Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey everybody, Dutch here. Puglet asked me to fill in for him today. Said something about not feeling well. Something about eating one too many wood chips at the park on Saturday? Not sure.

If you ask me, I think he's coming down with a serious case of Famousitis. This Green Pug stuff is totally going to his head. All I keep hearing is Green Pug this, Green Pug that.

Someone said Green Pug makes Al Gore obsolete!
Someone said Green Pug should win an Oscar!

Someone said Green Pug is smarter than most people!

Uhm, if I recall correctly there were FOUR dogs in our Earth Day video. What about the Green Dalmatian? Or Green Labradors?? I might not have pranced around Home Depot with a CFL in my mouth, but I helped save the planet too. Do you know what a huge difference it would make if everyone followed *my* example and switched to reusable bags??

Oh well. I guess as long as people enjoy and learn from the Green Pug video, it doesn't really matter if they noticed me or not. Even if I did rehearse that reusable tote bag scene for an entire week.

Being Green might take a little practice, but it really is easy. Take it from me, turning off a light switch is nothing compared to holding a tote bag and wagging your tail at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Dutch, we all noticed you and appreciated the efforts you took into making the video too!! Every group needs a leader and I think Puglet just took over w/no voting - kinda like a dog Napoleon.

Ann & Frodo

Lola said...

You are so brave Dutch for sticking your head through the door flap. We moved into our new house 6 months ago and I still wont go near it. No way. Not even for treats.
You looked so great in the Green Video! It would have taken me at least TWO weeks to get that trick down! Such a smarty you are...
Lafayette Lola

THE PUGLET said...

You are SO right. Pug is a complete Napoloean! I've heard my human say he has a Napolean complex, but never really knew what that meant.

Frodo, you're a genius :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Miss Lola!

The flap isn't so bad. But I guess you pugs kinda have to push it open with your eyeballs so I can see why you might not want to try it.

I think Pug just head-butts it. Have you tried headbutting?

Crabbie Chris said...

Brother Dutch! I had tons of fun playing with you and Puglet on Saturday. Sorry to hear he ate too many woodchips, I hope he feels better.
Dutch you did the one most important thing in the video, you put something on your nose! Um hello...we pugs don't have those!! You were totally needed to complete it. Plus you're so like totally handsome. Don't tell Spencer this, but you made me giddy with your smiles. I hope we can play together again soon. Maybe we can play in the sand.

Lola said...

I wont even get close enough to the flap to try the head-butt. My 12 year old human girl even goes through it- back and forth- to show me it's ok. Just not for me. My mom says she's going to try an electric flap that opens when I get close. Probably a waste of cash- what's the big deal about opening the door for us?
Lafayette Lola

3pugs2luv said...

Dutch you should read the comments page more often, We talked about your awesome appearance in the video last post. Well anyway here's to you Dutch. We love you too, we just don't get to talk to you very often.
As for the whole Napoleon thing; we read that he used his favorite pug to send love letters to Josephine so it seems that Pug & Napoleon have a lot in common...maybe it was inevitable that he would get the complex.
Our car is still at the car vet & we are so bummed we couln't go play on Saturday. The car vet say that the car will be ready in time for PugSun, so hopefully we'll see everybody there.
Tell Pug that we hope he feels better.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Life With Dogs said...

I just happened upon the video - you did a great job with it! I'll share it with out readers tomorrow. Kudos!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Dutch we love you too! And you have a super fun picture on this post!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello little spot dot doggie! We like you. Especially Izzy. She loves dots. She has a lady bug costume. We wished you lived close by so we can counts your little spot dots. Tell Puglet that he is still the Man. Maybe he needs a special day trip somewhere! Or a new toy!
xoxoxo Josie and Izzy

SpencerBartholomew said...

Hey Brother Dutch...totally cool hanging with you & Puglet on Saturday. I sure hope he's feeling better. I hope we can all go to the beach wood chips there...well, maybe driftwood.

Unknown said...

We have two dachshunds staying with us right now who don't know how to do their business outside yet. Our mom took ALL of us outside yesterday and put the sliding door in the doggie door, so the two weeners couldn't sneak back in. No one told Kizzy and me though. I heard the cookie jar open in the kitchen and ran to get a treat and ran smack dab into the doggie door and everyone laughed at me.
Phoebe in Oregon

Wilma said...

Brigitte here:
Dutch, it isn't easy playing second fiddle to a star,. Beliieve me, I know. I just want to tell you that I think you are awesome. Your part in the video was key. Best Supporting Actor still gets the same size trophy as Best Actor, so who cares?

Anonymous said...

hey east bay Pug group I just saw this on craiglist
Pug found (danville / san ramon)

female pug (very friendly, no collar)
found in Alamo Oaks - morning of April 27

Anybody know her????

Miley a pug at heart