Monday, August 24, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: One Nation Under Dog

One Nation Under Dog
By Michael Schaffer

It's been awhile since my last book review. Mostly because my human has been reading a lot of really boring non-dog stuff lately. OK, and partly because I've been too busy obsessing about things like flying. But whatever - when I saw a dog on the cover of my human's latest read, I asked her to tell me about it.

From what I gather, One Nation Under Dog is about dogs like me. Dogs who have been "elevated" from family pet to member of the family. Dogs who sleep in human beds and have never seen the inside (or outside) of a doghouse. Dogs who enjoy a human-quality standard of living that includes - but isn't limited to - organic meals, birthday celebrations and specialized medical care.

Dogs who Twitter and blog??

Well - duh! So what if I have more toys than the average 3 year old? It's only because my human loves me. And I think that's what One Nation Under Dog is all about: the love humans have for dogs and all the "crazy" ways they show it. My human says it's also about how this love has evolved over time, some reasons why it's grown to such epic proportions, and what it all says about the modern American human. And us very lucky dogs.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! That book looks really good and I'm going to have Mom get it for me.

I, like you, am loved quite dearly by my peeps. They could have interviewed us for this book, couldn't they?

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Stubby!

Yeah, my human said the O.N.U.D. book is soooo much about me that I should've been on the cover.

Maybe if they write a sequel, we can both be coverdogs? Or maybe I can talk my human into writing a book just about pugs? We could gather up a whole herd of pugs for the cover!

Anonymous said...


Hey what about your non pug friends? I what to be on the cover with you. I am very cute too!

Whats a doghouse? Don't all dogs sleep in bed under the covers? Where do they sleep? I don't have that many toys of my own, I have to share with my brothers. Mom says that house looks like a toy store!