Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So, it's been kind of a kinda scary week. My human got attacked by her pancreas and had to go to the hospital. Me + Dutch were home alone for DAYS. Everything is pretty much OK now, but it was scary.


It sucks not having a human - even when the neighbor dude lets you watch Animal Planet and feeds you waaay too much by mistake.

Anyway. I don't believe in ugly, so I'm killing the comments from my last post. My human says everyone is totally allowed to think and feel whatever they want, but this is MY blog and I want it to be a happy place. Sorry.

So. If you're 1 of 1,000 who are freaking out:

Please chill. Please? You can't tell from the internet, but I'm asking nice with tail waggling. My human hasn't run off to Mexico with your $50. Promise. There will be a ginormous recap thingy on the 1000 Pugs site in a day or two, but here's the deal: this whole 1000 Pugs thing ate my human alive. That's all. It just did. She's not mean or evil or dishonest or whatever you want to think she is. She just tried to do more than she could and failed at some of it. A whole bunch of it. Whatever. I'll let her explain all that.

It really sucks that my human's crazy idea made anyone unhappy. Seriously. It does. I mean, who wants to make people unhappy? All I can say is I hope any happiness goes away. Because as much as my human failed at stuff, she made sure the #1 most important thing that will never, ever go away *definitely* did not get failed at. I'm taking pictures. Trust me. I've seen them.

Oh yeah. It took a freaking eternity - but your pictures are finally done. Check your email tomorrow for the update and info about your galleries. If you don't get an email by this time tomorrow, check your SPAM. If you have a hotmail account, check it twice. If still no email, check the pug website for your city. All the info will be posted there too.

If your name is Bambi, Wilbur, Bardot, Stella, Benny, Frida, Penny, Kiya, Tank, Mazey, Kingsley, Olive Oyl, Livvie, Poppy, Nelson, Winston or Fitz, you can check yourself out on the 1000pugs.com homepage.

Let's all stop here and have a quiet minute for Fitz. He said goodbye too soon. 

I think that's probably enough. If you're not 1 of the 1,000 - sorry. Normal blogging tomorrow. Unless some other part of my human breaks.


Anonymous said...

Of course another sob story about her health. I'll believe it when I see it.

agent99 said...

Anonymous: if you want to post digs about Amanda, that's fine. I think it's hugely cowardly to do so without posting your name. Of course, if you did, some ass might post your address.
Pugs #435 & 436
Patiently waiting

Sabrina PugTails said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your human being attacked. I hope she is feeling better.
Did the neighbour guy feed you bacon?
Your blog is my happy place too, it makes me sad to see such negative comments when I know your human is doing all she can to finish this "little project" she started.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above doesn't deserve the love of a pug if they can't have a heart themselves!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Oh piglet we are so sad your human has been sick, sending lots of juju. LOTS!!!! We have faith in Amanda and hope you and Dutch take good care of her.


Anonymous said...

We are not part of 1000 pugs, but we are happy that your human is healing, and we hope that all the people who are part of 1000 pugs get happy soon. We love you, Puglet. The Daily Puglet is one of our happy places and we're glad you want to keep it that way.

Love, Roscoe and Champy

Lola said...

You're the bomb, Pug- we missed you while you were gone. I hope your human is feeling better, and glad she is home again. I just love humans that accidentally feed me too much- they totally ROCK!!

I hope this doesn't mean that she and Dutch missed their trip to the other coast.
If the 1000 Pugs book is done, we are totally going to buy a copy for our house (even though MY gimpy-brained human couldn't get it together enough to register me and I'm not even in it!). I just know it's going to be AMAZING!

Lafayette Lola

ps- after you all get some rest, I hope we finally see you around a Pug Sunday again soon!

Mpls Pug said...

Thank you for the update! Pictures tomorrow? For everyone? Hmmmm....

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

OMG - Puglet. You are so lucky that your mom is OK. The human pancreas is not something to take lightly. We'll be thinking great thoughts for you all, and look forward to hearing that your mom is back to her old, unstressed self soon.

As usual, don't worry about the photos.

In the meantime, we'll look at pictures of all the pugs you mentioned (especially Bambi, who we've met in the fur). And will be thinking NOT nice thoughts for the negative Nellies that insist on saying nasty things while hiding behind "anonymous".

Hugs to your mom.

Noodles said...

1) Thanks
2) Please take care of your human
3) Bullies stay outta Blogville
4) STILL a proud member of 1000Pugs

Love Noodles

your NC friends said...

Wow, it must be nice to be "anonymous" and always be perfect. I think your human took on a HUGE task and I know once it's done it will prove well worth the wait.

In the meantime I hope she takes better care of herself!

Pug, you and Dutch be sure she does whatever the doctor person said for her to do. You guys rock and we miss you when you aren't here.

Miley said...

Miley here,

Puglet's thumbs are busy so he asked to borrow my thumbs. Sure when he wants something I'm his best friend, otherwise he tells everybody I hate him. Anyway He said to tell Sabrina that the dude did not give him bacon even when he told him it was a normal part of his dinner, but that the dude gave him the same amount of food as Dutch! Lola, the eat coast trip had to be rescheduled.


Melissa said...

I agree with Noodle - take care of yourself Amanda! Just remember: "People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you." ~ Unknown. Keep your head up!

Anonymous said...


Looking miiigghty fine in that pic. Sorry to hear about your human...sick sucks. However, extra food by neighbor-dude, not so bad.

