We live in Edgewood, MD which is about 30 minutes from Baltimore. We would like to live in NJ close to our humans man, but that is a story for another day!

As Fablous Felines we start out our day by reading our pal, Romeo The Cat's blog. One day after staring at the oh so handsome Romeo we decided to use Google to find other pet blogs and well the rest is history because we found you!

We hate to say cause your a dog and were cat's, but we love you, Dutch, Frank, your human, the Man, the crazy Labrador brothers and all your adventures.

We look forward to 3:00pm eastern time so we can check out your blog each day. I don't think you realize how many lives you touch each day, whether they be human or animal - thank you!

Gunnie and Gabby

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet - My name is Ozzie (I'm an Aussie Doodle) and I live part of the year in New Orleans and part in Chicago. My mom found you via the video on being green. We've been with you about two years. My mom fell in love with pugs when my human sister adopted two rescue pugs. I like them, but they're not so fond of me because I'm rambunctious and a little bigger than they are. They forget that they were once rambunctious too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug, Dutch & Thumbs! It's me, Las Vegas Lola! I started in Houston, went to Las Vegas, and now I'm in Winnipeg. Booooo! I don't like to be cold! We found you on your very FIRST post--- Mommy thinks she saw an add on craig's List... Does that sound right? We've been in love ever since! Pug Hugs, Lola Pug & Megan

Green Dog Wine said...

We are Lando and Harvey (girl puggles with boy names) from Cleveland, Ohio and we found you when our Mom saw your Green Pug video - our family has been hooked ever since!

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Hey Puglet, it's Pepper the Pugalier! I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mommy was watching videos of pugs on YouTube when she was sad and found you there. She followed the link to your blog, read every single entry, and has been your number one fan ever since!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello all! Our names are Madgie, Rosie, Dalia, Emmett, Quincy, and Cody. Our gang lives in Arthur, IA. A TINY town surrounded by corn and soybean fields where very very little exciting EVER happens. The locals think Mom's crazy for having 6 pugs! Certainly nothing cool like lions. Our Mom found your blog through facebook too. That pugspotting is pretty cool. We get updated every day on your adventures when Mom reads it to us. She especially pointed out to us the evils of going poodle on each other. We love your blog!!
The Arthur 6

SpencerBartholomew said...

I live in Pittsburg, California (San Francisco Bay Area). We went to a PugSunday in Walnut Creek. That was in the Fall of 2009. I think Lafayette Lola had invited you and talked about your blog. We have been hooked ever since. We read you daily... laugh and leak with you. You introduced us into a great big family of wonderful pugs and their families. I can't thank you enough. Keep it up... we love you!

Unknown said...

I'm Scoutie and I live in Portland, OR. I found your blog after falling in love with you in your video love letter to Jenny. I'm still waiting for you to realize I'm the Portland pug for you... :)


Anonymous said...

We are Pearl and Moxie from Wentzville MO, not far from St. Louis.
Our Human Mom found you on Ravelry..... the PUG group! (I think it was a link to your green video)
She reads your blog every. single. day.
Thanks for the smiles you give her!

Anonymous said...

I'm Maisy, a 3 year old Italian Spinone living in the pointy bit at the bottom right of the UK map. My humans keep talking about getting a pug or a puggle, and so I googled to see what all the fuss was about and you guys came up. I guess you pugs seem a lot less smelly and slobbery than me, but I still don't get why my humans want one.

Anonymous said...

HI Puglet- We are Fergie and Puff, two girl pugs,from Dallas, TX. Our mom found your blog after watching your Green Video on YOU TUBE. My mom was in SFO on business a month or two ago and thinks she saw you and Dutch while she was taking a cab to her hotel. We wish we could go to the "city by the bay" as your hang outs look so much cooler than the Lewisville doggie park we hang out at.

George Brown said...

My family and I are from Madison, WI. We found your blog because someone posted a link to your green video on Facebook. We wanted to to the recycled dog project that you use to have but we loved this blog and we love pugs so we read every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet! I'm Harley and I live in Napa, CA with my Cocker Spaniel sister, Mimi and my mom and Dad. I came into this family when the humans I lived with before got a divorce and didn't want me anymore. My sister got here because my Dad said he wanted a blonde girl cocker spaniel, so my mom went to cocker rescue to find him one. My sister had been neglected, kept outside in a kennel. When she was rescued, she was so hairy and full of matts, the nice rescue lady wasn't even sure she was a cocker. I'm not sure how my mom found this blog, I just know she reads it every day and sometimes yells for dad to come into the room and look at the cute videos and photos you post.

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Hi Puglet,
We: Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow are from Long Island, NY about 20 minutes away from Manhattan.
Mom found you thru the Stubby. And thru your site she's found other pug blogs that she reads daily.

Christa said...

