Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope everyone who does Christmas had a good one with lots of cookies and goodies and toys. Me and brother Dutch got some really fun stuff to play with (xmas-lobsters and rubber chickens dressed like Santa). My human refused to make me homemade cowpies, but I did get to eat the yummy cookies cousin Sophie sent us.

My human also made us leave some of our cookies out for Santa (no idea why) but I guess Santa doesn't like dog cookies because they were still there when I checked on them in the middle of the night.
I didn't want my human to feel dumb for leaving dog cookies out for Santa so I ate them. Please don't tell her that though.

Besides eating cookies, the best thing about Christmas was the snow. My human said the only time she misses winter is at Christmas - that Christmas isn't Christmas without snow. Uhm. I thought Christmas wasn't Christmas without cookies? Or Santa. Or a weird leafless tree. I thought we had Christmas covered.

Human special-days can be so confusing!

Confusing can be fun though. We don't get snow here in San Francisco, so we took a trip to where the snow lives. I'd never played in snow before and it was really really cool. It was like going to the beach, but colder. Snow is waaaay more fun to eat than sand. I didn't get in trouble for eating snow and it didn't give me eye-snot like sand does. You pugs (and non-pugs) who get to live in snow are SO lucky!

TO be honest, I'd been kinda skeptical about the whole Christmas thing - with the goofy tree and scary Santas. But after the toys and cookies and snow, it might be my favorite special-day of the year.


pugsmom said...

Oh Puglet, I love you! :-)

pugsmom said...

My mom has a blog too. She doesn't do much with it, but last week she put a picture of me on there. She said you inspired her. Go to and look for the blog about Last Minute Shopping. That's me, under the tree. Snort, Snort. Hope you like it.

pugsmom said...

LOLOL I signed your name instead of mine. I'm Phoebe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug - sometimes too much of a good thing is actually bad....we just had 2 feet of snow last weekend & I couldn't walk through it to... well you know, do my business. A little snow is fun, but not that much! Mom is happy it's all gone now since it rained and washed it all away.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Sorry about the cow pies but there's always New Years Day. Yep, another holiday but this time no silly tree.

You like the snow because you get to visit it and not live in it. Believe me when I tell you that it's not that much fun when day after day the snow is taller than you are. Dad has to shovel tunnels for me in the yard so I can do my business. Snow is cold, wet, and yucky. That's why I have to eat Popeyes - it keeps me sane.

Stubby xoxo

agent99 said...

Fierce, Puglet.....Fierce I say!
Glad your holiday was good, even if humans are a bit confusing.

dw said...

It sounds like you had a nice, if confusing, Christmas, Puglet! Snow is nice sometimes, but sometimes I wish it would stay where it lives and not come visit me so often!

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Frodo ~ Sophie told me all about your New Jersey snow. She said it was really hard to pee (??) until the rain came. I don't understand how that works, but I hope you can pee easy.

Tunnels, Stubby? Tunnels?? That sounds really fun! Cold wet and yucky doesn't sound so great though. At least you have Popeyes. Maybe if we had snow I'd get more Popeyes :(

Phoebe ~ Thanks for sharing you blog with us! I've never been an inspiration before. Woo hoo! You are the cutest under your weird leafless tree.

I am fierce? COol! Lola said I could maybe get a job as model, but I'd have to learn how to be fierce first.