We're not part of the project cause we didnt know about you then, but our human says the book is A-Must, whatever that means. If it's anything like, this treat is A-Must, that's pretty super.

K...healing JuJu and all...glad you're back. Take care of your human, Dutchy too!

Bax and Cole of the E-coast

Unknown said...

Hugs to you and Dutch and Amanda!!!!!!! Our human has had the flu for a week and can only imagine what you have been going through......we love you so much and have faith you have done an amazing job......a HUGE task turned into an overwhelming task.....scary that you were home alone and we hope that you know there are ALOT of people who feel the same as us.....ok, the human is leaking for you now so we have to go

Anonymous said...

Happiness returns. Thank you for the update Puglet.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

I thought that maybe your human was sick and even maybe in the hospital and I was going to post that but it was just so angry in here all the time. So glad she is home and hope she gets better REAL quick. I love Miss Amanda, she made my pug shoot the best experience a pug could ever have. I'll wait for my pics as long as it takes...life is so short and much bigger things for my human to focus on...like giving me more BACON! Man, it takes a lot to get bacon...so glad you are back Pug! Love to you, Dutch and Amanda. #148 in Dallas!

Anonymous said...

Geez ~ from one anonymous to another ~ I wish I could strangle you with my pugs leash and hang you high !

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Dear Pal Puglet,
I am so glad the awful comments have disappeared. My momma and I hope our friend Miss Amanda feels better very soon! Major JUJU headed your way! Bullies should stay out of the Bloposphere and especially off The Daily Puglet, and even more so if you are Anonymous. My 1000 Pug photos were amazing, and I am sure all the other 999 are too:)
Very proud to be #2 supporter of the project...
Hugs to all,
Eddie the Pug

Anonymous said...

Pug #309 here - I can't wait to see my pics, especially because I moved since the photo shoot (from FL to SD...brrr!). Puglet, I'm sending good juju to you, Dutch, and your human.

Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Pug!!!

We're so sorry to hear your human was sick. Our human says people with a sick pancreas are VERY sick. She's a nurse and ought to know. Anyways so VERY glad Miss Amanda is feeling better!!!

We also feel we need to add our 2 cents worth about the 1000 Pugs Project. NEVER, EVER did we doubt the project would FINISHED and that the finished project would be anything less then SPECTACULAR!!! Good things come to those who wait and we know GREAT things are coming our way!!! Since Emi and our human spent an ENTIRE day helping at the SLO shoot they saw first hand just how hard Amanda works and how VERY long the days are. They were completely exhausted and they only did ONE day. They are not surprised that Amanda has been sick so much and hopes that after the project is finished Amanda gets some MUCH needed rest and maybe even a nice vacation. THANKS Amanda and Puglet for ALL of your hard work and dedication!!!

LOTS of sloppy kisses,
Benny, Emi and Gracie

Peggy2957 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mercy said...

Hey Pug!
So glad to have to you back! Tell your human to take care of herself; her health is the most important thing (besides you & Dutchy). I'm REALLY HAPPY you removed all the ugly comments. This is a happy place and my human & I so look forward to hearing your adventures!I could go on and on but the main thing is, we love you Amanda & Dutch !!!!! :)
Kisses, Kisses,

agent99 said...

Uhg Puglet, our Mom went a little Poodle over that Anonymous comment, she forgot to send juju to your Mom. We hope she gets better quick. You look just fine though!
Proud to be #435 & #436

TriHardChris said...

So glad this place is a happy place again. It made us sad coming here the last few days.
Miss amanda...you must let Puglet and Dutch take care of you. You are too kind and talented to get sick. We think bacon cures all, so maybe you should switch from veggies to bacon.

We pee'd ourselves a little bit knowing the pictures are coming!

Take care everyone at casa de Puglet!

bouncer and Chaos in fort Lauderdale. Proud members of the 1000 pugs club!

Miss Pearl said...

Pearl here,
I think 1000 pugs was a wonderful project. We handed out cards, even though we weren't in an area to be photographed. You guys do wonderful things for pug rescue and your blog makes us smile and makes us so happy at my house. Good thoughts to your Amanda and I hope she feels better very soon. Hugs to you and Dutch, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet and Dutch and Amanda! So full of happy-joy to have you back. My heart hurt but not anymore. Powerful juju to the errant pancreas. We are Anonymous because our human is a techno-gimp. Happy days ahead I am sure of it.
Your Friend, Chubby T. Pug

Mercy said...

Miley - LOL :). Amanda, Pug & Dutch are lucky to have you as a friend!!

Forgot to mention - my human and I are sending superextrapowerful juju to Miss Amanda to feel better. Kisses, kisses,

Cams said...

I've been an avid reader of yours, Pug for a really long time but have never commented. You blog is the #1 I check daily to see if there is an update and it makes so happy to read it! (Sometimes I read older ones if there isn't an update yet). I just want you to know that I hope everything is okay with your human and I think she is doing a wonderful thing. She can take however long she needs to until she gets better. Also I found some treats that have apple AND bacon in them. You might like them! :)


Unknown said...


We hope Amanda feels better soon, we loved meeting her and had so much fun spending time with you in Boston and meeting all the other pugs. We are so very very proud and excited to be a part of this project and never once questioned your human's dedication to it. We would like to say thank you from the very bottom of our huge puggy hearts for all the love and time she has spent on this truly enormous project!