My Pugs name is Cletus and we live in Memphis TN. We found ya'll from a friend that sent me the link to your blog. I stayed up for hours and read every single entry. The Daily Puglet brightens my day everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Hobie! I'm a lab mixed with something (people think I'm a pit bull a lot, and freak out and act scared of me; my human thinks that's totally silly, cuz I'm just a 'big love nuggit', whatever that means) I came from a rescue ranch in ocala, then my human adopted me and now we live in Miami. I love the beaches here, especially the ones where I don't have to wear a leash! My human's mom told us about you guys, that we *had* to check you guys out. And I think you're so cool!

Annabelle said...

Hi Puglet! Annabelle here, from Buffalo, New York. One of our Pug group friends told my brothers and I about your, "Being Green is Easy" video and your Today Show appearance. We love reading about your daily adventures!

Grem the great moulter said...

Hi I'm Grem. I live in Belgium. My human started reading this blog a few weeks before she got me in September 2010. She wanted to fish out all the useful bits of info about what it's like to live with a pug and how life is to a pug. She learned a lot, and got even more convinced that a pug was the dog for her. And here I am. So thanks guys. Oh yeah, how did she find the blog? Well, a friend of hers already had a pug, and she shared that superb recycling video of yours on her Facebook page. Of course my human couldn't not click through and she loved it. She's been hooked on this blog ever since. Reads every single entry. Keep up the good work, you guys!

Alex said...

Hi Puglet! I am from a lot of places but I live in New York City now. I found your website when I lived in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I was feeling sad and decided I needed some cute so I asked Google to show me some pictures of puglets. Google told me to go to your page and it made the sad go away. Now I read your blog every day, happy or sad, and it makes me even happier

Anonymous said...

I'm from Portland OR (where Jenny lives) and I found out about your blog from my girlfriend and my now pug step-daughter Apple.

Nugget and Murphy said...

We live in Grand Island, Nebraska and our human found your blogs through PugSpotting on Facebook! We are so happy she did because we look forward to her reading us your adventures every day.

Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet!

Beulah and Barney and Marble and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I usually check into your blog every day during lunch time at work! I first found you in mid April 2009 so I think I'm one of your earliest readers! I Googled "pug blogs" and there you were with all your Mr. P glory!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
I live in South Bay (San Jose) and have been since my 4 month birthday in 2009.
I found you via SFGATE when you posted your Jenny video. I was hooked immediately and Mommy and me checked your posts daily. You adventures led to A Bowl of Noodles in July 2010 and the rest is history.
I am glad we finally met in the furs.
Love Noodles

Laula Em said...

Hey, Pug!
I was found as a stray wandering the mean streets of Sac-Town, but through the wonderfulness that is Muttville Senior Dog Rescue I now live in Palo Alto, CA with my humans (and Zimmerman the cat). My mom was always a cat person, but she fell for my pugly charms the minute her brown eyes met my giant bug eyes. We found your blog after a friend passed along the Blue Pug video, and we've been hooked since!
Myles Peabody

Chico and Izzy said...

HI! We are 2 pugs named Chico and Isabel (also known as Izzy, Belly, Isabelareeni, and countless other idiotic nicknames). We live in Grand Junction, Colorado, which is high desert country. So, in the summer, when it reaches 90-100 degrees most days we have to go hiking in the early, early morning before it gets too hot, because you know how us pugs snort and gasp and almost die in the heat (we envy your cool San Fran climate - that is where our human grew up!).
We found you by word-of-mouth from another pug owner/lover. We love you and Dutch, and Frank, and everyone else who loves pugs!

THE PUGLET said...

Holy SPAM this is *fascinating*. We should talk about you more often :D

Keep telling!

Suzy said...

Hi Puglet! I live in Lexington, KY with my hubby, daughter, a pug named Chloe, two guinea pigs and a hamster. Plus various foster pugs who come through the house-right now we have 2, Ozzie & Sunnie, sweet boys.

I don't remember exactly how I got here, but it was probably from one of the many pug blogs that I follow-Salinger, Wilma, Southern Fried Pugs, etc.

I love your adventures!

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Hi Puglet, I'm the Mama Monster & I live in Murrieta, California... I have a hubby, two toddlers, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Lab mix, a one eyed black rescue puggy, and two devil cats. I can't even remember how I got here. Probably from one of the pug blogs that I follow. I am a president of a animal rescue fund that raises money and awareness for animals.

THE PUGLET said...


So, we got an email today from the 3Es that their comments were going POOF! My human asked Google about the malfunction and I guess Blogger is having some sort of issue.

The Blogger people are working to fix things, but until that happens a new comment form is in effect. It should stop things from going POOF! Hopefully everyone will have a voice now.

Nicole said...

Hi Puglet,

My name is Puggy and I live in Lausanne, in the French part of Switzerland.
My human told me she found you long before she had me. She had been on a waiting list to get me (we are not that common here) and while waiting for me she googled every possible pug related topics and found you. and loved you immediately! And now I do too.
And since you mentionned so many times your bacon addition she gave me some and have to say I luuuuuuv it!

