Friday, November 6, 2009


I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but what's up with the sun these days?? We usually walk in the dark only once (right before bed) but for the past week the sun's been broken and we've had to go on TWO dark walks a day.

This wouldn't be so bad, except dark walks mean leashes. Even in the park. My human says she can't trust us if she can't see us. Which really means that when it's dark, see can't see us wandering off in search of leftovers. Or stop us from eating what we find.

Yesterday me & brother Dutch complained about the sun being broken and having to be on leashes so much. So my human came up with the bright idea to put these glow-thingys around our necks. For "increased visibility", she said (translation: so I can see you eating trash from across a dark park).

My human is pretty sneaky - we each got different colors so she'd know which one of us to yell at.
I got a pink&orange glowy, Dutch's was blue&green. The broken sun got in the way of picture taking too, so my human had to take today's photo in the dark.

You'll have to imagine me looking cute, because today I'm just a pink and orange swirl :(


Mr. Puggle® said...


Anonymous said...

Always knew you and Dutch were colorful characters!

dw said...

You are always looking cute, Puglet, no need to imagine it!

THE PUGLET said...

Lola said...

My human put those on the 12 year old and her friends when they went TPing so she'd know where all the girls were.

Such fun to run in the park. No off-leash parks in Lafayette- I even have to wear one at the Reservoir. But, we go to the dog park in Walnut Creek and I can run free there. Heather Farms makes an exception for Pug Sunday, too.

Hope to see you there this weekend. Your mom can call my mom if she needs help getting there.

Is that Dolores Park in SF you're at?

Lola in Lafayette

[my human took your phone # out & re-posted so the whole internet can't call you :)

THE PUGLET said...

Lola -

Your human listens better than mine does. Brother Dutch says he's been to the reservoir lots of times and only wore a leash near the parking lot :).

I've never been though. Maybe I'd draw to much attention to us?

We'll be there on Sun! My human has your # and will call if there is any trouble.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah - and that is Dolores Park in the darkness. Best place for free snacks in the whole city!

We live a few blocks from Dolores but my human won't take us there when the weather is nice & people picnic. Too many chicken bones, she says.


Fulmer the Pug said...

I haven't been on many walks lately because of the sun either. I don't know what its deal is! I guess it's depressed because it's been so cold lately. My mom says that it's cold because the sun isn't staying out long but I don't understand.

agent99 said...

Amazing photo, and a fabulous idea! I'll let you know what the pugs thing @ their new bling.

Mom to Gen & the Foo

THE PUGLET said...

The darkness totally sucks. My human has a special light that's SUUUUUUPER bright and supposed to be like the sun or something. But we can't take it outside, so what good is that??

At least it isn't cold though. And the rain hasn't started yet. Dutch says when the sun breaks, the rain usually starts.