Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm not a huge rain fan. The whole "wet" thing --- kind of annoying. Thankfully, my human got me this anti-rain coat to make the wet life a little easier (Old Navy has 'em on sale if you need one too). San Francisco also has something called a "Mediterranean climate" which means rain only happens during the winter... which is just about over.

All good news if you're a pug who hates rain. Bad news if you consider the state of California's water reserves. State water officials recently reported "alarmingly low levels" of winter precipitation for the third year in a row. Yikes! Water agencies across the state are now bracing for sever conditions not seen since the big drought of the early 90's. They've even set up an emergency Drought Water Bank in anticipation of local water shortages.


uess this means I should embrace the heavy rains forecast to fall over the next few days. Sounds like we really need the water & this might be my last chance for mud.


Odysseus said...

Hi, this pic is very very cute, he looks like a paddington bear.

I will check out ON this afternoon to get one for my PUG too.

I love your pix all. I think I should take more pix of my hairy baby.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks, glad you like me!

Old Navy has lots of cool stuff for us doggies. Not expensive either.

Wait til you see me & big brother Dutch in our sweaters...

Odysseus said...

Is Dutch a Dalmatian? I played a pug and Dalmatian last time in SF.