Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today my human took me to meet a friend's new spotted puppy, Miley. Miley is SUPER cute and playing with her was a ton of fun (don't worry, I'll introduce you some other time) but getting to hang out with the older spotted dogs was the coolest.

These dogs might look like Brother Dutch, but they have one thing he doesn't: ribbons. LOTS of ribbons. And trophies. And loads of other stuff they've won competing in something called "obedience".

I'd never heard of this obedience thing and, as usual, had to ask my human for more info. She said obedience is when she tells me to "Sit" and I sit. Competitive obedience, on the other hand, gets waaaaay more complicated than just sitting. There's heeling and staying and coming and going and jumping
and retrieving and lying down and... wow. Like she said - a whole lot more than sitting.

I don't know about everything else - but sitting, I can do. Have never won anything for doing it, but as you can see, I can sit with the best of them.


Odysseus said...

Seems that you are not making eye contacts like they do.

I am selective in obeying, only to my daddy, not my mommy.


THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, as the new guy I was just trying to show off. Y'know - show everyone that I can sit without even LOOKING at the cookie.

Guess it looks cooler when you stare at the cookie though, huh?