Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know it's been, like, ages since my flat self has been around. And we're sad & sorry about that. Except maybe Dutch - he's kinda freaked out by Flat Puglet.

Well. The good news is that Flattie is finally ready to make a comeback. Our kitchen has been like a Flattie factory the past few days! After much printing, cutting and flattenting, my human (the Flattie-making machine) is *finally* done making a fresh batch of Flatties! A small herd of 23 Flat Puglets are finally ready to leave the nest.

Thanks to all the Green Pug publicity (I think?) we have 10 new Flat Puglet sponsors and added 67(!) hosts to the waiting list. Yippie!!

The bad news is there are still A LOT of Flatties from the first batch who are missing in action. Because we now have waaay more waiting hosts than flatties in action, me and Dutch coughed up (uh, I mean donated) some more cookie money to make another bunch of Flat Puglets to send out. So if you've been sitting on a Flattie for awhile, pleeeease do somethign with him soon!

The other bad news is my human has about 10 Flattie visits to add to the website. Between my Green self, my Flat self, my Daily self and whatever else she does all day - things just got a little swamped. But - now that the latest batch of Flatties are finished, she can get back to adding your visits to the website.

So, if you've sent in pictures, please don't think we've forgotten about you!!! We haven't and I can't wait to show everyone what my flat self did in your town :)

Oh yeah, and one more bit of good news. Even though Green Pug totally got in the way of Flat Puglet's mission, he did bring like 10,000 people to the Flat Puglet website. And helped save the planet at the same time!


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Yeah more Flatties!!!!

Sorry Dutch!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh boys!!! We cab't wait for the Flattie update!!! Maaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeey...........
................A...............Flat......... dot doggie????.......
like..uh..Dutch??? hee hee hees!


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I think your human needs an assistant to help with the flatties. I'd offer up my mom but she is busy with me.

I can't wait to see what the flatties have been up to and the places they have been.

Stubby xoxo

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the flat puglet....

Also love the green puglet, the puglet loves Jenny
and Supermodel puglet..Guess you get I love PUGLET
no matter what he's doing.
Thanks for making my day with all your great adventures.

ps....Love Dutch,too

Otis said...

Hey Puglet, I know you and your human are superbusy with your flatness and greenness and pugginess and all, but have you ever thought of writing a puggy book (kids book) or your puggy memoirs?

You have such a funny way of looking at (and saving) the world. And I like how your insights are straight-on and from such an innocent pug view, that I think you might have something to say. Just a thought. But from one pug to another, you are one unique Pug.

The Pug

Unknown said...

ME SENT OUT ME FLATTIE to the next one on the listy. PROMISES. I tol Mummy I would hold out on my cutenss if she didnt send it outASAP. Let me know if I need to scold her again! AIne