Monday, March 1, 2010


So, I made a deal with my human that if the scale at PetSmart says I weigh less than 25lbs, I can get something new to eat or chew on. Well, last week we went to PetSmart to buy Fish a new snail. The scale said 23.7lbs, so my human got us some Sweet Potato wrapped rawhide. Woo hoo!

Or so I thought.

Because when I tried to eat our new snack it was NASTY! I took one lick and didn't take another; Brother Dutch didn't get past sniffing. We don't eat rawhide very often, but I'm pretty sure I like it. And sweet potatoes are like pumpkin and I remember reeeally liking the pumpkin pie I ate at Thanksgiving. But the combination of the two? Not so good.

It made me kinda sad to have a new snack to eat that was so totally uneatable.
Luckily my human also a pack of stuff called Busy Chewnola someone sent us for Christmas. The package says "Three Layers of long-lasting fun!". Chewnola was tasty, but not exactly fun. Or long-lasting. It kept me busy chewing for about 15 minutes; Dutch was done in 5. I give it two paws up for taste, two down for short lifespan.

I really thought I'd give the nasty sweet potato wrapped rawhide four paws down for grossness. Until yesterday when I was starving after a long hike with the cows and it was the only snack left in the whole entire house. Apparently when you're starving, the wrap-hide is supertasty!

It took me over an hour just to get past the sweet potato part. I'd probably still be munching on it if my human hadn't taken it away. I highly recommended it for anyone who's really hungry and likes to chew (it also comes in duck-wrapped).

* * *

When I promised this wouldn't become the Daily Flat Puglet, I'd kinda forgotten how many flatties there are out there!

We just heard back from Arnie the agility pug about his visit with Flat Puglet. Arnie was recycled and shared his story with FP
-- and took him to an agility class. Head over to to read FP's visit with agile Arnie!

My human also FINALLY got the comment-thingy to work on the recycled dogs 'Their Stories' page. If you have a recycled dog story to share, please share it there!


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Congrats on the weight loss! A little less tubbyness is definitely worth a treat. So sorry that the treat was yucky but next time hopefully you'll pick out something delicious.

I get treats when Mom and Dad leave me alone. I always beg to get a big treat but most of the time I just get a little chessey thingy. It's delicious so I just eat it with a smile on my face.

Flat Puglet is really getting around! How exciting that he's getting to do so many cool things.

Stubby xoxo

Kimmy B said...

Top of the Mornin' to you Puglet. My Forever Mom is always laughing and leaking when she turns on the box with lights. Then she tells me about your adventures. Well, I have my own weight loss story. I started at 32 lbs and now I am a curvy 21.5 lbs. It takes time and there were times I almost ate my bowl by mistake but with the help of Pirate's Booty and red apples slices, I can run around the block. Because I have lost sooo much weight I can jump up on my Forever Mom's chair and I carefully wedge a pencil between my toes and push the botton on the box to get lights. Then all I have to do is push the "D" button and there you are! Can you see me too? Do you recognize me with all the weight gone? It's weird...even though I now have curves below my shoulders, my head and neck still look all bunched up. My Forever Mom says I have more chins than a chinese phonebook and then she laughs. I think it must be a good thing. Well we just signed up for a Flat Puglet and I can't wait for my first ever pug date. Is there any place you want to go in the wine country? The mustard fields are pretty right now and there are lots of baby lambs grazing. WE could go to Pets LifeLine and spend time with the recycled dogs and cats if you want. Maybe bring them some Booty treats or a new warm blanket. Yes, I think this should be about more than just us, don't you? It will be fun whatever we do. Bye for now, Tink

Crabbie Chris said...

Wow Puglet you are looking svelte! I think you totally deserved that treat. Mom still has to get me Pirate's booty, I'm really want to try it. I have to watch my figure, mom says people keep calling me a tube. I think we're all beautiful in all sizes and shapes.
Also...congrats Tink on your loss! That's like a whole pug lost!

3pugs2luv said...

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with the chewy thingy, but we think you should give sweet potatoes another try. Our Grandma human cuts them up like french fries & bakes them. they are superyummy & they won't make you tubey! They're just as good as regular fries - which we only know about the ones that fall & we can get to before our human.

Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

P.S. Our human is sorry to make double comments on the FP site. She tried to take one off but couldn't. she wasn't sure what happened but she's afraid the same thing will happen again so we're going to bew silent despite having so much to say. The FPP is so exciting!

THE PUGLET said...

Holy cowpies Tink, you lost like half a whole pug! That must have been HARD! I only had a few pounds to lose and it's been very challenging.

Even though I have a waist now, my front half is all bunched up too. The vet said it's OK to have neck rolls as long as the rest of me isn't tubular. So don't worry about all those chins - I'm sure they just make you look cuter :)

THE PUGLET said...

OOOH - I'll see if my human will make the baked fry things. I've never had a real fry so I don't think I'll know the difference.

ANd don't worry about the comments - the Flat Puglet site takes some getting used to. We can make the extra one be gone. We'd rather hear form you twice than not at all !! :)

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Boka is at work with mom today, can you believe that its my birthday and I'm stuck at home! Anyway he said that FP arrived today. I hope you received my paypal donation for FP. I used all of the money that I won this summer at the dog shows. I was planning on buying some popeyes chicken that Stubby is always talking about but mom said that I have to watch my waistline also. That it would be better to donate the money to a good cause like the FP project. But I really wanted some chicken and I saved all of my money all summer it was alot like $10!! I bet I could have gotten alot of chicken for that much money. But I know that the FP project is a very worthey cause. hmmm maybe mom will surprise me with chicken for my birthday..... I will let you know tomorrow.


Miss Patty the Pug said...

Hi Puglet! I got one of those sweet potato rawhide bones too and didn't like it so much either. My mom just threw it away since I never touched it. Does it taste better once you get past the sweet potato part?
Patty the Pug

SpencerBartholomew said...

Hi Puglet! It's hard to find the perfect treat. Lucky me- I don't come across too many that I don't like.....don't tell my grandmahuman but sometimes she makes homemade-dog-cookies and I didn't like them much. I have to watch my tubey-ness and, I do, when the only option is grandmahuman's homemade dog treats.

Crabbie Chris said...

I found the perfect treat last week. It's some weird bone made with yak milk! It's soooo yummy and lasts forever. I chew it all the time, it puts a huge smile on my face. I think I'm going to drool just thinking about it.

THE PUGLET said...

YAK MILK??? Hmmmm....Yak sounds suspiciously like YUCK. I like the sound of anything you can chew on forever though. Where do you get yak-milk bones??

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Spencer B!

At least your people cook for you. If I'm really lucky, my human will peel an orange for me :(

Smushie Ranch said...

Heya Puglet. Yeah, total bummer when the snack turns out to be dud. :( When all else fails, Stella sneaks out in the yard and eats the snails... I think a sweet potato wrapped rawhide is better than a snail any day.


THE PUGLET said...

Snails? Oooh. We don't have those here. Sounds kinda tasty. Probably better than the wrap-hide.

Do you know if the monarchs are still around? I think we missed them AGAIN this year :(