Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I was so excited to tell you about our trip to the beach that I totally forgot to mention the scary crowd of dancing people we met there. Make that scary, dancing, clapping people. In matching yellow scarves.


If you've never seen a bunch of people dancing around on a beach for no reason, it's kinda freaky. Especially when they all jump at clap at the same time. The whole thing was just way too weird and totally freaked me out.

Until I remembered my friend Horton's dad talking about this really bad TV show called Mobbed where big bunches of people dance around and scare people (technical term: flash mob). I have no idea why anyone would want to do this, but I'm pretty sure the clapping scarf dancers were a flash mob.

It's not everyday you see a scary flash mob, so of course my human made me supermodel with them. And of course everyone stopped dancing when they saw me strike a pose for Nikon. Horton's dad never explained what happens when the mob stops dancing so I was really worried about what they might do next.

But when the dancing and clapping stopped, the mob wasn't scary at all. They were just a whole lot of normal people (in matching yellow scarves) who thought I was cute and wanted to pet me.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, the juju worked it's magic again and my human's China-sized hand was almost normal size when it came time to shoot pugs Saturday morning. She says the prednisone shot, 24-hour steroid cream glove sauna, and antibiotics might have had something to do with it... but I know and you know it was the juju.

The whole Lupus scare/China-hand thing was crazy stressful for my human so she was really happy to wake up on Saturday with a good hand. We usually hike with the cows on Saturdays, so I wasn't exactly happy when she packed up Nikon and took off without me...

2 of 999

Or when she came home hours later, smelling like 13 stranger pugs. And I definitely wasn't happy when the same thing happened again on Sunday. But then I noticed how happy my human was. I mean, like HAPPY. A "pug high", she called it. And even though I'd much rather be #1 than #1/1000, there's nothing better than a crazy-happy human.

Especially when that crazy-happy human is feeling a little guilty for ruining your weekend and takes you to the beach to play fetch and pose for Nikon, even though her hand is kinda puffy again and she's all tired and achy from hours of pug yoga.

Happiness happens.

We go to the beach all the time but something made this trip even better than usual. It might have been the supernice weather, or the new squeaky tennis ball my human bought for me. But I'm kinda thinking maybe it was the pug high. And if things are this good after only 24 pugs or whatever, 2012 is going to be the best year ever.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Ok. First the good news: juju kicked butt again. All the tests they ran on my human's blood and pee came back totally normal. I wasn't allowed to to tell you this before because we didn't want to freak anyone out, but the stupid hand vet thought my human had something called Lupus. I don't really know what Lupus is and the HV didn't really explain it to my human either, but Google says it's not a great thing to have.

Normal = no scary Lupus.

Now, the not-so-good news. The magic prednisone didn't make my human's hand any better. Neither did the benedryl that put her into a coma for most of yesterday. Google is convinced it's an infection or something called cellulitis, so my human asked the HV for antibiotics. The HV said no because her white blood cells are happy and said the next step is IV prednisone, not antibiotics.

My human didn't like this plan. Especially since Google's doctors say you can totally have this cellulitis thing and still have happy white blood cells. But she couldn't get an appointment with a different vet until Monday, so last night she pulled a total MacGuyver and took medicine into her own, uh, hands.

She used the blue gloves that were supposed to make prednisone cream work better to make an overnight hand sauna filled with antibiotic goo. She also took some pills left over from my honking cough because Google's doctors says they're the exact same stuff real doctors give people with infected hands.

I'm probably not supposed to be telling you any of this because it totally makes my human sound like a nutjob, but the real life doctors weren't helping and she kinda needs her hand to shoot pugs tomorrow. My friend Tiffy's mom says desperate times call for desperate measures and I'm pretty sure that's why my human is acting like a crazy person.

After | Before

What's even crazier is my human's hand is more than halfway better now. Seriously. Her Nikon finger still isn't 100% happy, but it's way better than it was and other ones don't look like snausages anymore. She called the HV's office and told them pug drugs totally helped and asked if she could please have some antibiotics now.

They put her on hold for a long time, then gave her a special app
ointment with a Skin Vet today at 11:00. Will keep you posted....

* * * Skin Vet update * * *

My human says ginormous thanks for being so awesome and helpful and quick with the juju. Her visit with the Skin Vet went much MUCH better. This guy actually talked, looked at her hand a lot and only typed a tiny bit at the very end when it was time to order drugs. Lots of drugs.