Cheers Puglet :)

kisses, Puggy

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug, from Jack the black pug and Ginger the fawn pug in Houston, Texas! Our mommy adopted Jack four years ago. He is now 6! And Ginger was rescued by our mommy last year. She may be about 11, but a lady never tells. We live with our mommy and daddy, our little (big) brother Jude, and our big (little) sister Miss Kitty.

Our mommy found your blog when she saw the Green Pug video. She reads it every day. She is glad to know that we are not the only pugs out there who get into misadventures every now and again!

J & G

dw said...

Hi Puglet! I'm from Chicago, and I found your blog from the side bar of one of the first pug blogs I started following, Salinger!

Anonymous said...

Buddy and I live in Canal Winchester Oh ~ I found your blog as an Ad when I was looking for Internet images of {funny} pug related signs. Loved your articles and pics are amazing!

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Hi Puglet!

I live in Vancouver, BC Canada!

My aunty Sandra discovered your blog soon after you started it while searching for cute pug stuff on Google. My mom and her sisters grew up with a super cute pug named Pugsley and are constantly on the lookout for anything "pug".
Since her discovery, she, my mom, myself, my aunty Karen and lots of other people/animals have been hooked! We are here enjoying your adventures every day!!

Thank you, Puglet! (and Dutch & Human :)

And Happy Day to Spencer Bartholomew!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

So glad I got my voice back! I was like the 3E's and haven't been able to speak to you and Dutch. That has had me very upset. Whew! Hope this one gets thru to ya. Anyway, I live in Dallas with two wonderful humans that think I am the best pug in the world! Uh, I am too! And, I found you by snooping around on the internet and if I recall correctly I was watching Jenny and that somehow led me to you and I am so thankful it did cuz that's the day I knew what pug love was cuz I fell for you Puglet!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

I am from Warwick, Rhode Island and it is not even an Island...Go figure. I live with my Mom, Dad and Big Sister Bobo the Parrot. Mom found your blog via a linkedin pugs group. She visits everyday and bobo loves your photo's!!!

Keep up the great blog!!

scrub4pups said...

Hi I am Scrub4pup and I live in Northern Nevada with lots of rescue dogs. I don't have any pugs, but have lots of pug nieces and nephews. I can't remember how I found you (humans with gimpy brains!!) but I tell everyone I meet about your wonderful prose.

DMBY said...

Hi Puglet!

I am Danielle, mom to Benny the Cat. I live in San Francisco, just like you!

I kind of forget how I found you! I want to say it was through a link from some other blog, but I'm not sure. I've also loved pugs for a long time, but have never had one of my own - so I sometimes google and look at pug rescue sites because I really believe in recycling. :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Marty and I live with the housecat Crimson in Belgium. We found the blog by a forum.

Maddie the Pug said...

Hi Puglet -

My name is Maddie (Pug) and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. My mom and dad found your blog a few months ago and we check it daily now! I live with my 2 sisters, Lilly and Milly (cats). We love seeing all your wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

This is Bailey & Buddy in Alexandria, VA. We found your blog from a pug rescue site on facebook. Someone shared one of your posts on the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (MAPR) facebook page and my human checked out your blog and was hooked. We have been reading since about June 2011. My human liked it so much that she went back and read every single post you ever wrote. She loves the pictures and thinks puglet (and Dutch of course!) are super cute and funny. My human says to tell you that Buddy is a recycled pug from MAPR (been with us for about a month now...a very sweet senior pug) and Bailey has been with her since he was 8 weeks (he is 5). My human has a brother that lives in San Fransico, so maybe one day she can meet puglet and dutch!

Keep the blogs coming!! Love them!

RCT said...

My name is Grayson, I live with my human Renee in Boston MA. I think I found you on one of my blogging adventures years ago, you know the type of adventure... I am talking about the one where you click from one blog to another to another and then four hours go by! I read you everyday! Thanks for taking the time.

Heather said...

Hi Pug! I'm Bruno a 10 month old pug from Wareham, MA. Mom found your blog when she was researching about pugs before she :).

margie said...

Hi Puglet, I am one of those having trouble with this. My name is Chunky and I look just like you! I live in Plantation Florida. My human mom is crazy about pugs. There are four of us here my mom and dad and brother, they couldn't seperate us, so we got to stay. I love your adventures, I don't get to travel like you do.I don't remember how I found you but I look forward to this blog every day! Please keep it coming. If your ever in Florida look me up we can have some cookies!

THE PUGLET said...

Ok, this is seriously cool!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i'm rae, and i live in nashville tennessee with my two pugs, phyllis and priscilla.
i can't remember exactly how i got here, it must have been following a link on a pug blog, since i follow quite a few of those. i love yours because your pictures are always so great!

THE PUGLET said...

Ugh. I'm now seeing how many people's comments have been going POOF!

Stupid blogger!

I think maybe it's working better now though? Otherwise I wouldn't be reading how many voices have gone POOF!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet Baconator,

This is Myko the pug. Me and my human met you and Dutch and your human at Fort Funston. Both humans fawned all over us (obviously:) and then your human gave my human a little business card that had you posing on some steps for a drink contest (don't remember the name) and it had your blog info on it. We have been avid followers ever since and cannot tell you how much your blog brightens up each day, has really created a wonderful community of animal lovers (not just pugs:)and is a wonderful reminder of the incredible impact I make on my humans life each and every single day. Thanks for getting me more exercise, love and cookies Pug!

