Thursday, August 14, 2014


Check. Me. Out. See the maybe-cancer scariness on my face? No? Can't see it? Well that's because it's practically totally gone. Uh huh. Gone. Everyone who said it was just a hair zit is a genius. 


I guess Dutch has been feeling kinda lonely without his Fridays so I promised to let him tell you why we've been gone and what you've missed (hint: not much). Even though this is *my* blog. Because I'm happy to be c-word free. And I'm just nice like that. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014


So, I went to the vet. We had a staring contest and he poked at my face, but only with his fingers. Then he and my human talked for awhile.

VET: blah blah blah something about a hair follicle blah blah something about pugs and lumps
HUMAN: blah blah blah something about pugs and lumps
VET: blah blah blah TUMOR blah blah CANCER blah blah
HUMAN: (silent)
VET: blah blah TUMOR blah blah blah NEEDLE blah blah CANCER
HUMAN: (silent) 

There was some other stuff too, but once I heard the C-word I kinda only listened to the parts about that. 

When the vet was done talking, my human had to pick between letting the him stab me in the face with a needle to look for cancer -or- treating my lump like it's an angry hair follicle for a week, and then stabbing me in the face if it doesn't get better. 

I guess because of all the stuff I didn't really listen to, they decided to go with the follicle. So for the next week I have to take drugs and let my human practically suffocate me with a hot wet towel three times a day. Both of these things are waaaay better than getting stabbed in the face *and* I'm getting loads of sympathy cookies.

Cancer = bad bad bad! Hair follicle = cookies!