Good Juju, Snorts and Curly Butt Wags,
Tessie (#752) and Buddha

Bruno and Diesel said...

Dear Puglet,
So happy you're back! Please take good care of your human; Mom's been worried sick about her. It was ugly & sad here, and we're glad the ugly is 99% gone. You, Dutch & Amanda bring us so much joy; we don't know what we'd do without you!
Love always, Bruno & Diesel ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,Duch and human i am so sorry what happened to your human,glad she's ok:) It happened to me last year as well i burned myself with pancreas and i couldn't sleep for two days because of the pain ....now i know that first thing to do is to keep your hand under the cold water and then wrap it into the cling film( that will stop the pain.

Lots of love and healing for your human>

ps: we get our first pug in june ,can we still take part from the 1000pug thing? If not i would be more than happy just to donate for the pug rescue ...is there any chance you could add donation section for the 100o's pug website?

thanks UP

Bailey and Buddy said...

Mean people suck! We love Amanda and pug and Dutch. Proud to be number #870 & #871.

Anonymous said...

Happiness, hugs, get well wishes, pug snuggles, bacon and ALL the BEST to you, Miss Amanda & Puglet and Dutch. We hope the grumps and bullies didn't steal too much of your sunshine- and if they did, know that most of us are cheering for you. This blog has seen me through 4 moves since 2008, before I was even a Pug Mama (!), and has given me infinite reason to smile- you have no idea how thankful I am for you.
Welcome back & we LOVE you!!!
Love, Lola the Pug (and Mama Megan Friedheim)

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Hi Pug!

We soooooper happy to see pictures and we would have waited even longer if we had too.

We love you guys!!!!!
Scarlet & Meredith

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Puglet, we are glad Miss Amanda is feeling better and hopefully home recuperating. We are also a single parent household. Mom lives with the fear that something will happen to her, and no one will come take care of us. We are so glad that you have someone who could help take care of you when she was sick.

We are glad you posted this so it will hopefully turn down the big old pot of bitter fritters.

To Miss Amanda, please take care of yourself as best you can. We hope you are able to eventually look back on this experience and remember the good times, not the bad. But your health is so much more important than any photograph. We hope you are able to take a real break from all the stress and drama and 999 of us. That you stay healthy, get some rest and fresh air and recharge your internal batteries.

Tallulah, Petunia and Isabelle

Anonymous said...

I'm back again cause I'm just SO excited you're back Puglet! I think all of your friends have been hurting for & with your Human... We are just so glad y'all are okay! Take care of yourselves!! -Megan & Lola Pug :-)

Suki said...

Hi Pug!

I hope your human is feeling better, how scary!!

I agree with Gracie, don't worry about the pictures, we are here to always be supportive of everyone at Casa de Pug.

Sending good juju & healing thoughts to your human.


Jen said...

Dear Puglet,
Give your human lots of puggie kisses and snorts. Also cuddle too. Sorry to hear things have been so stressful. I'm wondering how people can be so mean..especially when it comes to something that has to do with pugs.
Lots of love and snorts,
Max the Pug

ChazthePug said...

Puglet, I am so happy Amanda is doing better... Please take good care of her... You and Dutch make me feel happier every day, so I am sure you are helping her heal!

A non-US Daily Puglet reader said...

I'm sorry that your health has been so bad Amanda. I never thought you had any bad intentions when you started this project.

But you REALLY need to work on your comunication with the 1000 Pugs supporters.

A tweet takes like fifteen seconds to post. I'd rather have one of those every other week than a long, sad blogpost addressing your health issues every four months.

Nobody is really out to get you, you brought this on yourself by ignoring people until it blew up.

Get well soon.

Peter Spanos said...

I find it typical that some people who put up nasty comments are not bold enough to say what they have to say in person, with a name, but instead hide behind their pharisaic anonymity. I and the wife are not part of the project, but we love pugs. And I found out about the illness from another pug blog. I hope you get better and all the best wishes with your work. We look forward to it whenever it is ready.

pawsdoc said...

"Anonymous said...
Of course another sob story about her health. I'll believe it when I see it."

Anonymous: You clearly have ENTITLEMENT issues and need to GROW UP. Why don't you man up and show your FACE and stop posting anonymously. While I understand that you were frustrated that Amanda didn't post sooner than this, you shouldn't feel like you have the right to think that her bad health is an excuse. When Karma bites back and you have bad health and can't do your job properly, I hope you know how it feels and I hope it whips you back in the arse. Actually, do you even HAVE a job - posting at 2:15 PM?

You are a horrible person. In fact, you are a mean person. And I hope that in the real world, people tell that to you in your face when you talk like that to them in public. But you're probably a coward anyway and only do that behind a screen.

So stop with your immature, stupid, un-called for, immature, dumb, IMMATURE, whiny, IMMATURE, entitled, IMMATURE, IMMATURE, and wait, did I say IMMATURE comments. Get out from behind the screen and sign your name on these comments and be a grown up for once. Go and find a job and take up a hobby and try to fit into the real world.

Amanda - I'm so glad you are OK now. I never doubted this pug project for a second. I know it MUST be an overwhelming job - I know personally, I wouldn't want to try and edit 90000 photos myself, while having other projects on top of that.

Puglet, please keep your human safe and help her stay outta trouble!

- AW

Max the Pug said...

