Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday I took my first trip to Home Depot.

Brother Dutch LOVES The Depot. He made a beeline straight for the garden department to sniff at bags of Slug Bait. My human doesn't like when he does this; says Slug Bait is worse than chocolate, and not just for the slugs. Dogs can die from eating it too.

My human likes The Depot because they offer free classes on how to fix and do things around the house. Brother Dutch said they used to go there A LOT when she ripped up all the rugs and tried to install new wood floors. By herself.

We don't have any rugs left to get rid of, but I hope we go back to The Depot again soon. They don't hand out free dog biscuits or anything, but I really liked riding around in the cool orange cart.


Odysseus said...

you are so brave! I hate cart. Mommy says that I shake every time.

Kathy said...

You should definitely enter into this pug contest sponsored by the new documentary about Valentino, he has 5 pugs. Check it out:

Contest ends on Friday, April 24.

Kathy said...

Correction, he has 6 pugs!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Odysseus,

I wasn't sure about the cart at first either. The good thing about carts is they make it easier for humans to pet you. When people don't have to bend down, ya get even more lovin' than usual!

And Kathy -- thanks for the contest info! I'll get my human right on it...