Thursday, January 5, 2012


Jimmy marathon

I seriously think my human has completely forgotten about me. Last night I Jimmy'd for like 10 minutes straight ON TOP OF the stupid 1000 Dogs book - and she didn't even notice!

I am kinda sad, but feel SO much better knowing you guys are here. I had no idea other people's humans go away for EIGHT whole hours every day. Mine stares at HAL4 at least that much - which is totally boring - but at least she is here.


I wouldn't mind having a human #2, but no way I'd ever want to share a human with cats, puppies or little humans. And babies? I've seen what those things do to people and I'm not sure I'd want one of them hogging up all the AWwwwws. The food-on-floor part sounds kinda cool though. Any time my human drops something, she cleans it up.

Miss Gimpy promised she'd return to earth after something big happens tomorrow, but if she lied I'm totally sending out an SOS. Eddie, BellaT, Noodles + Mochi - please keep your ears open for the phone.


Poozles said...

If your human doesn't return to normal, you should come live with us in NYC. One of my humans loves to cook and tends to drop stuff. People love to stop and rub me behind the ears. Also, there TWO humans at my house so if one is busy or gimpy, there's a second one to cuddle!

Sabrina PugTails said...

Ah Puglet, don't be sad. She'll start paying attention to you again soon. Your human just needs time to figure out this 1000 Pugs thing. I don't think she ever imagined this fun little idea would blow up to be so encompassing.
It's kind of like when you wanted to fly. This thought took over your whole life and you stopped caring about baby cow-pies or even bacon.
Hang in there bud, this won't last forever - even if it feels like it.
If all else fails, you could always request a visit with The Man.

Chfnman said...

And surely you know there are about 604 followers that would come in and swoop you up and take you home if your human doesn't shape up quickly!


Unknown said...

Awwww.. we're so sorry Puglet, we know how you feel. Our human sometimes has to leave us for a few hours and comes home smelling like a whole BUNCH of other dogs.She says she needs to go visit them and walk them and stuff while their humans are working or vacationing, but sheesh! we would like more walks too!
Pretty soon things will settle down for her and you will get lots and lots of attentionagain:)

Tucker and Lola said...

You stop worrying Puglet, we would all take you in! It's heaven here, Mom's a klutz and always dropping something foodable in the floor.

Sammy and Neko said...

She will be back... we all know it ! Jimmy away, baby~


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Uh...yeah...I am waiting on tomorrow to come too cuz I was told something big is going to happen and I am going to LOVE it!! My human won't tell me what it is but I heard her talking to someone about trying to get me to be one of 1000, and I don't even think I know what that is, but she is so excited...said she is taking time off from work in March and everything if it all works out tomorrow...oh man, I hope it does or she will be so unhappy, so hang in there Puglet, I might be all sad with ya or be all happy tomorrow!

Guy Noir said...

Hey, we've got that book, too! I don't jimmy, I just kinda sit on stuff and snuffle and eat things and sleep.

And your human should be back to normal soon. My human went back to work...but it's not too bad cos grandma and uncle let me and Chelu out for an hour while she's gone, and the dad human gets home pretty early. But you are lucky that your human works at home and can take you on road trips and stuff. We never go anywhere but for walkies in the neighborhood cos Chelu, the poodle, doesn't like anyone or anything...

Your Pal Guy Noir

Noodle said...

Wow! That IS a lot of Jimmying!! I hope you stretched first.

gini said...

Ya know puglet, I know this sounds a bit...harsh...but our 'humans' go away every day (Mr. and Mrs.) and they are gone for 10+ hours! We stopped feeling sorry for ourselves when we realized that WE have this secret life here at home they don't even know about! LOL! We chase the squirrels and birds, and we get to talk (bark) at the neighbors that walk to and from (we have a special bark for each of them!). We have people in the neighborhood that look forward to saying hi to us from way down there on the roadway (we are on a hill)..anyway, we have a LOT of fun here chasing rainbows in the kitchen window as they move and sleeping in our favorite sun spots. And when our humans come home, and they get busy making dinner, we wait for a nibble or two that falls to the floor...and then we snuggle on the couch and share our day as they share their and have your own special time...make the best of it...and your human will be back to her routine soon, I'm sure of it! PS. our humans love us so much that when they are here, we get to go run errands with them too!
Keep the faith! Tawnie and Winston

Crabbie Chris said...

Dude...I went out to Pt. Isabel today, and it sucked without you and Dutch. I had no back fat to bite. I played with a real cute substitute black pug, but he was a skinny bitch with no back fat to bite, we just jowl'd with each other.
Miss hangin' out, I may convince mom to come kidnap you and Dutch, then we can be together always...until she takes your ass home!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Just snap out of it Puglet! We think we know what the "big" thing is tomorrow...and we are hoping thru it to get our pic's taken...and since we are fairly close by, maybe even meet you! That would be our dream, to meet Puglet! Hopefully she will return to normal soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
Our mom works from home and there are days when she just stares at that stupid thing she works we take control we start chasing each other and barking and seriously acting goofy. Thats her clue to get off her duff and take us for a walk or just go outside with us. Jimmy'ing would never work on her.
Hey someone said visit the Man at the house of meat now that would make anyone feel better.
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Don't worry, she will be back. You & Dutch are welcome to come to my home & keep me company when Mom's working. We could raid the frig, I saw bacon in there. Plus Dutch could play with all my pink toys.


Pugs2Luv said...

Hey BellaT, we would totally help with you kidnap scheme, we feel it's our duty to help out a pug in need. Just let us know the time & place. We'll synchronize our watches (if we had them). Don't worry Puglet, mission code name:BACK FAT, is on.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Barbara said...

Puglet, how can she resist that face?? I think you and Dutch should come stay here until this Pug Thing is over. We'll pay lots of attention to you!

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Y'know, Puglet, I bet if you acted all cool and hard to get, your human would be back in a flash. Our humans think we worship them--so they aren't used to us pugs acting like a cat or something.

To take your mind off your feeling neglected--Darby our friend, the sick Havanese, is HOME! He's not all fixed yet, but he was able to keep his food in his tummy for more than a day, so the dog docs let him leave the hospital. If you want to see Gus and me doing our pug wrestle in honor of Darby coming home, that might help you laugh and forget being sad. Just go to our Pug Snort Report blog to see us in action!

Claudia said...

Pug, you're the cutest thing on earth! Just had to tell you that. ADORABLE.

Payton said...

That Jimmy marathon was awesome, Pug!! You are a true master. I like Suki's idea. Mind if I join you guys?

Noodles said...

Puglet! That is some serious Jimmying!!!!! I totally need lessons in that. Let me know when you are available to teach me.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Omg no Friday DP yet! You must be Jimmying your curl off!!!!!!!!
Paula from DE