Oh Puglet! So glad to hear from you! You make our day happy! To the first Anonymous on this list....you sound like a sour old crab. Get a life. Mean people suck. And life is too short to spew venom. This is one place we can go to everyday and be happy. Why always think the worst of someone? Does it make you feel better to bring someone else down? Sick. Amanda, please know that, although we have never met, and we were not part of 1000, we love you. Sincerely. The end.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if you continue to leave these threats and rude comments on this blog, I am actually going to contact Blogger and the cops to put in an investigation on this and they will hunt your IP address down to a T. So you better stop with these comments. I mean it.


Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Pug, we missed you!! Welcome back, dude. My person and I are sending extrasupergood juju to your human. We know that this project is HUGE and takes a lot of work...and a toll on the human body sometimes. We love you and we know 1000% that the pics and book are going to be well worth the wait.

Love, Otis and his person

Minnie and Max Pugs said...

Hope you are well, Auntie Amanda.
XOXO - Minnie and Max

Hugo the Portland Pug (and family!) said...

Amanda, Pug and Dutch,

We were worried about you! So glad to hear things are better but sad to hear you had such a rough week! While we are super excited for our photos, please don't overdue it to quickly just to try to make us happy. I am happy to wait as long as I have to when your health is on the line. We hope the negative Nancy's didn't make you too upset. There are still so many people and pugs that love and support you! Keep your head up and gets lots of rest!

Yoda said...

Puglet I'm so happy your human is home with you and can hopefully rest now! This is Yoda(#324) and I'm sending lots of juju to you, Dutch and your humaan. The pictues are just an added bonus...healthy pugs and humans are most important.

Dr. Silio said...

YAY PUGLET!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!!! Missed you!!!!!!

Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

This is Jasper. Puglet, I'm glad your human is feeling better. I'm sad to say my sister Megan went to the rainbow bridge yesterday. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to ask for juju. Me and my mom are so so sad, but we know megan is happy and running again and can SEE again so we are happy about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm the good kind of anonymous. I love Puglet, Dutch and Miss Amanda. We send healing thoughts and JUJU. The project gets done , when the. Project. Gets. Done. It's going to be FABULOUS. Haters- please chill.

Anonymous said...

Leave Amanda, puglet and Dutch alone. They have done a great job. This was NO easy task.

Anonymous said...

Amanda was so sweet to my pug Meatball, he would have waited an eternity for his pictures. Thank you for all that you do.

Unknown said...

Puglet, as part of the 1000 Pugs, we knew this was a gigantic project. We were just happy to take part in it. Sorry that some people were being assholes. Some people just cannot be pleased. We look forward to our pictures and can't wait for the book.
Marianne, Donner and Boo

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Marianne, my person almost spit up her dinner laughing at your last comment with your honesty. Thanks for saying so easily what most of us were thinking.

Love, Otis

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. It's me, Scoutie (#503). Sending your human a big pug hug and lots of positive juju. We're faithful fans of yours and the project and appreciate all you do for pugs and humans.

xoxo, Scoutie

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

hey puglet! that is so scary about your human, i hope she is back at 100% soon! We are so excited to see the pictures too! Amanda is the BEST at capturing pugs, I know there are going to be 1000 amazingly cute pictures to see!

Unknown said...

Just looked at the new pictures on 1000 Pugs and they look great! So exciting1!

xoxo Scoutie

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone here know anything about how I would know which numbers my pugs were assigned? Amanda didn't give me anything at the shoot, and there's no number in my registration emails either. Thanks!

Meeko Pug said...

As my human said before...YAY PUGLET...You're back!!! We ALL missed you!!! Meeko

Bruno and Diesel said...

To (Megan &) Jasper:
I'm so sorry your sister Megan went to the bridge. I know you must miss her terribly, but she'll always be with you in spirit & memory. Sending big hugs!
Bruno & Diesel's mom ♥♥♥

Sarah said...

SO Glad to see so many supportive comments on this site.

There are many good people on this blog who are supportive and loving and it brings happiness to my heart to see peace restored.

Thank you to all the positive post-ers!

Tiff and Jeff said...

Get well soon Miss Amanda! Anonymous#1-you suck. People like you don't deserve the love of a Pug. I've said it before, I'll say it again: it was never about the pictures. It was about helping pugs in need. The pics and book were a bonus. All those hateful posters need to step off and get a grip. If there were more people like Amanda in the world perhaps there wouldn't be as many homeless animals.

Lots of hugs, bacon and pug kisses from Seattle Pugs Daisy and Lily

Anonymous said...

Ho-ly Pug, Pug! We just took a sneak peek at the 1000 Pugs page...and if you are a sucker for cuteness, DON'T LOOK! Those are a very very lucky thousand pugs- I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Amanda is a genius with the camera!
Lafayette Lola

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We never had any doubts that your human would complete this project, Puglet!

Lots of good healing juju to you Miss Amanda - we love you and love the sneak peak of the photos on the 1000 pugs website!!

Lots of Pugs & Kisses,

Brutus & Ellie (pug # 439)

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet it's me Grumpy grom Plantaition Fl. I must say reading some of the nasty comments has made me really GRUMPY! I love your daily adventures. You make our day! Amanda you worry about yourself get better.Nothing is more important than your health. Without your thumbs we wouldn't hear much from Pug! Juju heading your way!!

Unknown said...