Pug love
Myko in SF

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Birthday, Spencer.

We got here because my mom and the spotted agility dogs' mom know each other. Then when my mom checked out your blog, she realized that you'd already met AND Arnie was highlighted on your blog.

We come here every day to see what's up in Puglet's World.

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

Hi! This is Pudge the Pug, from Avon Lake, Ohio. My mom found you back when your human was featured on the Today Show for the Earth Day video!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
The 3E's here, we found you when a friend told us about the 'Being Green' video. We've been following you ever since.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli
Lucy the house says 'Hi'

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Chang and I live in Chicago. We found you a few months ago when we were "surfing the net" for pug related stuff. Since we can't figure out the identity thing, we always send stuf "Anonymous" but don't want to be anonymous. And, yes, we have also been having trouble the past few days posting anything here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, cousin Puglet, Dutch, Frank and Amanda.

We could also not leave comments for some days, but now we are hopefully back.

We live in Berlin, Germany.

We found you on the HP of a German friend, and as all things pug is no. 1 on our list, we started reading your blog and got absolutely hooked.

We thoroughly enjoy your blog, and love the text and photos. It is always a big joy to us to follow you on, and thank you for giving pleasure and fun to your fans.

We were unable to send our heartfelt juju to the sick pugs you had mentioned, but want to do this now. We are glad that Fred is better, and we hope and pray for Gracie and the others.

With love from Berlin
Carlos Santana and Marieluise

Anonymous said...


I'm Bentley, and I live in Woodbridge, VA with my two humans, my boring chihuahua brother Louie, and two silly cat siblings. I was a recycled pug. Mommy wanted to rescue a pug, but Daddy wanted a purebred pug. So Mommy found some awful lady on Craigslist who didn't want me anymore. I was only 9 months old! How anyone couldn't want me is beyond me. But anyway, I had fleas, a double ear infection, fur missing on my neck because my chain collar was too tight, and had not been spayed. But my Mommy and Daddy fixed everything for me and I am now the most loved pug in the world!!

I found you because my Mommy is so clearly obsessed with me she googled pug and found you. Now our whole family laughs at your cuteness and all too familiar adventures every day! So thank you Puglet, Dutch and your human for making every day a happy one!


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
This is Trunks, I am originally from Sarasota, FL. Which is where my mommy rescued me from a pet store in the mall (oh the horror!! **Disclaimer** My mom now knows that pet stores are very bad places for dogs, but since I had just been beaten up by a mean Cocker Spaniel and they moved me into a different cage with a nice White Fluffy dog. My mom feels like she rescued me and I had kennel cough too). We now live in Sunny South Florida. We found your blog just after you started back in 2009. I think my mom was on a Pug Message board and they were talking about one of your posts and we looked you up and have been following you ever since!


Anonymous said...

I am in Newport, Rhode Island. A family member showed me the earth day video with Puglet in it. I am crazy for pugs and have one. I've been following ever since it came out.

Jack the Pug said...

Hey Puglet, I live in Seattle and my mom was google searching around for some pug information (she can't remember what) and she happened upon you're awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi puglet! Tank and Tyson here. We Live in portland, OR. We like a lot of others got here when your video to Jenny was on the news.

ChazthePug said...

Hi Puglet, Dutch and the human that loves them... It's Chaz from Hoboken, NJ.... I watched the Green Pug video and was amazed... then I happened to see you guys on the Today show and that is when I found out you had a blog... I have been reading ever since... Also, you are way better than most Today show guests, they should have you back!!!

Scarlet's Sutras said...

Hi Puglet!

It's Scarlet and I'm in Rhode Island. After my sister Nicki (yellow lab) went to the Rainbow Bridge my parents started a search for a Pug. They asked everyone & searched high & low. One day my Mom called a rescue, Little Paws for You, here in RI and just that very same day the nice lady Judy had heard about me. I had been wandering the streets in Louisiana near a bank. Mom said "fly her up!!!!!!" So May 11, 2010 I arrived in an airplane to my new home.

When my parents told my Nana they were looking for a Pug she started sniffed around Google about our breed and found you! By the way, she loves your Green video, so do I :)

An interesting fact about me: my right eye is way bigger than my left eye. Its awesome for looking crazy when I'm asking nicely for treats!


Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

I'm Mimi, and with my momma we live in Greensboro, North Carolina. We found you because momma is part of, a forum just for people and their pugs. someone posted about you blog and momma thinks is awesome. so we check you out every day to listen to/watch your hi-jinx.

Treat Lover said...

Whew! Thanks so much for mentioning about blogger eating comments. This has been happening to us for several days, and we thought it was just our human being silly. We have been unable to comment. Anyway, I am Coco and I comment on behalf of me and Chili. I think you know we live in Denver, and my human is gimpy today and can't remember how we got here. I think it was a link from Shelby's blog.

