Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been so preoccupied with my foot that I completely forgot to share my "glamour photo".

Awhile ago, a Daily Puglet follower named Kathy (LOVE that I have followers!)
suggested I enter a pug photo contest put on by the Valentino people. I had no idea who Valentino or his people are, or why on earth they'd want a picture of me.

As usual, my human explained. Valentino is
a super famous fashion designer. Uh, ok. Who also happens to be a huuuge pug Like all devoted pugs, Valentino's follow him everywhere, from design studio to private jet to yacht. They even have starring roles in the new documentary about his life's work. To celebrate the film's release, there's a glamorous pug photo contest.

Ah, got it.

So here I am, Red Carpet-ready in my most fabulous outfit. For added glamour, I even convinced brother Dutch to be my date (not an easy thing to do). The contest is over, but you can still see photos of pugs who entered.

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Odysseus said...

Wow, Can I get a copy with your autograph?