Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm lucky to live a few blocks away from a nice big park. Dolores Park is warm and sunny. It has palm trees. Tennis courts. A playground. And best of all, a large (and legal) off-leash dog play area.

It also has garbage.

When the weather gets nice and people flock there to picnic or sunbathe in their Speedos, my nice park turns into a garbage dump. Bottles, wrappers, birthday cakes, half eaten nachos, buckets of fried chicken. The guys who take care of the park said it takes a whole crew a few HOURS to clean up the mess.

I'm all for free snacks, but it can get pretty gross. Brother Dutch told me he got really sick last year from some chicken bones (that's a reenactment he's doing in today's photo). This morning I got in trouble for eating a burrito. My human said we'll have to avoid the park
until people learn to throw their trash in the trash.

People, please don't be pigs. Take care of your parks.

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