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

I live just south of Lolo, Montana, which is south of Missoula. Our official address is Florence, but we are way closer to Lolo than Florence, so that is why I say I live in the Lo-Flo. I started following the daily last January, by recommendation of Pug Spotting on Facebook!

Kitty+Coco said...

Kitty: Boston Terrier
Coco: Skinny Pug

We are from the deep South. Home to many mullets. Alabama. We too have not been able to comment. Grrrrr! We found you on some of our other pug blogger pal's pages. Admittedly, we stalked the blog for a while and eventually decided to comment :)
We also both have a crush on Dutch. Don't tell him.

Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone in Casa De Puglet from Bo (and Bo's mom)in Sacramento, California!!

Mom and I had problems with our first response - it went "poof" too!

Mom got me almost 6 years ago, and we live in Sacramento. We found out about you from the lady who runs the Pug Meetup Group here in Sacramento. Mom has been hooked on you ever since. She can't make it through a day without you so please don't ever stop.

We love reading about all of your pawsome adventures. Mom says that she hope your mom spills the beans about all of the TSS soon because the suspense is driving her insane!!!!!

Thank you Puglet, Dutch, Thumbs, and all of the friends you share with us, and thank you for all of the wonderful stories, juju wishes, etc. You all make the world a better place!!

I've been asking mom for a brother or sister; hopefully some day soon.

Buford T. Justice said...


Buford T. Justice here to say you are the coolest and most mischivious Pug around next to me.....Our human found you when a friend of hers told her about your blog and we've been here everyday since. We live in Petaluma, Ca and are good friends with the Agility Spotted Dogs and their Human as well.

Me and my sisters, Bambi (the other Agility Pug), Per-Li-Mae, Miss Lacy, RIP Miss Peg and the new dude in the house, Tre (what kind of name is Tre by the way) join our human eveyday when she reads your blog.....Sometimes she laughs out loud and we all look at her funny. Other times she leaks and we all try to jump in her lap to lick the water off her face. Thanks for all you do as it has brought SOOOOO many Pug lovers together.

Buford T. Justice and the Pack O' Pugs
oh yeah and the new Boston Terrier named Tre.....(silly, foo foo name)

Barbara said...

Jeep, Minnie, Trixie and I are in the Sacramento area.

I'm pretty sure we found your blog thru another dog blog, and we sure are glad we did. We love dalmatians as much as pugs (we had a dal) and we especially love fiesty ones.

Maybe if you go this way sometime we can all say hi!

Anonymous said...

I am Sammy in MN, my mom found you via Jenny's, but she is not 100 %sure. We love you so much, Pug : >

Emily Steffen Photography said...

WE are 2 pugs; Edward Leroy and Gweneth Margaret! And we live in the beautiful midwest in the state of WISCONSIN! :)

Well, we started reading your blog after we saw your being green movie a few years ago on the today show! Now we tell EVERY PUG about you and are pretty sure that we read your blog every day and love laughing and sharing in the pug-doms of the world! You sure are great puglet...and Dutch isn't half bad either! :)

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
It's amazing- the varied and intersting places your blogger friends come from (way more exciting than here-Toronto, Canada).
Like Las Vegas Lola (now Winnipeg Lola- she must freeze her butt off in the winter!) we found you via criag's list when you had just started. My human was looking for a pet photographer when she clicked on your link. A pug with a mohawk? Who can resist not coming back?
Happy Birthday Spencer B!! Sending you maple smoked back bacon wishes.

Riley said...

Hi! I'm Riley and I'm a golden retriever from north carolina! Actually, me and my sister and my parents live in sunny cupertino, ca (actually its really raining right now). my sister found out about you and dutch while reading the Bay Woof newspaper because they featured your post about libya stealing mazda's food. we thought it was really funny, so here we are, daily readers who love your superfunny blog :D write on!

wet riley kisses,

Kristen said...

This is Reggie Pug. My human found you after stumbling upon your love video to Jenny over two years ago. She had adopted me from the Pacific Pug Rescue in 2009. I live in Portland, Oregon and have seen Jenny at some pug events. I also go to the same doggy daycare as Scoutie... :) My humans are going to San Francisco next month and I know my huMom hopes she spots you, Dutch, and your human while they are out exploring the city. If they do, I will be so jealous. I'd love to chill with you man. We feel like we know you all so well! We enjoy your blog every week day! It's great to see where everyone is from! You're an international PugSTAR!

Robin and Randy said...

I live in Apopka,FL.
I was introduced to your blog by one of your avid followers - Myko, my daughters pug!
I LOVE PUGS! And of course Dutch :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, Dutch and Frank!

THis is Bouncer and Chaos and we are from Plantation, FL. Chunky! Where in plantation?

We found you when you went Viral with Green Video and reading about your adventures are a highlight of our day!

We also want to thank you for the JuJU you gave me (Bouncer) when I had the "C" word. Doing awesome now!

