Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Once we got past all the traffic, we stopped to play in the mountains. Brother Dutch got all freaked out because he thought we'd have to sleep in a tent and my human promised him there'd be no tents this trip. I wanted to sleep with the wilderness and campaigned for the tent, big time. But my human said balloons wake up early, so we had to stay in a hotel close to the festival.

We still had to get up at like 4:30 - in the morning - to get to the balloons on time. It was pitch black and I thought my human totally had it wrong, but when we got to the festival place there was a great big traffic jam of people. I've never seen so many people in one place before. I'm talking a whole bunch of thousands, all going to see the balloons.

Now, the original plan was to leave Dutch in the car because he can be a wimp and my human thought the balloons would scare him. But we had to park really really far away and my human said scary balloons would be better than "leaving him all alone in Guam". So we all wandered through the dark together (with about a million other people), looking for balloons.

It was still dark, but a few balloons were already floating around the sky. By the time we finally made it to the launch-spot though, there weren't any balloons. None. ZERO. The sun wasn't even up - I didn't understand how we could've missed alll the balloons.

I was all set to panic... until a great big giant balloon started growing out of the ground right next to us.
This was the first of many things I learned about balloons: before they can fly, they need to be inflated.


agent99 said...

Absolutely fabulous photo! Rates a 10 on my "smile meter"!! Thanks for the post,

Gen & Fuji's mom

THE PUGLET said...

Glad you like it!

You can't really see my face, but I was smiling too. Even brother Dutch was smiling - he wasn't afraid of the balloons at all. Balloons just make you happy :)

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I can't believe you let your human wake you up at 4:30am. The only things I would get out of bed at that time for are Popeye's and bacon. I guess my priorities are a little out of wack.

It looks like you guys had a great time at the balloon festival. I can't wait to see your next post because I know you got to fly.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Can I come eat at your house, Stubby??? We don't have good food like that around here. It's all carrots and asparagus and Cheerios.

My human made grilled steak last week (this never happens) and brother Dutch got soooo excited, he stole the whole thing right off the counter (this never happens either) and ate it all. Popeyes and bacon wouldn't stand a chance in my house.