Thursday, April 23, 2009


People often ask my human how she manages to get such good pictures of me. Of course I expect to hear her gloat about me. Something like "Oh he's just sooo cooperative and perfect... and willing to wear just about any ridiculous getup I can think of. "

But no.

Instead, the conversation usually revolves around stuff like lights and camera equipment. It's not my favorite topic, but people seem really interested in what my human has to say. So, in case you're all dying to know: all the pictures you've seen here on The Daily Puglet were taken with a regular old point-and-shoot camera and whatever natural light happened to be available.

The camera (Casio Exilim EX-S600) is smaller than an iPod, about 3 years old, and can be found on places like ebay for less than $100. My human also has lots of fancy, expensive cameras with big scary lenses and flashy things (that's what is inside all those bags in today's photo) but she wanted to prove you don't NEED a fancy, expensive camera to create enjoyable pictures.

Please enjoy my pictures!

1 comment:

Odysseus said...

your human takes better pix than My mommy, even though she has a fancy camera.

I want my mommy to learn how to take pix from your human!