Hi, Puglet!
I'm so glad your human is better and back home with you. I would be very scared if I had to be "home alone" for a whole week without my human. My sister, Lucy would probably be more mad than scared-who knows what she would do to the house! My human was so relieved that you deleted all the nastiness from your last post, it made her very sad and afraid that all that ugly would make your human's health worse. She says to say, "God Bless you, Amanda, for perservering through a body that keeps attacking you, all the hard work, and especially all the nasty ugliness. You are doing something special and important and we wish you great health, joy, and peace."
So have a great day today, Puglet, and I kope you get to visit the Bacon store soon!
C. Penfold McGee

dcmto2003 said...

Nasty Anonymous can't have lived much of a life if he or she hasn't found themselves WAY over their heads at some point. Esp. if Anonymous hasn't had to face a lot of adversity in the meantime, including serious health challenges.

The preview pictures on 1000 pugs made our Mom leak, they were so beautiful. We hope that, in time, the wonderful result will overcome all the frustration and tears that Puglet's Mom had to experience to get this done.

With love and support, Max and Lola, proudly #950 and #951.

2 cents worth said...

Just my 2 cents. Can we all be more loving (like our pugs are) to each other on DP sometimes the responses are as angry as the posting. When I'm reading I think of it like at work, sometimes the guy next to me says stuff that drives me crazy but I keep it to myself so that our team can be happy and productive. It's not possible for us to know the whys and what fors in each of our lives. If we did I don't think we would be so harsh with each other. Thank you for listening.

Noodle said...

Scary, indeed!! It sucks to watch this project eat your human and not be able to do anything to help. We're sending all the juju we can. Juju for Miss Amanda's health, juju that people chill out, and juju that you get your bacon!! :)

Anne said...

Puglet and Dutch- I'm so sorry to hear about your Pug Mom's health! Good JuJu coming your way! Buddy and Lucey (#367 and #368)are patiently waiting for their pictures and are fully confident that they will be done and that they will be AWESOME! Let me know if anyone needs a good c@nt punt and I'll be happy to deliver! Sorry for the thinly veiled curse word.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Puglet that you and Dutch had to be without your human! Amanda, I'm glad you're better and I just want you to know my pug Jojo and I have always had faith in you! I'm proud we are one of 1000!


Anonymous said...

Pug & Dutch, sending good thoughts and prayers that your mom is ok. My little girl Angel was sick and passed away this past June so we were unable to participate in the 1000 pugs project. I know she would want me to send good wishes that the project is finally done and for all the good that was done in honor of pugs. Hugs from NJ.


tigger said...

Miss Amanda don't let the haters get you down. You took on a huge project that no one else could have done and you completed it. You should be proud of the work you have done.
Tigger the Cat

PS My thums belong to an attorney so just to inform anonmous one that frequent threating, menancing or harrassing posts constitutes disorderly conduct. (sincerely Tigger's Thumbs)

Anonymous said...

So, has anyone received any email update yet?

Pug Slope said...

Hi Puglet!
Let your human know we've all got her back. I'm sending all the good juju vibes to her as well so her pancreas feels better soon. It is NO FUN being sick.


Anonymous said...

When you don't hear anything for 7 months you do wonder what is going on. Some updates would have been appreciated. Even if it was the same update every month. I know this was a huge project and likely a lot more work than expected, but when people spend money they kinda like to know what is going on. I'm sorry you are ill, but updates would have been appreciated.

Madeline said...

Get well soon Amanda! Can't wait to see all the hardwork you have put in. Looking forward to seeing Maddie's pictures!

Holdin27 said...

Glad everything is OK, for the people who have been nasty in the comments, I would love to give them their $50 back because I really don't think they deserve to be part of the project. I really can't stand them.

Jac said...

Prayers coming your way for everyone.

Andrea said...

All I can say is at the end of the day, I actually still believe this will work out. Life happens, and until you really experience something first hand you can't really relate. Because of this project in a funny twist of fate when they were in town taking pictures, I now have 2 adopted pugs in my family. Without this, I would have never had the joy of having them in my life. My husband and I are very thankful for this, and will be grateful for being involved...whether I get my t-shirt in the end or not :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear from you!!! I never doubted you for an instant, and, I felt sooooo bad to hear all these negative comments that were spewing out of so called nice peoples mouths...which I thought they should be cause they own pugs!! Just wanted to let you know that you are loved in Wisconsin, Love Butch, Sundance, and our human:)

Oscar the Pug and Margie said...

Puglet and Dutch,

Please take care of Amanda! Hooray for banishing all the nasty remarks and glad to see mostly positive and supportive comments today. My human and I have never doubted Amanda or her 1000 pugs project. Please tell Amanda to continue to take as much time as needed. We know we will be pleased with the results!

Loretta B said...

Thank you so much for an update Amanda. I am not afraid to say yes I was one of the angry ones. Its hard to stay positive when you do not hear anything for months! However the update was enough to make me happy. That's all I wanted. I'm sorry you have been sick and I hope you get better soon. Please keep reaching out to us about the project! I can only speak for myself but I'm sure a lot of people are feeling somewhat happier and releived today!! Thank you again!!

Betsy & Scarlett said...

Yay! Thanks for letting my human know about the pictures puglet. She didn't say so but I know my human and I think she was beginning to worry. Can't wait to see my Modeling photos!

Princess Scarlett Von Pugsley

Anonymous said...