The SV isn't 100% sure what the heck is going on with the hand, but he's mostly sure it's an allergic reaction (technical term: contact dermatitis) with the beginnings of an infection. He said the prednisone my human took wasn't enough to help a pug, so he gave her more of that. The cream the HV gave her was also the wrong kind, so now she has 2 creams.

My human was kinda afraid what the SV would say about her Google diagnosis & taking pug drugs, but he agreed with Google and said antibiotics are a good idea with this kind of thing because it can spread into your blood and really make things bad. He laughed (and kinda winced) about the pug drugs part, so now my human has her own antibiotic pills the size of China.

The SV told my human to rest, ice and glove-sauna her hand for the rest of the day, so she's pulling the plug on my thumb access. But I can still read, even without her stupid thumbs.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hey everybody, sorry for not ever being here yesterday. My human's trip to the Hand Vet lasted FOREVER and when she finally did get home, she talked on the phone for awhile then went to sleep.

I don't know what happened at the HV, exactly, but I do know it wasn't good. My human said the dude looked at her hand, said like 10 words and spent the rest of the time typing on the computer.

My human was *convinced* the HV was asking Google questions about her hand, so she asked if there's some sort of special Google for doctors. The HV said he wasn't asking Google questions, he was ordering tests. Lots and lots of tests. And xrays. And special doctors. He didn't really explain why, just said that what's going on with my human's hand isn't a bite, infection or allergy. But it is "very unusual" so they need more information.

Of course my human didn't like this answer and said she wanted more information. But the HV didn't really give her any. He said we won't know anything until the tests come back. She told him she wants drugs while they're waiting for the tests, so he gave her some of that magic/scary prednisone stuff.

And that's all I know. They sucked a gallon of blood out of my humans arm, made her pee in a cup (?!) and now we wait. My human is trying not to use her hand & one-handed typing sucks, so I won't be commenting all that much. But we will be reading.

If you have any juju left, please send it to my human's hand. I really think it could use it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just when I thought my human's thumbs were mine again, she went ahead and broke them. Ok, so she didn't exactly break her thumbs. Or anything else. But the fingers on one of her hands are the size of China and it's seriously messing with my thumb access.

I guess the problem started like a week ago with a little pain and some puffiness. My human thought it was from doing 1000x the amount of typing she usually does and tried to make it go away with ice cubes and Advil. Obviously that didn't work. So she tried some anti-hista-something but that just made her sleepy.

Next came a cream. Then a gel. And then special salt. But none of that stuff worked either. My friend Rupert's mom (and lots of people Google knows) swears that eating 9 gin-raisins will fix puffy, achy hands, but my human says gin-soaked raisins will just just make her yak and made an appointment with the hand vet instead.

Of course *I* know the problem totally isn't from typing because typing happens with TWO hands and only one of her hands is the size of China. But who knows what the heck is going on in there. I mean, what if it's Ebola or something?

My human doens't see the hand vet until tomorrow, so if anyone has an extra juju lying around, please send it to my human's right hand. The one the size of China.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Ok, first I want to say ginormous THANKS! All those nice things you said to me on Friday totally made me feel special again. They also reminded my human about an email she got, oh, like two weeks ago. Apparently it came in the middle of the Comcastic disaster and that's why Miss Gimpy forgot to mention it.

Whatever. Check it out:

Hello and Congratulations!

This is your official notification that you have been nominated for a "Beast of the Bay Award" by Bay Woof's loyal readers. It's no small feat that you made the cut - over 1350 nomination ballots were received, and you were named as one of the top four in your category.


The final ballot is available online until midnight, February 10th. If you like, you can alert your customers that you've been nominated by Bay Woof readers and encourage them to vote for you.

The final ballot can be found here:

The winners will be announced in the March edition of Bay Woof. We distribute over 35,000 free papers at over 400 locations in the greater SF Bay Area.


Kinda cool, right?

And since Daily Puglet is a 'we' thing, this means WE have been nominated to be The Best. Yup. Every pug and puggle and spaniel and beagle and kitty on here is in the running to be The Best.

Of course we know we're The Best, but I still think we should all vote for ourselves to make it official. It doesn't take long to vote and it's totally anonymous, but you do have to click about 9 times to get to #44: Best Dog Blog. You might want to vote for things along the way if you live in SF. But if you don't, just keep clicking until you hit page 9/10.

If you don't feel like voting, that's cool. We'll always be #1 no matter what.