THE PUGLET said...

Uhh, were we really on TV? Like in your living room??

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I'm in Park City, Utah and I got here by finding your Green Video on the Huffington Post, and I've been enamored ever since!

Frauntene McLarney said...

I've never been able to comment here...but maybe now that blogger has done something different????

We are...
LucyP the fawn
Tater-tot the black
we are wombmates
We are also....
Pinky-Beans/ChiChi the big white rescue boxer
Fraun, mom to us all, including a couple skinnies (kids with no fur)

We got hooked on pulet and dutch and the gimpy-brained human and company thoeugh a post in a pug group on a knitting forum, Ravelry, that our gimpy shouldered human frequents. She has been hooked on pugs since college....only 17 yrs ago. Predecessors were Curly Fries Godzuki aka The Original and Daisy-Head-Maisy. We stay bc we love pug antics and scairdy cat dogs and humans with sharp wit and humor!!

licks and eye-sniffies,
Fraun, Tater, Lucy, Pinky, Willow, Gavin and Dad

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug,
Well I live right near you in the SF bay area....and I found out about you from the birthday day boy, SPENCER!! I met you in person at a Pug Sunday in person (er dogson?) and I've been biting your back fat ever since!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I live in Lincoln, NE. My family found you through a friend who knows we love pugs, even though we've never lived with one. We love your blog! Allie the Boxer

Pugs2Luv said...

Hi Pug, Dutch & Human! Zoey & Phoebe here. We first met at Pug Sunday way back in November of 09, when your human took a big group photo of all us & our humans. Frank's dad told us to check out your blog and we've done so everyday since. We have been so lucky to have met you and so many other wonderful pugs and humans since. Thank you for always bringing us a smile(even through tears) to our faces everyday.

A BIG Happy Birthday to Spencer! May your day be filled with love and eatables.

Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC said...

Hey, Popular Puglet!
We live in Portland, OR, with our mom (but our mom grew up in Berkeley, across the bay from where you live, and goes home to the Bay Area to visit her niece pug on a regular basis!) and she says she found your blog cause her pug-lovin' sister sent her a link to your Green Pug video and the rest is history!
And yes, our mom has seen your Portland Crush, Jenny the Pug, up close & personal (pushing her stroller) and she's pretty darned cute!
Meow to you and Dutch,
Abby & Audrey, the Portland Tabbies

Anonymous said...

My name is Bailey & I live across the bridge from you in Berkeley. My mommy found out about you when she was reading an edition of Bay Woof. Now we read you everyday. We love the adventures you, your human & Dutch go on!
My mommy is pretty much in love with all short-nosed dogs because I'm a Boston terrier, but she's found a special place in her heart for Puglet.
Thank you for making us smile everyday!!
Bailey & my human, Robin

citydog said...

Hi, Puglet, Dutch, and Amanda.

We're in Vermont.

Our human found you after she saw the Being Green video last year (probably via SFGate--she loves SF, many of her friends live there, and she visits whenever she can). It inspired her to call Pug Rescue of New England ( to foster and she ended up with us.

We live with un-Pugs (Belgians and Border Collies) and some sheep.

Your Pug pals in Vermont,
Charlie and Iggy

PS Charlie turned 15 years old on Friday and would like it very much if everyone got some cookies, pie and/or barbecue (no bones!) to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

HI Puglet,
I am Maggie MaeAKA Monkeypig-from Sacramento, CA and my grandma found you. She has always had them yappy taco bell dogs until my day got me then she fell in love with puggles. She googled cute pug pictures and you were one that showed up. She thinks you are so cool and if I wasen't married I would be lookin you up. Grandma sends your link to so many people they think she needs help.I'm sending lots of JUJU to all those that need it!

Penney and Honey said...

Hi! We live in Germantown, Maryland.
It is a nice suburb northwest of Washington, DC. Our mom found your blog as it was recommended by someone in a group. A group of what, we don't know. We are just glad she found you, 'cuz she reads your adventures to us every night at bedtime!

Anonymous said...

I'm A.J. and I live in Nagoya Japan.
Nagoya is located in the middle of Japan,and the 4th biggest city of Japan.
My human came to know you because she found "Being Green is Easy" video on Youtube.
Actually, I'm not good at English because I was born in Japan(Of course I can speak Japanese!).
But I want to know about you more, so i study English HARD every day.

Anonymous said...

Hiiii Puglet!

We are steph the human and Kevin the pug! We are from near Leicester in the UK! We found your blog via PUGSPOTTING on facebook and have been poked ever since!!! I show everybody the lovely pictures and reading them makes us both smile! Maybe my human will let me start blogging it love it love it!!!! It's Kevins birthday on Tuesday the 11th as well so it's an exciting week atm!!!!

Love steph and Kevin :) xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug and Dutch!
our comment never showed up yesterday either! i decided to double check and cant find it! Anyways, we are Mocha and latte from Chicago, Il! we love living in the big city but dont get near as many adventures as you and dutch! our mom accidentally found your blog after you made the love video for jenny and weve been following you every day since!

