Monday, August 3, 2009


I just spent 3 days camping. Like, in the woods. I have so much to tell you about - this could take all week.

Ok. So, first of all the drive up to the mountains just plain sucked. It was 101 degrees and there was traffic. Lots of traffic. It took longer than forever.
But I got to sit in the front seat where the air condidtioner was and getting to the mountains was definitely worth it.

As soon as we got there my human took us to this great big HUGE grassy thing she called a meadow. Huge isn't even the word - this thing went on forever. No streets, no cars, no buildings. Just plants, a ton of birds and a whole lot of weird bugs.

And smells!

Everything in the mountains smelled so fresh and green and wild. Nothing at all like the city. Everything in the city smells a little like dog pee. Not that this is a bad thing - there's nothing wrong with pee smell. It's how us dogs keep in touch. But when you compare stale pee to whatever it is I was smelling up in the mountains.... wow. I had no idea life could smell so.....GOOD. Even Dutch got excited about it.

We ran around the meadow until the sun went down. I'd probably still be there chasing dragonflies if my human hadn't
insisted we move on to our next destination. We had some camping to do.

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