Friday, January 20, 2012


So, last weekend we went down to Pug Mecca. I didn't think there was much to say about it, so I didn't say anything. But I just saw something on HAL4's screen that's kinda freaking me out.

Make that REALLY freaking me out:

Uhm, yeah. That's Aiko - the same exact black pug you see me standing next to behind the gate at Pug Mecca.
And check out this picture of Gracie, doing a ridiculously cute modified/vertical Jimmy:

Yeah. Apparently my human went to Pug Mecca to teach the whole entire world my signature move.

When we were there I thought I heard our human saying "Jimmy", over and over again. But
I was locked inside behind the gate and she was outside (with Aiko!) so she obviously wasn't talking to me. Frank is the only other Jimmying pug I know, and he wasn't there. Of course Dutch said I was just being paranoid, but now I know the truth.

Thing is, I'm not 100% sure I can handle the truth. Aiko and Gracie are my friends, but Jimmy is my move. If the whole world starts Jimmy'ing, maybe it won't be so special anymore. Maybe I won't be so special.

My human says I will always be special. But she's my human, of course she's going to say that. I might feel a little better if someone else told me how special I am. Y'know, someone who isn't my human.

Uhm, anyone?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So, I'm totally late (again) today because my human had to harass more strangers for a video before the rain started. This is like the third video she's made that isn't about me so I put my paw down and demanded to come along.

Ok, so I really just stood there and stared at my human until she got the hint. Whatever. I got to go with her and that's all that matters.
I mean, you never know when a scene might need an extra or something, right?

Anyway. I didn't get to be in the video and that kinda sucks. But I did get to meet all the supernice people who did. I really liked the Dude in the hat (I think his name is Sean) and I'm pretty sure he really liked me back.

I think Dudes are the best, but pretty much love everybody. I showed the
girls in these boots some of my supermodel moves and they totally ate it up. You probably heard the AAAAAWWWWS all the way from the internet.

AAAAAAAWWWWWS don't taste as good as cookies, but they do make me happy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thanks to the Rancid Bacon Grease incident, I'm not allowed to spend my supermodeling money on bacon. And thanks to 1000 Pugs, my human does nothing but stare at HAL4 all day so the chances of us going shopping anytime soon are like ZERO. Less than zero even, if there is such a thing.

I don't think I should have to suffer because Dutch ate dead bacon, so I suggested we do some online shopping. I mean, if my human's going to stare at HAL4, she might as well buy me eatables while she's doing it. And my girl Bellatrix gets stuff from the UPS dude all the time, so why shouldn't I?

Believe it or not, my human actually thought this was a good idea. I didn't even have to ask twice or look pathetic to get her to say yes. SCORE!

My human isn't a huge online shopper, so I asked Google where we should spend my money. Google suggested a place called MrChewy.com and said we could even have free shipping if I spent half my money. I'm only allowed to spend half of it anyway (something about saving) and don't want to waste a cent on the UPS man, so Mr Chewy & his free shipping sounded good to me.

If you've never been on a shopping spree, all I can say is shopping sprees are FUN! Well, sorta fun. It really won't be fun until the eatables get here, but looking at them and thinking about them was pretty cool. Mr Chewy even had some things I've never eaten, which my human didn't think was possible.

I won't ruin the UPS surprise by telling you everything I bought, but I will say I bought one or two extra things so we can Randomize when the box comes. Sharing is caring, right?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So, just when I'd almost convinced my human to let me spend my supermodeling money on massive amounts of bacon, we had a little SNAFU here at Casa de Puglet.

A little SNAFU called Rancid Bacon Grease.

Uhm, yeah. If you've never heard of Rancid Bacon Grease, I guess it's bacon's evil twin or something. And I mean EVIL.

We found a great big yogurt container full of it on our neighbor's porch. Actually Dutch did, which is why he got the most sick, but I did get to try some. It wasn't as good as regular bacon, but it was pretty tasty. Dutch went nuts over it though. Ate the whole entire tub before my human came outside and caught him with his snout covered in the stuff.

At first I was super mad about not having a snout that can reach the bottom of a yogurt tub
... but then Dutch started shaking real bad and whining and acting all funny. And I don't mean ha-ha funny.

My human *definitely* wasn't ha-ha'ing. It was 2am and she needed to be sleeping, not going to the ER because Dutch stuffed his snout with a tub of rancid bacon. So she decided to make him, uhm, give the bacon grease back. Y'know, like all over the kitchen floor.

