Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't confronted my human about the strange dog smells yet. But I am working on ways to keep myself busy when she's off doing godknowswhat with godknows who.

OK, I love brother Dutch. I do. But sometimes he is just so.... boring. He doesn't like to play as much as I do. And he definitely doesn't play like a pug. Sometimes I really wish there was another pug in our house.

Well, yesterday my wish came true. Sort of. There's this new thing in my human's bedroom and it's got a pug living inside it. I don't think it's a real pug, more like one you'd see on TV. But the pug likes to play, so I don't really care if he's real or not.

I haven't seen any other TV animals show up on the new thing yet (except for a a dalmatian that looks a lot like Dutch). No bears or sharks or anything. But I guess that's OK because I'm sure that would totally freak Dutch out. And I want to play with another pug, not a bear or a shark.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I can't believe there's a pug living inside that thing in your human's bedroom. That is so cool! An instant playmate.

Let me know if a sea turtle shows up because I'll have to have one of those thingys. And if a snake shows up, send him my way. Hey, maybe some Popeyes will even show up. How cool would that be?

Stubby xoxo

Smushie Ranch said...

Another Pug?! Wow Puglet, you gotta make sure it doesn't go hungry!! Have your human put lot's of Cheetos in front of that thing in case your new pug friend needs a midnight snack!

Rosie the Party Pug said...

We have a pug thingy also but my human has to lift me up to see her. That's not much fun.

dw said...

Puglet, how cool that you have a pug to play with, someone who will play when you want to play, and rest when you want to rest...I agree with Stella and Gunther, though. Make sure there's some munchies there for the other puggie. We don't want him to go hungry!

Ollie said...

Hey Puglet,
I've got the same contraption at my place but instead of a pug, there's a beagle inside it. It's cool having an instant dog friend but the weird thing is he yawns when I yawn and scatches behind the ear when I scratch. Sometimes we just sit and stare at each other. He's quite a handsome hound.

Zed said...

Hello Puglet,
That is to funny about your new friend.
I have a little sister that just found a friend that looks just like her in my moms room. But Zoie doesn't wanna play with her twin. She freaks out.
Maybe she would rather see a bear.

Have fun with your pug buddy.

Unknown said...

Thanks for always making my day. All I do is laugh at your posts!
Mathy and Maggie

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet your new friend is as cute as you!

THE PUGLET said...

Wait - you mean I have to share my food with the new fake pug??? No way.

I'm telling my human to get rid of the new thing with the pug in it. I'd rather watch bears on TV than share my Cheetos!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Ollie - I'll trade your new thing with the Beagle in it for my pug one.

Maybe you have the Canadian version and that comes with a beagle??