Thursday, August 6, 2009

RETURN TO THE WILD (Mountains, Day 3)

By Day 3, I'd forgotten all about civilization and my domesticated life back in the city. The cars, the stale pee smell, my favorite Animal Planet shows - all that noise faded to the background. And in the silence, my true instincts began to emerge. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my roots, back to the primal side of dogdom.

I was
returning to the wild.

My human laughed at me when I told her that. Laughed. Brother Dutch just groaned and started complaining about how dirty the wild is. But I swear, I felt something. Something that made me want to stalk prey, howl at the moon and build a den out of sticks and leaves (or whatever dens are made out of). Something that made me feel like more than just a little pug from San Francisco.

I felt mighty and whole. And kinda hungry.

So I asked my human for a snack. Why don't you just hunt something down and kill it? was all she said (while trying not to laugh). Uh, no killing for me, thanks. Just a snack please. And that's when it hit me: I really am a city pug. I wasn't born to hunt or kill or build stuff out of twigs. I was born to keep my human company and consume pre-killed edibles in the comfort of our urban home while watching Animal Planet on a great big TV. And I'm OK with that.

When I shared this revelation with my human, she just smiled and gave me a cow ear to munch on.

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