Estelita said...

Hi Puglet!
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
My "sister" Madeleine, found your blog in March 2010 because I was with 6 months and she wants to see pictures of pugs in the world and saw your blog and showed to my mom and so, they loved!!!and they see every days since that day! and also, they show your blog to every friends see too.
All of us, loves you!
Im fell your big friend!
Lcks Fred,
Kissses from Madeleine e Estelita

Emma said...

Hi I'm Emma Pug! Im grom Chicago, IL and I think my mom and I stumbled across your blog in a google search for pug advice or something! Either way, we've been tuning in every day for the last 2 and a half years :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
My "sister" Madeleine found your blog in March 2010 and a film in youtube (dont remmember exacly the day). I was 6 months and she and my mom loved you and your supercute face and poses and histories with your friends and your adventures with Dutch!! adn I loved the recipes and bacon too!!! (and she wants only see pictures of pugs in the world...). Since this day, we see your blog every days, and show to all our friends.
We loves you!!!
So much Happy Birthday to your dad.

We are sooo happy for find you!!

Licks and kisses!!!
Fred, Madeleine e Estelita.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet! My human reads your blog all of the time. I don't think she remembers how she found you, but boy am I glad she did. After your posts about nuggets, I convinced her to let me try Wendy's nuggets. Swoon!

I live in Minnesota where it is sometimes nice, sometimes too hot, and always too cold.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, are you going to Occupy? My human finds this stuff exciting, saying there's a revolution going on!

Maybe you'll Occupy the kitchen? Take a stand for bacon??

THE PUGLET said...

Ooooh yeah. A bacon revolution! Maybe we will go :)

Romeo and Mom Sue said...

Hi, I'm Romeo and almost 13 years old. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. I am one of a long line of pugs my mom has been owned by. My mom thinks she found you through Owned By Pugs, but sometimes her brain is gimpy too.

Anonymous said...

Our names are Mal and Wash, we're two kittens living in Virginia. Our owner had been reading this blog before we were born, your green pug video sold him on it. He's also a fan go pugs, but wants to wait until we have a house rather than our apartment. Something about having a yard as opposed to a 100 ft drop from the balcony.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Mabel - a pug/chi mix living in Portland, OR. I found you through some of the doggy blogs that my mom reads, but can't remember which one at the moment (she's having a long week...) I love reading about your adventures, and seeing the pictures that Nikon takes of you. You (and your buddies Dutch and Frank) are such good posers!!! I can only hope that my mama will learn to take pictures as good as those some day!! Keep up the fun, and we look forward to reading about your adventures!

Mabel and my mama, Deanna

Jorge said...

Hi, I'm Jorge and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.
Not really sure how I found you guys. The most probable answer is searching on the net about pugs because of my ex-girlfriend, who has a beautiful two-year old pug named brigitte. And since then, i just cant stop visiting the blog every single day. It just makes me happy to read and see you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

Since "blogger" hardly ever works for us we're super happy there is another way to chat with you today. We live in South Glens Falls and Gracie is in Glens Falls. They are located in the foothills of the BEAUTIFUL Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY. My human belongs to a group "Pug Lovers" on Ravelry (a website for knitters). They are a group of people who knit and own and of course LOVE pugs. One of her "Rav" friends is also her friend on Facebook. Her friend shared a link to your blog on her facebook page some time ago. My human read your blog and LOVED it. She loves it so much she tells everyone she knows about it, especially if they are pug owners. She says your blog is the bright spot of her day so keep those posts coming!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so totally awesome, Puglet! My mom says that when she is having a bad day or when she feels sad, she reads all about your adventures and they totally cheer her up! You're the greatest!!

Anyway, this is Massimo. Yes. The sock eater. We met at Point Isabel about a year ago. I ate my moms sock and had a tummy ache that day. :( Your human told us that pumpkin would help the "release" of the sock so... the rest is history!

We live in Richmond/East Bay!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We live in Indianapolis, IN and we found you through a link on another blog!

We don't comment very often, but have to tell you that we love reading about your adventures and you always have the best pictures!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & ellie

Roman said...

Hi Puglet!
My name is Roman. I am a French Bulldog who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. My human's friend told her about your blog since my human also secretly loves Pugs! I have a uncle who is a Pug and I really love him so I have to say I look forward to your blog everyday almost as much as my human does! We subscribed to the blog and love reading it! Thank you Puglet for being so smart and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Hi All, our names are Frodo, Molly & Cleo. We live in Brick, NJ. We found you after your grandhuman gave my human mom your website address at a pug meetup. We've been hooked on you, Dutch and your wacky adventures ever since!

Max the Jack Russell, Pearl and Goldey and Autumn said...

Hi Puglet,

Our names are Max, Pearl, Goldey and Autumn. We live in Palo Alto, California. Pearl, Goldey, and Autumn and Goldey are goldfish. Max is a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier. We found out about The Daily Puglet through Rosie the Party Pug, now sadly has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Max the Jack Russell, Pearl and Goldey and Autumn

Miss Pearl said...

