Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's opening day for baseball here in San Francisco and someone gave me this cool new ball to celebrate. Baseball (the game) doesn't interest me all that much, but this ball they use is fascinating.

It's like... a really complicated, luxurious tennis ball. Rock hard on the inside - smooth and supple outside. With nubbly rows of stitching and a mild hint of cow flavor, baseballs feel really good in your mouth.

My human doesn't know a thing about baseball, but Google says the
se balls are specially designed to hold their shape during impact with hard surfaces (bat, glove, ground, fence.... ball crazy Pug). Turns out those
sporty red rows of stitches actually control movement by creating "aerodynamic forces of varying amounts" on different sides of the ball. The spin this creates (or lack there of) makes a baseball 'fly' like it does and makes different styles of pitches (the curveball, slider, etc) possible.

And I just thought it tasted good.

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