Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's been 7 days since my surgery. I don't have to wear that ridiculous head-cone anymore (Yay!) but I'm still not allowed to do the following:
  • run
  • jump
  • play
  • swim
  • fetch
  • lick
Basically if it's fun or remotely entertaining, I can't do it. And I am officially B-O-R-E-D.

I've seen everything there is to watch on Animal Planet at LEAST three times. The Nature's Greatest Events series is really really cool, but once you know who gets eaten and who doesn't there isn't much point to watching it again. And I'm not very good with the remote so
I didn't get very far trying to find something else to watch. Only made it to the next channel and some show for humans called Jon and Kate Plus 8 screaming kids. Or something like that.

My human must have sensed my distress and asked if I'd be interested in watching The Fish instead. "The Fish?", I asked. Yup. She was talking about The Fish. The one that lives high up on a shelf in her office, far far away from me. The one I've been dying to meet (and barking at) for months now. Of course I would like to eat - I mean, meet him.


Then came a new list of things I wasn't allowed to do:
  • drink from the fishbowl
  • knock the fishbowl over
  • eat, or in any way harm, The Fish
But compared to the other things-not-to-do list, this one didn't seem so bad.


Ody said...

Hi Puglet --

I've been lazy on my blogs lately...it seems that I have to get surgery soon too, on my leg!

Mommy and Daddy found from two different dog doctors that I have avascular femoral head necrosis (Legg-Perthes Diseases), and that I would need surgery this Friday. They were told that it's a common disease for small breeds, and the signs are some limping.

Anyway, hope you are well. I hope to be back blogging soon!


THE PUGLET said...


Ody, that sounds serious. I asked my friend Google about your surgery though and it sounds like the doctor should be able to make your leg stop hurting.

What is your doctor's name? Brother Dutch has been to a bunch of special surgeons - maybe we know who'll be fixing you!