Talk about nasty!! Made me REALLY glad I only got a taste of bacon's evil twin.

I wanted to take pictures so you all could see the SNAFU that robbed me of my bacon, but my human said no freaking way was she taking pictures of puke. I do know it took 2 entire rolls of paper towels to clean it up though. At 3am.

All is better now, except everyone at Casa de Puglet is really tired. My human is grumpy and fighting with some 1000 Pugs calendar SNAFU - I'm napping with Dutch on the couch, trying to figure out what I'm going to spend my money on now that bacon is a bad word here at the Casa.

Monday, January 16, 2012


The radio man said today is a federal holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King. So I told my human we should honor Dr. King's fight for freedom by turning off the stupid computer and running free on the beach for a little while.

It's warm, sunny and my human's brain is jello - so she actually said yes. Here's proof I saw the light of day AND that I can catch (or at least run with) a tennis ball in my mouth. And not a wimpy little pug-sized tennis ball either. That's a real, labrador retriever sized ball I've got stuffed in my face.

Oh, and no comments about how dumb I'd look as a Frenchie, please. Dutch the skinny-necked fashion police already told me how "so *not* flattering" the pointed ear look is on me.


Happy MLK Day everyone.... remember to run free.

Friday, January 13, 2012


The DP has been so lame lately, I'm extrasuper-excited to tell you about yesterday's supermodeling adventure!

Ok. So, the first surprise came when I walked in and other dogs were there. With Frank out of the picture, I kinda thought it was going to be all about me. But none of them were pug-cute and most were barky and whining, so it wasn't a huge deal. Total amateurs.

The photoshoot people could obviously tell I'm a professional because they called my name like 2 minutes after we got there. The pictures will be for a new Nutro dog food, so my job was to eat food out of a dog bowl (it was a fake dog bowl, but I'll get to that in a minute). I thought, seriously? You need a supermodel for that?

And then they asked me to share a pile of hotdog bits with a strange Boston Terrier.
And not a big pile either. Yeah. We hadn't even sniffed butt and we were expected to share hotdogs??

My human explained that I'd never shared a bowl of food before, but I would try.
So I tried. But Mr. Boston wasn't really into sharing and gave me a death stare that said BACK OFF, PUG! So I backed off and didn't get to eat a single hotdog. That really sucked, but he was scary!

When sharing didn't work, they got rid of Boston and asked me to eat hotdogs from a blue spot on the floor. The spot had numbers on it like a clock so the photographer could tell the food wranglers where to put the hotdogs. Yeah, I said food wranglers. There were two of them and they both had giant bowls of hotdog bits.

Loved the food wranglers!

So I ate hotdogs. Hotdogs at 2 o'clock. Hotdogs at 9 o'clock.
Hotdogs at 11 o'clock. The whole thing didn't exactly make sense, but I didn't care. I was eating hotdogs! It was so exciting I lost my focus and got a little cracked out. OK, a lot cracked out. But, I mean, HOTDOGS!!

That's when my human said the magic word: Jimmy. She knew Jimmying would calm me down; I knew it would make everyone in the room AWWWWWW their heads off. So I jimmied. And they AWWWWWed. Then someone asked, "Can you get him to do that again?"

Ha! I Jimmied at 9 o'clock. 11 o'clock. 3 o'clock... I Jimmied around the whole freaking clock. I could tell the Nutro people were totally impressed. I bet they fired every one of the other dogs after they saw what I could do.

And then it was over. Everyone clapped and pet me and told me how I cute I am. I got a check for $100 and my human promised I can spend it on whatever I want (except more hotdogs).

Supermodeling is AWESOME.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Holy freaking SPAM. You're not going to believe what the big surprise is. OK, ready? I am about to become a supermodel. Like, for real. Like, someone is paying me - with money AND cookies - to pose for a camera that isn't Nikon.

Uh huh.

And I won't just be posing - I'll be posing with food. And by posing, I mean eating. Because I guess the ad or whatever I'll be starring in is for dog food. How awesome is that!?!

The awesomest thing is I'll be posing with food, for cookies and money, WITHOUT Frank. Turns out they just wanted me. I mean, I love Frank and all but with all this 1000 pugs stuff going on, I kinda just want to be #1 of 1 for a little while. Y'know?

