Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hi everybody. Dutch again. Thank you all for trying to explain the bacon-pork connection to Pug, but he's convinced it's just a ploy to sneak apples into his belly. Last night he protested by going on a hunger strike. It lasted two seconds.

HUMAN: I thought you were on a hunger strike.
PUG: I am!
HUMAN: you can't be on a hunger strike AND eat your food
PUG: I'm still hungry. Doesn't that count?

Google agreed with our human and suggested a sit-in would be easier than not eating. Pug has been sitting-in on the kitchen floor since breakfast. He seems to think our human will notice him lying on floor and think protest. I'm quite certain she'll see him lying on the floor and think sleeping. But that's just me.

Before I go, I want to tell you about a place called Whole Foods. Mazda is sick so we walked there last night. Over a giant hill. Both ways! It was very enjoyable. Until our human parked us and went inside to buy a piece of cow. That I did not like.

She must have known we wouldn't enjoy being parked outside of Whole Foods because she came back with something yummy for us too:


I had to share with greedy little you-know-who so I only got a few licks of Justin. But a few licks of Justin's yumminess are better than no licks at all.

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