Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm usually a happy pug. Very happy. But being held captive by a bad foot has left me a wee bit grumpy.

When I was complaining (again) this morning about having to stay leashed when brother Dutch gets to run free, my
human said I need an "attitude adjustment". A what?
I didn't know I had an attitude to adjust.

She explained by reminding me of a pug named Skookie we met once at pug Sunday. I meet sooo many pugs it's hard to keep them all straight - but I do remember Skookie. He's the pug with wheels.

Skookie's back legs don't work because of a problem with his spine
, but he doesn't care. His human got him a special contraption for bad legs and now he just rolls along, happy as a pug. I've been in foot prison less than a week. In another day or two I'll be running around like nothing ever happened. My human (and Skookie) are right: what is there to be grumpy about?

My foot hasn't completely healed yet, but I think my broken attitude is fixed.

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