Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When my human asked me to wave a flag for yesterday's photo, I said sure, no problem. I didn't really understand what flag waving had to do with Memorial Day --- I thought Memorial Day was to a holiday to celebrate picnics? But sometimes my human has some weird ideas so I did the flag thing without really knowing why. Figured I've done sillier things for a few Cheerios.

So, Brother Dutch and I spent yesterday prowling the picnic areas for leftovers and I didn't give flag waving a second thought. Until later that day when I saw lots of people waving flags on the nightly news. And a lot of them looked kinda sad. Sad about picnics? Sometimes humans can be really confusing!

As usual, I turned to my friend Google for help. Turns out Memorial Day doesn't have anything to do with picnics at all - it's a tribute to soldiers who have died in wars. I'm a little fuzzy on the whole "war" concept, and I still have no idea how picnics got involved, but I'm really glad I did the flag waving thing. Even if I didn't know why at the time.


Elizabeth said...

Heard about your site over on Do Litter, your dogs are adorable!



THE PUGLET said...

Gee, thanks Elizabeth. We do our best :)