Friday, May 22, 2009


I don't usually write about the same thing two days in a row but after the response I got to yesterday's post....

From dogs:

Puggggglet, what are you thinking?!? If you only knew the hoops I jump through for a few measly cookies!

Please don't confuse the humans. You are wrong. Food IS love.

Great timing, Puglet. Memorial Day weekend? Picnics? Snacks galore? Hellllo!

And their humans:
Puglet, I don't think you understand how hard it is to "just say no" to a dog. Especially a hungry one. And my dog is always hungry.

My dear Puglet, YOU might not think food is love but MY pug does.

Our dog is overweight. We feed him twice a day and twice a day he acts like he's never eaten before in his life. We try not to indulge him, but always give in. It's not like he'd be happy eating carrot sticks!

Uh, I didn't mean to rain on anyone's picnic. The truth is, I love food and I love to eat. I love eating SO much that I've been known to snack on rocks Yes, ROCKS. With an appetite like mine, it'd be real easy to go from Pug to pig. So it's up to my human to keep me healthy. She says it's really easy to go overboard on snacks because most commercial dog treats are calorie dense. Lucky for me, there are some tasty human-food alternatives**.

Favorite snacks at my house include:

- Big fat crunchy carrots

- Apples (be sure to remove the seeds!)

- Asparagus (steamed)

- Gerber (like the babyfood) Veggie Puffs (more 'puff' than veggie, tasty air keeps calories low)

- Pirate's Booty (another yummy puffed human snack; one bag lasts FOREVER)

- Raw marrow bones, filled with broth & frozen

Some human foods aren't safe for dogs to eat so check ingredient lists before getting too creative. If your dog has allergies or sensitive stomach, be on the lookout for stuff like wheat and corn.

Eat and be well!

** My human's never been a huge fan of feeding dogs "people-food", but Brother Dutch can't eat a lot of extra meat proteins (it's a Dalmatian thing) so she's had to get creative.


Jackson and Patrick said...

We love carrots, but even more is green beans!

Beulah's Mum said...

Beulah will eat anything and she always acts like she is starving! So if I am opening canned beans she gets some of those, and if I am cutting vegetables she gets those too. We often try and avoid giving our pets "human food" but veggies are low-cal and filling!

THE PUGLET said...

I tried the green beans once. Have to say - wasn't a huge fan. Maybe my human is supposed to cook them??

zodie and vickie said...

puglet your mamma puglet zodie loves carrots she goes crazzzy for them but I couldnever get away with just feeding her carrots cause shes always starving when she eats when shes spose to. But maybe i will try some of the snacks you mentioned cause she did go from pug to pig. love vickie and your puglet mamma zodie

Unknown said...

Hi we're Sahara and Teenie and our mom and the vet have decided that canned green beans is the noon meal for us (humans note these two actually prefer french cut) and instead of dog biscuits when we are good girls we get mini-marshmallow for treats on the advice of our vet. Yup, the Vet said they are not bad (or not as bad as all those buscuits.) Cause Teenie isn't so teenie and her weight is starting to hurt her leg and back joints! So...try those for small treats!

THE PUGLET said...

So everybody really likes the green beans, huh?

I'll try again - maybe the bean I had was bad. I don't know what a marshmallow is. It sounds fun though!

My human gave me this thing called a raspberry the other day. Weird! I usually don't chew things, but I chewed the berry for awhile.