Hi Puglet. My name is Pearl and I live in El Segundo, California. That's the place Nikon goes when its sick. My mom found you by way of your wonderful earth day video. We are also friends with Jenny the Pug. You make us smile every time we read your blog.

gini said...

Hi Puglet~
Ok, first, I found your blog on iGoogle! Second, my "partner" Winston and I live in Aptos, in Santa Cruz county. We live in an oak forest and have lots of raccoons, birds, squirrels, skunks (once in a while!) and other nature loving animals like croaking frogs and banana slugs!
We love your column and we always look forward to what you are doing. But, we got lost a while, can you tell us when Frank came along? LOL!
High five Paws!
Tawnie and Winston

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Hi Puglet!
I met you at Alta Plaza park on a Pug Sunday over a year ago...and your hu-mom told my momma about the blog! I also like reading about Sid, Payton, Tiffy, and Oisin on their blogs. We Puggies should rule the world :)
Licks and Snuffles,
Eddie the Pug

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet! I'm Daya and i'm very happy to read you every single day. My human says your daily adventures illuminate her day when she felt sad. She found you by a link posted on Facebook Pugspotting. I live with her in La Roche sur Yon in France, a town situated near the Atlantic west coast.
Lots of kisses..

Marie said...

I live in Maine and have a blog of my own. I was surfing for pug stuff when I found this blog. You human takes the BEST photos!!

Also: I saw a photo here quite awhile ago about a friend of yours who had to wear a mesh type of head covering to prevent him from eating stuff. Do you know where they found that? I have a friend with a dog that has seizures if he eats things he is allergic to so I thought that might help. I can seem to find one online anywhere. Thanks!!

Mary Lynn said...

Hi Puglet!
I am Sadie (Sadiepug, Sadie McGrady, Pug Face, etc) and I live on the Eastern panhandle of WV. My mom started reading you at some point in 2010, and hasn't missed a day yet! Most times she calls me up on her lap and we read it together. I come to work with her every day and we read there, and so does my co-worker Maggie Pug. We love you and Dutch and love to read of your adventures. You need to write a whole book!!!
Pugs and Kisses!!!
Sadie Pug and Mary

Anonymous said...

We are two pug petters in sf. We love pugs but are too allergic to own one. So we go to pug Sunday and pet pugs and throw Henrietta for Dutch. We may have found you via We love your posts and look forward to them everyday.

Cerise said...

Hi, We the South african Gang made up of three Pugs (Puggles, Tequila and me Molly) and our brother a wanna be pug (who is actually an Australian Shepard)Thorne'. We live in a city outside Johannesburg called Boksburg but its so far out that people have never even heard of it overseas. We love it as its got a huge amount of space for us to run so we not living on top of other people or animals. Well except for those cats who always trespass and the birds who think they own that food my mom sprinkles on our lawn. We heard about you from our Aunty Leigh-Ayn who lives in Perth Australia. We sound like a soap opera as Tequila is actually Leigh-Ayns baby but my mom took her in when Aunty moved to Oz as they were worried about putting her in a place called quaranteen the way they all carried on I think its like Alcatraz for dogs. I really dont want Tequila to go to prison so we were quite happy to have her stay with us. Well thats all the time Im allowed as Mom says she has to work now and that she needs to earn money to buy us food. Lots of Love Molly!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

We are Aldo and Lucy and our human is crazy about pugs and we mean C.R.A.Z.Y. We live in Durban, South Africa with our little brother Maverick (although he actually isn't that little - he's a Rhodesian Ridgeback). Our Human seems to think he's huge because she keeps telling him he's like a horse (TOLD YOU SHE WAS CRAZY) We love hearing about your stories and sometimes we really LOL at them. We found your blog from another pug loving human in Australia!

Awesome! Keep the stories and beautiful pictures coming in.

PS: Just though we'd let you know that Dutch is totally just a poser, no one knows how to be a super model like a pug!


gini said...

Except for Dutch, you two pugs look just like me (Tawnie) and my friend Winston....amazing! I couldn't remember having our picture taken with the Dalmation! LOL!

Caroline said...

My name is Caroline. I have a puggle named Oz and we live in Atlanta.

I've read your blog everyday for about a year and a half. I came across this blog when I worked for an online pet store and was looking for awesome bloggers to pair up with.

Fell in love with the idea of Flat Puglet and would still love to host! I'm a sucker for an underbite ;)

I Love Lucy said...

Hi Puglet,

My human is late commenting and that makes her totally lame. Shhh, don't tell I said that; she gets all sensitive on me. Anyways, I live in Lakewood, CA and we came here by way of Owned By Pugs. So awesome that we did.

Kazza said...

Hi, we are Ivy and Ronnie and live in Kent, England!!!! Sorry we are so late posting this. Our mum found this by pug surfing on the net one day and has love it ever since.

Sending lots of pug hugs from the UK!!

THE PUGLET said...

Awww. Pugs in the UK :)