So I guess no email, judging from that last comment. What a shame.

Joanne said...

Ah, Puglet, I have learned that when someone tries to do something different and special there are always people who like to criticize. Usually those people are the people who do nothing and they put down the doers. Tell Amanda to take her time getting better and to ignore the people with the negative comments! We want her healthy and we can wait for however long it will take! My Mitch and Maggie are not part of the 1000 Pugs as I wasn't sure they would be around this long, but my grand dog, Bella from Boston is one of the 1000! Also tell your Amanda to be proud that she decided to take on such a fantastic project!

Janice, 2 Pugs and a Boxer Mix said...

Puglet, we hope Amanda recovers quickly. We are you that you and Dutch will see that she has a speedy recovery. We are not part of the project, but we support you and your Amanda on her project. Everyone wants instant gratification, but that's not always the best.

Anonymous said...

Fiancee and I do understand what your hooman is going through. I just hope regardless of the situation she gets better.

Dutchess the Pug said...

I haven't left a comment for a while, but your blog is still the best Puglet!

I am happy your human is out of the hospital. I hope she continues to feel better. Best wishes to Puglet, Dutch and Amanda!

Anonymous said...


Willis and Dutch said...

People judge you by the words you use. Thankfully, pugs are nicer. Get well Amanda!

Unknown said...

We are so sorry for you Pug and your momma. We sure hope she feels better soon.

Of course it is a huge project, and people need to understand that. Sometimes it takes me a bit to send out my doggy treats to people because I am wiped out from my regular job.

We loved the experience and are very much looking forward to seeing the pictures, as well as the book, and thank you guys for doing this for the rescues and for us to enjoy and keep of our pugs forever.

To the "Anonymous" person, of course you are so brave and quick to call judgment but yet you hide. Go figure.


One thing I am learning all the time is how quick people are to be mean and to judge, but they have NO idea what it is like in your shoes, as well as things I go through. I can't tell you fed up I am with people. Please get well soon and thank you again for everything. We are #672. Looking forward to it!

Jackie said...

Paco in Toronto says: So glad to hear Miss Amanda is out of the hospital. Puglet, you & Dutch cuddle up to Mum & help her get better! Love your blog, Puglet. Too bad some folks are just plain miserable to appreciate it & the work your Mum's done. Sending lots of juju to Miss Amanda, & sad to hear about Fitz.... Bless his heart...

Unknown said...

Dear Puglet:

Humans can be mean. Please know that I got so much more out of my photo session than I ever thought I would. Amanda was so nice to me, she skritched me, told me I was good (that's so nice to hear!) and took so many pictures of me my mom was amazed. And you know what? She never looked at HER watch. She took the time she needed to take what I know will be amazing pictures of me.

We enjoyed meeting you. And we can wait for our pictures. We're patient. My human has a chronic illness...she knows what it's like to be sick, and the most important thing of this whole project should be your mom getting well.

Hugs to your Miss Amanda...Those of us that understand are supporting you!!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Classy Krystal, very classy.

StaceyyH said...

Puglet, Give your human some extra loving today. She more than deserves it. Nobody, absolutely nobody, should come out of the hospital to read the trash that was left on this blog by unthinking, uncaring, moronic bipeds. I love reading your stories. You and Dutch (I love his love of PINK!)always make me smile, and bring a bright spot to my day. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!
Pug Hugs,
The SoCal Six

Pug Lover! said...

Will the 1000 pugs be available online for those of us who weren't part of the 1000k?

Am a huge pug lover but not owner, and would love to see all the other pugs or sample pics!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone? I got an email with some porn but no pugs.5

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No email for my pug Apple's photos. ....anyone receive anything?

TriHardChris said...

Woot woot holla!!! Just got the email!

Bouncer and chaos! Fort Lauderdale!

Miley said...

Dear Anonymous the one needing their pugs number. If you tell me your city and Pugs name, I will check with Puglet to see if he can get your number.


Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

We got the email.....wooooo hoooo!!! So, so happy right now. We love you Pug and Amanda and Dutch.

Love, Otis and his person

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Got the email....

to the Anonymous ASS who keeps posting stupid stuff. GO AWAY!!!!!

We know this has taken longer than Amanda expected but all your whining and bitching did nothing.....Has anyone noticed how many GOOD responses were left on this post????? Way more than negative....

I'm excited to see the pics and will still wait as long as it takes....when you look at the few pics up do you realize that she had to photoshop OUT the leashes that the Pugs were wearing? Again, a reminder of JUST HOW MUCH WORK went into the pics themselves.


Chet.Thomas@gmail.com said...

It appears as though Krystal is currently eating her words.

Finnegan & Murphy said...

Dearest Puglet,
We are sending Amanda 1000 pug kisses and hoping she is on the road to feeling much better. Our human has been known to bite of more than she can chew on occasion too; we're proud of Amanda for keeping her head up and not letting the other people's unhappiness totally break her down. We've been so concerned about her. We love and idolize our humans so much that we sometimes forget that they are just...well,human.
Finnegan & Murphy

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be happier for Amanda to get the project rolling again like she wanted, Pug & Dutch to have their Human back, the 1000 pugs to get to look at their stunning selves, (and I am excited to see all the pics myself, who doesn't lurve looking at pugs??!), and for happiness to be restored in Blogville. :-) We love you Amanda, Pug & Dutch! Also thank you to Miley's Mama for stepping in to mediate and help! Now Amanda- REST, hike, REST, cuddle P&D, REST, and enjoy some tasty treats- you deserve all the best. -Lola the Pug & mama Megan Friedheim

South sore pugs said...

