Thursday, May 14, 2009


One cool thing about being a puppy is that every day brings a new, new thing. Yesterday, that new thing was Canadian Geese.

I've seen ducks before. Seagulls. Giant crows. Even the oddly misplaced Night Heron that hunt for food in Dolores Park. But these big, fat, honking Geese? Never. Both my human and brother Dutch found this hysterical. Have you been living under a rock? I mean, who's never seen a Canadian Goose?? They're EVERYWHERE.

I have not, in fact, been living under a rock. But I don't know how these geese have escaped me all this time. According to my friend Google, I am definitely in the minority. The Canada Geese that just used to pass through the Bay Area on the way to someplace else have settled down. And taken over.

The city of Oakland has a serious goose poop problem. Palo Alto's once-migrating geese have gotten so fat on fast food leftovers, they're no longer able to fly away home. The flock I saw in Golden Gate park are crowding out other birds. Google says the Canada Goose issue isn't just a California thing either - these birds really ARE everywhere.

Maybe I have been living under a rock.

Anyway. My human says there's a company called "The Geese Police" that uses specially trained dogs to keep geese away from places like airports and parks. I've been thinking about getting a part-time job and chasing geese around sounds like fun. Geese Police dogs are Border Collies, but don't see any reason why a pug like me couldn't do it.


Unknown said...

Wow! (from Sahara and Teenie) We thought all of them were here in our backyard!! Our humans have put up a fence between us and them...well between us and everything outside of our own safe zone yard (you know that Teenie loves to swim and would be following the geese down the river!) But they must be everywhere because we are a LONG way from you. We live about 50 miles west of Chicago, so we hear from the humans, but we don't really read maps so whatever. We do agree they would be fun to herd!!

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh, you live on the water? Lucky you!

Sorry to hear about the fence though. There's a fence around one of the lakes we visit. I think they put it there just to keep me away from all the ducks. I REALLY want to play with the ducks!