Anyway. We're heading over to the studio now. I'll make sure miss gimpybrain remembers to bring Nikon with us.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey everybody! We actually got to see the sun today. Like, outside. My human woke up crazy early (again) to stare at HAL4, so I figured me and Dutch would be sitting around doing nothing all day (again). But then the sun came up and my human said her brain needed air, so we headed over to see the cows.

I ate pies, Dutch ate grass and my human's brain got air and sunshine. We saw supernice Bill (of the fabulous Bill & Susan, leaders of Operation Daisy) and I even found a dead bunny to roll in.
After the cows, we stopped at Lily + Harry's house to see some spreadsheet thing their mom Cyndi made for my human to help her keep track of 1000 Pugs. No idea what that's about, but Cyndi wanted to play with Nikon so I got to eat snacks and play fetch. Try not to laugh too hard at the picture she took of me:

OH! Almost forgot -- I overheard the humans talking about the big surprise that's coming tomorrow. I still don't know all the details but I definitely heard the words FOOD and SUPERMODEL. I also heard the word FRANK and that kinda worries me because he can totally Jimmy and everyone thinks he's soooo cute.

But whatever. It's been so lame around here lately I think we *all* need a big surprise. Even if I have to share it with Frank. One other pug is waaaaay easier to deal with than 999 of them.

Uhm, no offense to anypug who's now 1 of the 1000. I love you all like bacon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hey everybody! Big Thing #2 happened this morning so I'm one paw closer to having my human back. Right now she's giving pugs their numbers and if I breathe too loud she's totally going to screw it up. Dutch farted and almost ruined everything!

If anyone here is waiting for their number or needs to fix their appointment or anything, HAL4 and the thumbs are working on it now.

Even though we took pictures in the park yesterday (without snacks!) I'm too afraid to bother my human about it now. So here's the Big Thing #2 that happened today - I guess it's what's been keeping her up at night. Even though I'm only in it for like 2 seconds, it's kinda cool.

Oh! I found out more about the big surprise and it has NOTHING to do with any pug other than me. Woot!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, almost kinda sort of reunited. My human (and her thumbs) are trying really really hard to keep 1kpugs email under control AND finish the last of some kickstarter thing. No idea. But I do know it involves a video that I actually got to be in.

I also know my human didn't go to sleep last night (again). I heard her tell Bellatrix's mom she's too old for this kinda thing. But I also heard her say she's too old to sell eggs so I'm kinda starting to wonder if she's losing it.

Anyway. We did get to go to the park today for about 3 minutes - long enough to find a stash of poo, and that was cool. My human even brought Nikon along but totally forgot to bring any snacks. Uhm, hello! No way can I supermodel without snacks. I mean, I guess I can. But why would I want to?


My human says she's planning a big surprise to make up for the recent missingness. All I know is it's happening on Thursday and involves food and anything that involves food is good. Unless it's a trip to the vet. Or a yogurt container full of rancid bacon grease that you accidentally eat (if your name is Dutch) and then puke up all over the kitchen floor.

OH yeah, and guess who's going to Portland in June to eat donuts? And not just any donuts... voodoo donuts with BAAAACON on top. Mmmmmmeeeeeee. Will anyone here be there too??

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Y'know how yesterday was the day something big was going to so I could finally get my human and her thumbs back? Well, things did not exactly go as planned. At all.

It started at like midnight the night before when my human was doing something with 1000 Pugs. First she kinda yelled at HAL4, unplugged a bunch of wires, then kinda yelled some more. Then she talked to some dude on the phone... then another dude... then a lady. She didn't yell at them, but I could tell she wanted to.

I don't exactly know what the problem was, but I think it had something to do with this:

I guess my human needed internet access for the something big to get done and we didn't have any because Comcast sucks. At least that's what I learned by the time the day was over.

It started with this guy:

He was supposed to come at 7:30 am, so my human stayed up all night working (without internet) thinking the something big could still happen in time. I guess the Comcast phone dude lied or something because when my human called and freaked out, some other phone dude said he had until 9:30 to get there.

No idea.

My human wasn't happy, but I was superexcited to see this guy. I don't get to hang out with The Man anymore and thought maybe he was a new man. He wasn't excited to see me though so my human made me and Dutch stay in the kitchen while they tore apart the living room looking for wires or something.

When that didn't fix things, the wire dude went outside and started messing around with wires in the sidewalk. I had no idea there are wires in the sidewalk. Crazy! WHen those wires didn't work, he went up on the roof. My human was super grumpy so me and Dutch got in trouble for barking at the noise of his feet up there.

