Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My human says my foot is still healing and I have to "take it easy" for a couple more days. She doesn't seem to understand how boring 'easy' is, but she does try to keep me entertained.

At least that's what she says she's doing. Sometimes I wonder.

Yesterday she brought home this... uh... thing for me to wear. She said it's a costume for my first Halloween. Said it's supposed to make me look like a banana. I don't know anything about Halloween, but I've seen a banana before and don't think I look like one -- with or without the costume.

My human agreed and said the banana suit made me look like a garden gnome. Brother Dutch just laughed and said I looked like a yellow Smurf. Whatever that is.
Anyway, my human said she'll find me a costume that fits better and doesn't make me look like a Smurf when it's supposed to make me look like a piece of fruit.

In case you need to get your own Halloween suit, my human got the banana at a place called Target. She says they have some really cute costumes [note from human: unless you have a giant pug, don't buy the banana in size L -- even if it does say fits dogs 21lbs and up].


Lola said...

OMGoodness! You look so funny, Puglet! However, I know the feeling all too well. Last year, my 12 year old human was a ladybug, and my mom made me wear a matching costume, and they called me a lady-pug! I have to admit, we got tons of compliments and the 'look at the cute pug' comments were flying around- I think my girl (that's what I call her) got extra candy when we went trick-or-treating, too. I hear we're going to be matching bumble bees this year. Good luck with the new costume!
Lola in Lafayette

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! You are my second friend to wear a banana costume today. Go check out Tuni in her costume - http://sequoia-apugslife.blogspot.com/2009/09/tuesday-tuni-talknanners.html.

I think you look like a gnome, but a cute gnome. Hopefully your human will go back to Target and get you a new costume. Maybe you can be a dalmatian.

Stubby xoxo

Momo said...

This is my first howlloween too! I'm going to be the big bad wolf (even though most people say I look like a fox) and my human is going to be little red riding hood. My human is making my costume, I hope its not as embarrassing as yours (no offense). I'm just excited because lots of people are coming over for howlloween and usually when lots of people come over the chances of me getting treats and sneaking food is a lot higher.

Anonymous said...

HaHa Puglet you look funny!! I shouldn't laugh, my human is making me a Lightning Bug Pug. She sewed me this stupid costume and put a light in it so my little butt lights up! Can't wait to see what your cousin Sophie is being for our Pug O Ween!

Frodo (NJ Pug)

THE PUGLET said...

oooooh, Lola -- I want to be a bee! Just like The Bees I met at the balloon festival. I'd have to convince brother Dutch to match me, and I'm not sure he'd go for that. Even for more candy.

Stubby - I checked out your friend Tuni. She makes a much better banana. My human promised to get me something else to wear, but I'm kinda questioning her taste in Halloween suits.

THE PUGLET said...

A ligtning pug, Frodo? Big bad wolf, Momo? Cool!

I think I need a new human. One that sews and can make ME cute costumes too.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hi Puglet its Tuni! I think you look fab in your nanner suit, just ditch the hat like I did it is sort of gnome-ish. We had a problem with the sizes too we had to return the first suit it was HUGE! Then we bought a small and it fits much betters. Can't wait to see the next costume!

dw said...

Oh that is a strange costume! I have never seen a banana look like that before either! Glad your mom is getting you a new costume. Oh, and I hope the foot feels better.