Monday, August 17, 2009


I promise not to spend the rest of my life talking about flying. I'm just so excited about it right now, it's hard to think about anything else.

The balloon festival in Reno is still 26 days away (an eternity in pug time) and I think my excitement is starting to irritate those around me. After about the millionth balloon question, my human finally told me she was all out of answers. So I started bugging Google instead. And y'know what Google told me?

Two words: cluster ballooning.

It's when you use a whole bunch of balloons to fly instead of one great big one. Some guy in Australia flew three miles
high (!) using nothing but weather balloons and a lawn chair. They even made a movie about it called Danny Deckchair. My human thought watching it might satisfy my balloon curiosity so she Net Flix'd it for me over the weekend. Her plan didn't work though. Seeing the movie just made me want to fly even more.

If you ask me, an eternity is waaay too long to wait for anything. Especially flying. So I talked my human into buying me some helium-filled balloons like the ones in Danny Deckchair.
Unfortunately, she only bought six of them and one escaped on the way to the park so my cluster-ballooning experiment didn't exactly work out as planned.

I never left the ground, but did feel a little bit lighter. Anyone know how many balloons it takes to fly a pug??


Rosie the Party Pug said...

Hey Puglet, how about I get some balloons and we can fly together like the bees :-)

THE PUGLET said...

Cool! I wonder how many balloons that would take?

Not to get too personal, but how much do you weigh Rosie? I'm about 22lbs and five balloons didn't life me an inch. If you're a chunker like me, it could take HUNDREDS to get us in the air!

Rosie the Party Pug said...

I'm 12 pounds. You look very slim and fit in your pictures :-)

It could be fun seeing how many balloons it would take.

THE PUGLET said...

12 pounds? I'm almost 2 of you!

My human says I'm just big-boned :)

Mimi said...

Hi puglet! My name's Mimi, and my human said that there's this show called Mythbusters and that one time they used something called a 'mathematical formula' to figure out how many balloons it would take to lift a little girl. I bet you could ask your friend Google if he knows that 'formula' thing. Good luck!

Momo said...

Ack! I understand your dream to fly and all, but how can you be attached to those things. The very thought of a balloon is creepy, let alone the smell and sound they make. I got some for my birthday and they freaked me out. You're a brave little Puglet!

Anonymous said...

Hi bud,

I think it would be great fun, but if it takes hundreds to get you in the air just think what it would take to get me in the air. I am very large boned 39.7 pounds! Maybe we can think about this at the lake on Tuesday.


THE PUGLET said...

OOOH! Thanks Mimi - I'll see if Google knows about the Mythbuster's secret math formula. If they can do it with a little girl, I'm sure it's possible with a pug (or two - if Rosie joins me).

THE PUGLET said...

If it makes you feel any better Momo, my human is allergic to balloons. Like for real. The stuff they're made of (latex) makes her skin burn.

Maybe you should tell people you have a latex allergy so they won't surprise you with any more birthday balloons??