Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One nice thing about being a pug in San Francisco is the weather. Not too hot, not too cold.... Usually.

Today's temp hit a record-breaking 93 degrees. Definitely too hot. Sooo hot, that I was finally forced to overcome my fear of going in the water. Yes, today I went swimming. Real swimming. In real can't-touch-the-bottom scary deep water. And I liked it!

Swimming is a really really fun way to cool down, but if you don't live near water (or haven't yet converted to swimming), there are lots of other ways for hot doggies cool off:

- Take your walks early in the morning or at night when temperatures are coolest. Also remember: sidewalks, paved roads and sand can get too hot for naked paws.

- Embrace the spray bottle. I don't really like getting squirted, but my vet says it's a really good, portable way to beat the heat.

- Ask your human to make frozen snacks. Chunks of frozen bananas, peanut butter or cheese are super yummy. (For a lower-calorie alternative,
fill an ice cube tray with water or natural beef/chicken broth, then add the chunks of goodies. FYI, have heard this can get a bit messy for slow eaters).

- If hot weather is a frequent problem where you live, consider investing in a cooling vest. Through the simple process of "evaporative cooling", these vests mimic the very effective human technique of sweating to stay cool. They're not cheap, but much cheaper than an emergency trip to the vet.


Heat exhaustion is common in dogs and can be life-threatening. Older, overweight or short-nosed dogs like me are especially sensitive to heat. Early signs of heat stroke include rapid breathing, heavy panting, and excessive salivation. Dogs may also experience a staggered gait, muscle tremors, listlessness, restlessness, dark red or purple gums/tongue, and vomiting.

If your dog does overheat, work quickly to cool him down. Head for the nearest shade or air conditioned location and apply wet towels to lower the dog's body temperature. Better yet, immerse him in cool (NOT cold) water. Offer small amounts of drinking water or ice cubes. When the immediate danger has passed, head to your veterinarian ASAP.


Odysseus said...

wow! Can you show me how to conquer the fear?
My mommy bought me a swimming pool, but I hated it.

BTW, can I ask you a personal question? Do you sleep by yourself?


THE PUGLET said...


sure! i learned to swim (and bring back sticks) by watching my friends Jack & Vegas. they're labradors & were born with all sorts of sporty genes pugs just don't get.

do i sleep alone? heck no! my favorite place to sleep is on my human's head. brother dutch makes a good pillow too.

Unknown said...

You are just the cutest puglet I have ever seen. You make my heart go pop! And your human has such good humor. I am your forever fan, my handsome Puglet.
Love, Sadie from South Florida

Unknown said...

Good advice Puglette - but don't wait for the immediate danger to pass to head to the veterinarian - get a friend to turn your car AC on high and as soon as the car is cooled off, rush the pug to the vet clinic - it will save lives sometimes not to wait!
sending you many pughugs and kisses from Texas!

GabZ1985 said...

Hi Puglet! I know this posts dates from 2 years ago, but I wanted to ask you something. I have a little Pug named Larry who really likes to swim too, but only when he's being carried into the water. If he starts to walk in the water, he'll stop when the water hits his chest and doesn't go any further because he can't seem to associate starting to swim with floating and going further. If we carry him in the water, where he's not touching the bottom and has to swim, he's a real go getter and loves it. Did you have trouble to enter the water and start swimming to go get your stick, or did it come naturally to you? I wish my Larry would be able to start swimming on his own, he'd have more fun for sure!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Gabz,

I've always loved the water but wasn't always a great swimmer. My human used to make me wear one of those life vesty things and I think that helped me learn (you can get one at pet smart - they even have a pug on the package).

We taught my pug friend Bambi how to swim by dressing her in my vest and throwing bits of food out into the water. Might want to try that trick with Larry - just makke sure the food floats :)

GabZ1985 said...

Oohhh! I've seen these little vests. My spouse isn't super excited about these, though, 'cause he thinks all dogs can swim. Between you, me, and Larry, we all know that Puggy-wuggies like you struggle a little bit when it's time to keep the water out of your nose and mouth. I may try another floatation device next year, though, see if it helps. I love to watch him swim! Thanks for the tip! ;)

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, maybe you could point out that pugs have no necks and no snouts. That means we're an inch from drowning at all times. I still love swimming though and only have to wear the stupid vesty in the ocean.

PS: Over in the 'MORE OF MY STUFF' section of the sidebar thingy there's a video called Being Blue is Easy Too. You can see me looking very cute swimming in a dorky vesty.