Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok, I don't usually dwell on stuff, but I feel like I should explain the whole birthday crab thing. I know it'll be hard to believe, but I swear it was an accidental death.

No, really. It kinda was. Y'see we went to the beach last weekend and brother Dutch dug up this great big dead crab (he's really good at finding dead stuff). He said it was "too smelly" for him to eat and gave it to me because I'll eat anything (see exhibit A) . I'd never eaten - or ever seen - a crab before and wasn't sure what to do with it. So I just ate whatever came first.

And it was kinda gross. And really really crunchy. Dutch just laughed and told me I was eating the crab's shell, which is really just a crab-container and not the part you're supposed to eat. To get to the good stuff, he said, I had to break the shell open to find the insides.

And that's all I was trying to do with the birthday crab! I thought if I ripped it open, I could get to the yummy insides. I wasn't trying to destroy it. That just kinda happened when I was looking for a way in.Then once I got it open, it wasn't anything like the crab at the beach. So I just kept pulling it apart, looking for the yummy stuff (which, for the record, I never did find).

I'm not the heartless birthday-crab toy killer Dutch made me out to be. I just wanted to eat some crab! It was just, like, a bad case of hunger or mistaken identity or something.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I knew that you could never kill a crab. If I were you, I wouldn't eat crab because they aren't really for puggies to eat. Stick with your normal food and you will be fine.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, it was kinda nasty. Curious, do you just eat your normal food? I have a really hard time doing that. There's just so much out there to eat!

Stubby said...

Puglet - I'm sorry to say that I eat lots of food in addition to my normal food. Just check out my blog and you will see that Popeye's Chicken is one of my favorites.

On a totally different note, there is much leakage going on over at Walter's blog. Do you know him? If not, stop by to say hello at

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: Walter has a pug friend named Dutch.

THE PUGLET said...

Ha - I forgot about the Popeye's. You're so lucky, I NEVER get to eat stuff like that. I'm lucky if I get a few Cheerios. Please tell me how you talked your human into it!!

OH - and I sent my human to Walter's blog. She totally leaked. So glad I'm not the only one who causes leaks. We'll be following Walter's recovery for sure!

Odysseus said...

Hi Puglet --

Sorry for the late response. Yes! I am well enough to play! Do you want to go to the beach this weekend? I just learned to swim over labor day weekend!


THE PUGLET said...

Hey Ody!

Glad you're back & ready to play. We're going to The Mountains today - so maybe next weekend? Or the next Pug Sunday??