Yay! Our human just got an email about our pictures. Thank you Amanda, Puglet and Dutch.

Get well soon Amanda and Puglet and Dutch take good care of your human.

Love and licks,
Rudy 853 and Billie 854

PS - to anonymous-ass - you surely cant live with a pug. Pug people are not mean spirited and evil. You shouldn't have the privilege to own a pug. Go seeva doctor and get some meds.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, Jane and Gayle, Your right I am doing "Ah Ha" I was right and they were wrong. I am so excited to see the photos. Nick I just hope you are happy now.


Rosie n' Bill said...

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”
- Arnold H. Glasgow

Amanda, Puglet and Dutch:

Rosie <(0o0)> Pug #392 and her Daddy are so grateful that things are coming together and you are on the mend.

Pug Hugs,

Ms. R. & Bill

Lana said...

I just looked at the images on the main 1000 Pugs website and bawled, they are so perfect.

I'm still crying and I haven't even seen Satchel (694) and Owen (695) yet. I still get to wait for that but I can wait, no problem.

Thank you, Amanda, for sometimes sacrificing your health and sanity for this project. 997 of us love you and appreciate all you've done for this awesome task.

Lovin said...


Anonymous said...

Amanda we hope you are all better. We love you and Puglet and Dutch and this is our happy place too. We wait for you every day!!!
Pearl, Mac, Trixie, and our human Sherry

Not one of the 1000 said...

Can any of you guys share some pics for those of us who couldn't be a part of this project?
I'm getting kinda jealous of you secretly enjoying your pictures.

citydog said...

Feel better, Amanda. Pancreatitis is hell.

Roo and Charlie and Iggy

Jane Kemp said...

Kelly Garcia Kelly Garcia you rascal your talking about me again! If you keep talking about me people are going to think you have a crush on me! Kelly I admire your passion! I'm going to miss our dust ups! I normally don't read the comments just the blog. If ever you want to call someone.a hateful dishonest looser I'm on Facebook. I think I met my match. Take care and good luck.


Mercy's Mom said...

Dear Amanda, Pug, Dutch and fellow Daily Puglet followers,

It is so nice to feel all the love back on the Daily Puglet. Dutch, the world is PINK again! Hopefully the 2% of pug owners who are poopheads have gone away....

Isn't it amazing how we can all bond and support Amanda even though many of us have never met her, nor our fellow blog followers? I think that is extraordinary and it restores my faith in people. You Pug people are awesome!!!

My dog, Mercy, is a 10 year old white lab (who has a HUGE crush on Dutch.... she has a picture of him taped to the wall above her food bowl.)We will be getting our first pug this summer and I will be proud to be a part of your pug community - like I said, you guys are awesome!!

Thank you Amanda, Pug, Dutch and all you fellows bloggers - you enrich my life with your humor, warmth, compassion, honesty, wonderful pictures,grand adventures & sometimes leaky posts. So again, I say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU (except the poopheads.

2 questions - first, we were not part of the 1000 pugs project. Is there a way I can view the pics on the 1000 Pugs website?

Second - Should we get a female or male Pug? Do you see much difference in general personality between females and males? I know there are big differences in Labs (which we've always owned) but Pugland is new territory for me. I need your help!

Lastly, I wanted to pass on to all of you an idea my husband & I came up with last night. We were taking about the 1000 Pug project and wishing we could have supported it. I know I can always donate to local rescue and I will! However, we wanted to do something to specifically support Amanda so we decided to buy 4 copies of the book when it comes out. One for us; one for our 22 year old daughter, who is also getting a pug this summer; one for our local assisted living facility and one for the local library. If you can manage it financially please consider buying an extra copy and donating to your local assisted living facility, library or even an elementary school. We will all be passing on the love of pugs and supporting Amanda by doing this. Do you think this is a good idea??

Thanks again to all of you and especially you, Amanda, for all your hard work and dedication. I hope I have the honor of meeting you one day.

Kisses, Kisses (as Mercy would say),
Jane Grining (NOT Jane Kemp....)

Unknown said...

Jane Grining & Mercy - how awsome, your getting a PUG this summer. We have Otis, a male fawn pug and Black Pearl, a female black pug. For us, Otis is always sitting in moms lap, is more cuddly, and follows mom EVERYWHERE. Black Pearl sits on the couch besides mom and when mom gets us to go somewhere, she watches mom go, eventually she'll go looking for mom if she doesn't come right back. Black Pearl does climb up on moms lap and demands her tummy rubs, but then she's had enough and goes and sits back on the couch beside mom. Otis has the double fur coat and sheds ALOT! Black Pearl has a single fur coat and doesn't shed as much - still need to sweep daily. Hope this helps - we love Amanda, Puglet, and Dutch TONS!!! We were totally star struck when they came to Seattle for our photo-op - Amanda is such an awsome human!!

Pug Love, Otis & Black Pearl

Cheryl said...

Jane Grining: That is SUCH a great idea! I have a feeling I will be buying more than one copy since my pug is in the book. The assisted living idea is fantastic!


LuLu #787 said...

Love the book idea! Going to buy one for my kids elementary school so everyone can see LuLu #787!
I always had faith in Amanda, especially after meeting her.

