Monday, September 14, 2009


I just had THE BEST weekend on earth. The Reno balloon festival was on Saturday and we spent the rest of the weekend playing in The Mountains. But before I get to the good stuff, I have a question for everyone.

What's the deal with traffic? I mean, were does this stuff come from??

I'm only asking because it's only supposed to take few hours to get to The Mountains, but we were stuck in the car for almost FIVE. That's like twice as long as it should. From what I can tell, there's nothing good about traffic. Humans don't seem to like it and it's definitely not fun for dogs. Unless you count being able to ride in the backseat instead of the "dog pod" as fun - but that only happens if the traffic happens when it's hot outside.

I asked my human about the traffic, but all she said was 'traffic just happens'. She said sometimes there's an accident, sometimes there's construction, but I didn't see either on the way to The Mountains. So I asked my friend Google (who knows a lot more than my human) and Google says "traffic happens" for a few reasons:

Bottlenecks ............. 50% of total congestion
Traffic incidents ....... 25% of total congestion
Work zones ............. 15% of total congestion
Bad weather ............ 10% of total congestion
Poor signal timing ...... 5% of total congestion

BUT, Google says there might be another explanation: you. Well, not YOU, you -- but you humans in general. They call it 'human error', and it means if just one driver suddenly slows down, it can mess everything up for everyone.

So please drive good and safe and don't make any human errors. I'll be back tomorrow with the good stuff.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! We have lots of traffic around here because every single major road is under construction. Mom is constantly yelling about the traffic and there are days when she won't leave the house because she doesn't want to get stuck in it.

Lucky for me, Popeye's is very close to our house but the road we have to take is under construction so we go at off hours.

I cannot wait to hear about the balloon festival. Did you get to fly in a balloon?

I had a near death experience yesterday. Mom let me out in the backyard yesterday morning and as I headed for the fence to pee, a red fox ran out of the bushes on the other side of the fence. I didn't even see him, but I know he saw me. Thank goodness Mom was standing close to me or he would have attacked.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Isn't traffic the worst?! My human hates it too. She doesn't yell though; she makes more of a waaaah-moan-ugh noise.

Scary near-death while peeing moment! Though I'm kinda jealous you have a fox living next door. I've only ever seen them on TV. All we have around here is the evil chihuahuas next door.

Forget about Cheerios - how do you get your human to feed you Popeyes???

Stubby said...

We have a whole fox family living in the pond across the street. There are typically 5 babies each year and they are pretty brave, walking all around the neighborhood. Check them out here

Dad loves Popeye's and I guess he can't resist my cute, begging face. Unfortunately, he is back in your town this week, so no Popeye's for me.

THE PUGLET said...

I'll trade you 5 fox babies for 2 demon chihuahuas! Whaddya say?

You are such a better blogger than me. You read AND write lots of posts. My human says she needs more hours in the day before that can happen. She promises we'll get caught up on everyone else's lives when the winter rains come and trap us indoors.

PS> If your dad wants to share his Popeyes with me, I'd be glad to be your stunt-pug!