Friday, June 22, 2012


Hi everybody, it's Dutch again. My human said I could be the blog again today because of what could happen to me this weekend. I know she is trying to make me feel better, but it will not work. Because I know what it means when the the pink triangle comes to our neighborhood.

It means CAMPING.

It happens every year. First the no parking signs go up. Then a Pink Triangle comes. A big green bag gets packed up and we leave. We camp. My human says the Pink Triangle means Pride weekend and a whole bunch of Pride happening on a stage right outside our window all day and all night. She says we leave because it's too noisy and too hard to leave the house. 

But she could be lying. I cannot say.

Maybe the Pink Triangle means free cookies for all good dogs. Or maybe just for the good dogs who love pink. And are boys. I'm afraid I will never know the truth.
To me it just means having to go camping. In the woods. In a tent (if my human remembers to bring one).

We know I love pink. But not when it's a Triangle.

The no parking signs are already here. The Pink Triangle is not. The big green bag is not packed yet either. My human is tired. Mazda is tired. Maybe there's hope? Maybe we'll stay here with the loud Pride and possible free cookies for pink-loving boy dogs. I would share them with Pug if it meant we didn't have to camp. I would give them all to Pug if it meant we didn't have to camp.

I love giants bed with linens and pillows. Please, please don't make me camp.




Anne said...

Think of it this way...they throw a yearly party JUST for you and Pug! We are painting the wagon rainbow colors tomorrow and making a "Pride Pugs" sign to go to the parade in Minneapolis! But we get to got TO the parade...I might feel the same as your mom about the parking and the noise right outside my window. Tell her to go out and buy tons of treats for you two and then camp in your apartment! You all need some rest.

Paula from DE said...

Dutch you look so comfy in that huge bed!!! How can they expect a gentleman like you to sleep in a tent?
Paula from DE

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

Dutch, you need to talk your human into "Glamping" its for dogs with discriminating tastes, such as yourself. There is a place here in Montana that caters to clients such as yourself. It's even called Paws Up, so it must be fantastic, like two paws up?

Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

Yes..we love big beds with fresh linens, too! Much better than a hard surface with uneven, rocky spots. Plus, there is that not so fresh smell that comes with camping. Hang in there.

Peace and quiet AND cookies sound good.