Bailey and Buddy said...

Mercy & Jane - Congrats on deciding to get a pug! Your life will never be the same! Might I suggest when you are looking at pugs, you consider a pug rescue in your area. Buddy is from a rescue is an absolute doll!

Plus by going through a rescue, you can find a pug that is a good match for you and Mercy since the foster family will know the ins and outs of their personality and needs.

Congrats again!!

Ginny, Bailey & Buddy's Mom

Unknown said...

Jane Grining and Mercy,
A pug is a GREAT addition to your family and you will never regret your newest family member....

My take on differences? I think it really comes down to each individual dog. We have had 5 over the last couple of years. 1 male fawn, Buford T. Justice, who is the naughtiest Pug alive but we love him.....(as long as all cupboards are baby locked and all chairs are pushed completely in at the table....lol) Bambi is a black female and our only black. She sheds much less but is not the cuddling type (only on her terms....) She is and Agility star and a Tasmanian Devil energy ball. Miss Lacey is an older fawn female and a cuddle bug......always wants to be touching or on you. My dear old ladies who have crossed over and didn't make the 1000 Pugs photoshoot were both fawns. Per-Li-Mae was a cuddler and Miss Peg was not. The fawns shed A LOT!!!!! We found all of ours from the local rescue, Bambi at 5 months old, Peg, Pearl and Lacey were all about 10 when they came to us and I wouldn't have it any other way. LOVE THE OLD LADIES!!!!

Enjoy them, they will touch your hearts


PS. Was going to buy more than 1 book anyway but I LOVE your ideas and will be buying one for our local senior center as well as for my daughters school. THANKS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Lola is a black female and is a cuddle bug. She's also naughty, and gets into stuff if we turn our backs, but I guess that's our fault for leaving stuff down. We call her our 'forever two-year-old'. She loves to sleep under the covers with my daughter, sticks to me like velcro, and follows me from room to room- if I get up, she gets up. WHen I went looking for a dog for my daughter, I hadn't even thought about a pug, but a friend recommended them as great family dogs who are great with kids- I'm so very thankful that she did. I can't imagine my life without my sweet Lola and the great friends (real life and virtual) that she's brought into my life.

Tiffany H.
proud mom of
Lafayette Lola

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Oh Puglet, so much going on outside our house at the Jersey shore. Lots of people making lots of noise but We may move back in REALLY soon!!

We are so sorry to hear Miss Amanda was attacked by her pancrease. Bad pancrease.

We may only be pug fractions but we love you and this site makes use and our hu-Mom very VERY happy, especially when lots of people are making lots of noise right outside.

Be patient and Be well Everyone,

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Bri said...


Pearl and Tessa said...

Happy Pink Hearts day! Love to Puglet and Dutch (lover of all things pink, and with a heart on his but!).

Always had faith, glad to see people happy.

Pug Lover said...

I"m so jealous of the 1000K! Wish someone could share their pics with those of us who were not part of the 1000k project!!

Pretty please :)

For all pug lovers

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Much love to all!


Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all the fuzzy bellies & their humans!

To Mercy's Mom: Congrats on your future pug baby! Once you go 'pug', you'll be completely smitten. Don't know if I can put this (apologies to Amanda & please remove if it's taboo), but there is a wealth of info on Pug Village forums. Love to have you join us =) The consensus there seems to be that girl pugs *tend* to be little divas, while males are mama's boys. I've only ever had male dogs & can only attest to the latter =D Either way, their humans adore them; good luck!
Bruno & Diesel's mom ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

For those asking the 1000 to share their photos- we would if we had them!! None of us got our photos yet, thus the negative rants.

Anonymous #2 said...

So this whole 'i got my pics, I'm so happy' thing is just an act?

Either provide some evidence or stop lying in behalf of Amanda. You're doing more harm than good that way.

Anonymous said...

Notice how posting has dropped way off.

LuLu #787 said...

Enough already you people. We got an email with the dates our pictures will be posted. The end. Take you crap somewhere else where someone cares.

Anonymous said...

Hey, stop it already whats wrong with you people, you fell right into the trap of Anonymous, you fell for it, if you ignore that fool he/she will go away.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

South shore pugs said...

Anonymous who? Is there an anonymous? He-he-he. Happy Valentine's Day all.

Rudy and Billie ^..^

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Love those South Shore Puggiies and the three E's from San Antonio!
Your pal in the fur,
Eddie the Pug
Amen to you all

dcmto2003 said...

To Mercy's Mom:

i have had two pairs of pugs, and my experience is that the boys are much needier than the girls. The boys tend to try to be alpha-pug, but need more affection. The girls pretend that the boys are alpha, but actually rule the roost, and are more independent and funny,

There is definitely a difference, in my opinion, between blacks and fawns. The female blacks are little fire crackers, and take 2 years or so to settle down - but, oh my, they are adorable.

In any event, it's hard to go wrong with any pug.

Polly, Wally, Oscar Bear said...

Hey Puglet, Amanda!

1000 Pugs 99,100,101 here, the wagon pugs. We are so sorry that the thumbs have been ill. We are excited that tomorrow is the day for the Dallas pugs. The waiting has only made it more fun for us...and we LOVE the Daily Puglet. It is a happy place. Miss Amanda, get better and do take care of yourself. We are sending more than juju, we are sending prayers.

Polly, Wally and Oscar Bear