Monday, April 20, 2009


Happy Patriot's Day!

Not exactly sure what a Patriot is, but today's the day 20,000+ crazy people will try to run 26 miles, 285 yards for no reason whatsoever. They call it a Marathon and it's been happening on the streets of Boston every year since 1897. History books say it's the world's oldest annual marathon.

The first year it was held, only 15 people went along with the idea.
Today the race is so popular that it's the only U.S. marathon that requires participants to qualify by running a whole other 26 mile, 285 yard race in a certain amount of time.


Anyway. My human used to live in Boston and has seen the madness
herself. She says the runners are up against all sorts of bad weather, icky blisters and steep heartbreaking hills. I'm pretty sporty for a Pug, but this doesn't really sound like much fun. Think I'll sit this one out.

:: See results of the 113th annual Boston Marathon ::

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Unknown said...

My human does the Polar Bear Plunge into the Atlantic Ocean in February on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm no more up for that than you are for the Marathon! So, what do you have in mind for the May Pole Dance??