Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Remember a few weeks ago when I mistook Junior, the pug-sized mini-dalmatian, for brother Dutch? And I'd asked if there are any giant-pugs out there and Dutch said, "A dalmatian-sized pug? God, I hope not". Well, yesterday I met a super-sized pug named Moose. And Moose was even bigger than a dalmatian.

Moose was HUGE.

Even though we're practically the same age, Moose already outweighs me by 160 lbs. My human says big dogs like him take a lot longer to grow than shrimps like me, so even though I'm pretty much full-grown, Moose still has lots of growing to do. As an adult, he'll weigh more than 200 lbs!

Dutch says Moose isn't really a pug, he's a mastiff. But I think he's just saying that because the thought of a ginormous pug totally freaks him out. Because I swear, looking at Moose was like looking in a mirror. Which I guess isn't too far form the truth - my friend Google says we're kinda related. Pugs like me descended from mastiffs like Moose. Hard to believe, huh?

Anyway. Even though I'm supposed to be "resting" for another few days, I couldn't resist playing with Moose the giant pug. I was a little nervous as first (the guy's tongue was as big as my head) but he was actually intimidated by me.
Imagine that!

There weren't any camera crews around to record us in action, but it went something like this video:
Angel Mastiff vs Devil Pug.


Rosie the Party Pug said...

I love it! From now on I'm a mini Mastiff :-)

chasingtales2 said...

My pug Kiki just got the opportunity to play with brother/sister mastiffs at Point Isabel last week. It merely confirmed what she's always believed
to be true: she's really a big dog, it's the rest of us who's perceptions are whack!

THE PUGLET said...

Y'know Kiki, I kinda thought I was Mastiff sized until I met Moose and saw how BIG big can be.

He made me feel like a shrimp. My human says I'm still big on the inside though & that's what counts.