Monday, February 1, 2010


In case you haven't noticed, me and Brother Dutch pretty much do everything together. We're a team. Like Batman and Robin (I'm Batman) or, uh, PB & J.

Since we're so tight, iit makes me nervous when my human splits us up. Especially because it usually means a trip to the vet. So when s
he tried to make me go solo the other night, I totally refused to leave the house.

HUMAN: Puglet, c'mon. What's your malfunction?
ME: Are we going to the vet?

HUMAN: It's 8:00 at night. The vet is closed. Let's go.
ME: There are vets
that stay open all the time. Like a 7-11.
HUMAN: I promise, no vets.

Well, my human was telling the truth. We didn't go anywhere n
ear the vet.... but we did go to my friend Frank's house.

Holy cowpies, me and Frank had soooo much fun!! It was kinda like Pug Sunday. But on a Thursday. And in someone's living room. We wrestled like Sumos and played tug-of-everything until we couldn't breathe. Then we went for a walk and got us some tasty frozen yogurt.

Good times!

Not only is Frank the coolest, funnest pug ever - he also has the coolest, funnest toy I have ever seen. If you like to chase the Evil Red Dot, you'd go nuts over Frank's flying heli-thingy. I want one so bad.

Check out this video of Frank playing with THE best toy on earth:


agent99 said...

Best.toy.ever. It's good to have buddies with good toys!

Gen & the Foo

dw said...

Puglet, that's an awesome toy your friend Frank has! When we watched the video, I barked at Frank barking! I'm new at this whole thing! Nice to meet you, btw!

"I had you big time"

Smushie Ranch said...

Oh my gosh Puglet, that toy is the funniest thing! I'm afraid my mom would just crash it into the wall though..

Say, how comes Dutch couldn't come to your play date? Does he ever get to go on Dalmatian play dates? Just wonderin'?


Mr. Puggle® said...

sooooooo cool!

Crabbie Chris said...

oooo a pug play date? sounds amazing. I really love new toys, so maybe I can hint that I want one like yours to mommy and daddy. I'm an only child so I kinda get lucky and get a wee bit spoiled. I'm not going to complain though.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool toy!! You guys look like twins!
Glad you had a great time.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! That's so cool that you had a pug night with Frank. He looks very cool and who doesn't love a friend with neat toys? I got tired just watching that video. Too much fun.

When you were talking about being a team like Batman and Robin, the first team Mom thought about was Laverne & Shirley. Duh! Puglet and Frank are boys not girls, Mom! Then she said you guys were just like Fred and Barney. I told her to stop but she just had to say that you were really like Tom and Jerry. She needs to get a life.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

I know! Coolest toy on earth. I can't wait to actually play with one someday. Like you, I've only got to watch Frank have fun with it on video.

THE PUGLET said...

Gunther you are so nice to think of Dutch. He gets together with his spotted friends Boka & Miley, but he's not much of a player. He's funny like that.

Hi Rainy - welcome to The D.P.! I bark at videos too. Sometimes I try to squash them:

Heya Stubbs!
My human said Dutch could be Laverne. Or Shirley. Even though he's a boy. And she said I could be Lenny, but definitely not Squiggy.

Do you have ANY idea who these people are????

Stubby said...

I have no idea who any of them are. Squiggy sounds like a disease.

My mom is a little behind the times, can you tell? She also mentioned Bert & Ernie but I have no idea who those clowns are either.

Dutch the Pug said...

Wow what a kewl pug..I bet you had lots of fun with Frank! He had a really kewl toy!

THE PUGLET said...

Tell me about it! I hope to have a heli-thingy of my own someday...

THE PUGLET said...


I Googled Bert & Ernie. Still no idea who they are, but Bert looks mean so I guess I'm Ernie.

Anonymous said...


I follow you on twitter and you are one of my favorites. All the updates, blogs, stories, and photos, just really make my day/evenings. You are very creative and funny. Thank you for making me smile. I look forward to reading all your adventures.

Cheers,it must be cool to be you.

THE PUGLET said...

Aw, thanks! I love to make laughing and smiling happen.

I've never really thought about it, but I guess it is kinda cool to be me :)

pugsmom said...

Something is wrong with my humans computer and she can't get any of the videos. She is going crazy trying to figure it out. I'm sad to think of all the fun videos I've missed. Glad you had such a good time with your friend Frank.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh no Phoebe - you want to see this video of Frank. It's FUNNY!! Here's a link to it on youtube. Paws crossed it works!