The wire dude finally called some other Comcast people and it turns out our wires were fine, but some hub and nodes in out neighborhood were not. I don't know what a hub or a node is and I guess the wire dude didn't either because he just got in his truck and left.

My human was still awake from the day before and not happy. She tried to bring Mac (the laptop the Labradors ate) out into the world to use some other internet, but he never leaves the couch and died within 2 minutes. Tofu the iPad was not much more help.

Many many hours went by. Still no internet access. My human really only yells when I eat poo, so when she started yelling it really freaked me out. The Comcast people didn't seem to care though. After that, we went to sleep. Without dinner!

When we woke up this morning, I thought the internet and my human would be back to normal. I thought the big thing would happen and everything would be good again. But no. There was still no internet and my human was still yelling.

FINALLY a Comcast person actually tried to help and it turns out the wire dude replaced a bunch of wires and forgot to plug one of them in. Yeah. Wire dude left a wire unplugged. That's why the internet was still broken.

And that is when my human kinda lost it. Like, leaking lost it. Uh huh. Comcast made my human freaking cry. I heard her tell Tiffy's mom that stress, too much work and not enough sleep made her leak, but I still blame Comcast.

Anyway. Our internet is back, the something big is fixed and my human is happy again (more or less). Best of all, I'll have full thumb access starting on Monday. See you then!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Jimmy marathon

I seriously think my human has completely forgotten about me. Last night I Jimmy'd for like 10 minutes straight ON TOP OF the stupid 1000 Dogs book - and she didn't even notice!

I am kinda sad, but feel SO much better knowing you guys are here. I had no idea other people's humans go away for EIGHT whole hours every day. Mine stares at HAL4 at least that much - which is totally boring - but at least she is here.


I wouldn't mind having a human #2, but no way I'd ever want to share a human with cats, puppies or little humans. And babies? I've seen what those things do to people and I'm not sure I'd want one of them hogging up all the AWwwwws. The food-on-floor part sounds kinda cool though. Any time my human drops something, she cleans it up.

Miss Gimpy promised she'd return to earth after something big happens tomorrow, but if she lied I'm totally sending out an SOS. Eddie, BellaT, Noodles + Mochi - please keep your ears open for the phone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


'Polaroid Jimmy' by Jeff Ballinger

I'm kinda starting to think I need a new human. Because I'm starting to wonder if mine loves me anymore. We haven't hiked with the cows or done anything fun in I don't know how long, she barely ever lets me play with Nikon, and she missed TWO entire days of Daily Puglet in the last week. That only ever happens is when she's sick and she is totally not sick.

She didn't even do the thing where she puts film into some old camera and takes 36 special pictures on the last day of the year. At least one of the special pictures is of me and pictures mean cookies. But no. Instead, I had to hey-mister some photographer dude with a really old special camera that spit out pictures. He didn't give me any cookies, but at least *he* loved me enough to take my picture.

If I had two or even three humans, it wouldn't be so bad. But I only have one. I guess I have Dutch, but Dutch isn't really the same as a human. He'd never take my picture and tell me I'm perfect or give me cookies and rub my belly. Only a human can do that kind of stuff.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Y'know, where your human stops loving you? I don't really want a new human - but is there anything I can do to get mine back? I'm kinda sad and really miss her.

Monday, January 2, 2012

HELLO 2012!

Hey everybody! Happy day #2 of of 2012. Things here at Casa de Puglet have been a little boring and a lot insane. Insanely busy for my human and a little boring for me and Dutch. Probably more like a lot boring for Dutch.

I don't know too many details, but I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with the other 999 pugs who aren't me. There's a video involved. It's not about me, but I got to be in some of it. I met a ton of nice people and got lots of love.

The cool dude in today's pictures spoke Spanish so I tried to impress him with some Spanish I learned from Google. I must have said the wrong thing because he didn't seem too impressed.


Anyway. All I know is my human's gimpy brain is so toast right now she drove to the grocery store and walked home by mistake. Yeah. She came home with food, but left Mazda parked at the store. Then yesterday she went to Pug Sunday and forgot to bring me and Dutch. Seriously. Forgetting Mazda is one thing, but she freaking forgot us.

My human says the insanity is almost over and I can have full thumb-access in 48 hours (even though her brain will be supertoasty).
Oh, and she really misses everyone here and can't wait be back.