Thursday, May 7, 2009


People often comment that brother Dutch & I make an odd couple. Guess that's understandable. If you compare our two breeds, we don't really have much in common.

  • lean, sleek, muscular build
  • originally bred to run long distances along side horse-drawn carriages, are full of stamina and endurance
  • highly active; don't enjoy sitting around all day with nothing to do
  • born completely white - black or liver colored spots develop later
  • square, thickset, stocky body
  • bred primarily for companionship, are well suited for sitting on human laps
  • inactive to moderately active; capable of walking pretty long distances but also make very good couch potatoes
  • light colored pugs are born a dark chocolate color - everything but the face and ears lighten up later
There are a few things Pugs and Dals do have in common though. Constant, heavy shedding. An insatiable appetite for food. And velcro-like attachment to their humans.

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