Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been working on my New Year's revolutions for 3 whole weeks now. In case you forget, they are:

1. Lose some heftiness.
2. Be a better bloggee.

3. Help homeless pugs.
4. Uh....

(with your help, we later filled in #4 with Get human to write a children's book about me and Dutch)

So far, I've been pretty good at #1 and #3:

#1 (lose heft)
I've been bouncing every day and my weight is down from a hefty 25.1 to a less-hefty 24.3 (don't tell my human, but some of that is harness weight; I don't think she noticed I was only wearing a collar for the second weigh-in).

#3 (help pugs)
To help needy pugs, I donated money by voting in to Southern Nevada Pug Rescue's cuteness contest. I also chipped in to help a pug named Moochi get a new snout. Oh - and I'm working on a collection of empty ink cartridges to send to PugPROS (they recycle them and get money for pugs).

I've kinda sucked at Revolution #2 (be a better bloggee). It's my human's fault. I need her help to read your blogs, but she never remembers to read them because her brain is gimpy. Google tried to help by giving us this thing called Google Reader but my human forgets to look there too.

I just found out that Blogger can send out an alert email whenever you write a new blog post. It only takes a few seconds to set up and you can pick 10 people/pugs to alert. So if you have a blog, a few seconds & room on your list - can you please add me? It would totally help me be a better blog reader!

You make this happen in the Settings section of Blogger (my email is dailypuglet(at)

As for Revolution #4 (children's book)... my human claims she's been doing 'research' at some place called Borders. I'm not allowed in Borders though, so I don't know if this is true.


Crabbie Chris said...

oooooohhhhh Puglet I think you look great! Congrats on keeping your revolutions. Mom says I too will have to keep an eye on my size, but I am a growing pug. She says I want to make sure I keep my girlish figure. I just know that no matter what your size, Jenny will love you for the awesome, handsome and amazing pug that you are. Keep up the good work Puglet.

THE PUGLET said...

I hear ya. My human said I had one too many grwoth spurts. Whatever that means.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Congrats on your weight loss. All that bouncing is really working.

Helping needy pugs is so important, isn't it? I should have made that one of Mom's resolutions. I guess I could add it now, right?

I need to be a better blogger too. I've been slacking lately and it's not really due to my mom. The cold weather and lack of food make me very sleepy. I don't want to blog, go for walks, or even play. I need to get back with the program. I will set up my bloggie to email you when I post something new. Keep your paws crossed that I post something today.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Stubbs!

Lack of food?? Is it because your Dad took all the Popeyes with him to San Francisco? It sounds like you need a serious snack.

THE PUGLET said...

Pssst... everyone - check out the last few comments from yesterday. Jenny's gonna tweet me! She thinks I'm handsome AND special!!!

Crabbie Chris said...

Of course she does Puglet...who doesn't! I kinda have a crush on you myself...but don't tell anyone.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... I saw your picture on Jenny's website! Wow - you're famous! She likes you!!! Congrats on losing some of the heftiness... it sure isn't easy to do... but I'm working on it - not by choice. My new laser pointer is helping on the activity inside but the food thing is tough.

I also voted for some cool pugs on the Nevada rescue site... anything to help out brothers and sisters! I'll get some ink cartridges to PugPros, too... thanks for the tip.