Thursday, May 21, 2009


Summer's almost here and humans everywhere will soon be shedding their winter clothes, hitting the beaches... and facing the dreaded swimsuit. Us dogs get to hide behind fur coats year-round, but my human suggested this might be a good time to mention a disturbing trend we've noticed among my fellow pugs: doggy obesity.

To be fair, it's not just the pugs. My friend Google says half of all dogs in the US are overweight or obese. And my human says it's not just about vanity either. Doggy obesity can cause a whole list of health problems from diabetes to heart disease.
I mean, I think food is one of THE best things on earth - but it's not worth making yourself sick over.

Visible signs of doggy obesity include:
  • Fat on lower back and base of tail
  • No visible "waist" when viewed from above
  • Sagging stomach
  • Overly-padded ribcage (ribs are hard to feel)
If this sounds like your dog, there is hope. A little exercise goes a long way and reduced calorie dog foods are readily available. There's also this stuff called Slentrol, an FDA-approved weight control drug just for dogs. But before going to that extreme, there are simple things you can do to help a dog slim down.

To keep me from porking out, my human takes me on long walks, uses low-calorie treats for training and floats my food in water to make mealtimes longer and more "satisfying". If your dog has a weight problem,
only you can fix it. Talk to your vet or visit the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention website. There's tons of great info on there (no pun intended).


Dr. Patty Khuly said...

Great post! Love your writing style, too. Woof!

Ark Lady said...

Nice job. Check out some of the links I included a while back in the post, Are you killing your pet?

Glad you thought to include this right before summer--nice timing.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Ladies :)

I wasn't sure about this post. I'm a big (HUGE) foodie and didn't feel 100% OK interfering with the universe's flow of dog cookies.

But then my human explained how too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad. I just hope dogs don't hate me for taking away their cookies!

Sherman the Pug said...

My pug, Sherman used to weigh 42lbs. Now he's down to 35, which seems like a lot, but he's much larger than normal pugs. At pug meetups he's always the biggest one there!

THE PUGLET said...

Good for you, Sherman!

I know what it's like to be the big guy - everyone tells me I'm really big for a Pug.