Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My human says I need to say huge thanks for all the 1000 Pug ideas. So huge thanks. There, I said it. Now let's talk about something more important. Like me.

Just kidding.

But I think we all totally need a break from the 999 pugsanity, right? And Dutch needs a tiny bit of Juju. I guess his birthday bloodwork came back and everything was OK except for something called thyroid and that was low. My human says it's kinda normal for this to happen with "older" dogs, but Google says dogs with low thyroid are slow and fat and Dutch is definitely not slow or fat.

The vet wants to run a few more tests to figure out what's going on. If we can get some juju flowing before the tests, I'm sure Dutch will be totally fine. Or at least as fine as a dog who secretly wears pug jackets on their head can be.

Not much else going in here at Casa de Puglet. My human said something about maybe possibly going to visit trees today? No idea, she's kinda weird about trees. But when I know, you'll know.

Oh yeah, and today is also the last day to send in your Dutch-style SYOP picture or post a pug one on facebook. I think I should get a cookie for telling you that.

* * *

I'm kinda superexcited about today's Dutch-style entry. Uh huh. Guess which Canadian beagle got to eat pie. And it wasn't even Thanksgiving in Canada. Go Ollie!

Hey, check out my pie.

Sigh. Are we almost done? I'd really like to eat my pie.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


somebody still loves me

I hope everyone is still warm and fuzzy from yesterday, because today I'm being forced (again) to talk about 1000 Pugs. I guess my human has some sort of dilemma she needs help with and thinks the you in you/we/us can totally help. I think you/we/us are pretty awesome, so I can't really argue with her or anything.

So. The problem. When my human did the
1000 Pug mock photoshoots, she learned a bunch of stuff. The biggest thing: 1000 pictures of pugs, no matter how supercute, will make the gallery + book look like a giant pug catalog and this is not what she wants.

Aiko, queen of mock-shoot cute

What does she want? To split the pugs into a whole bunch of different categories (chapters for the book). And I guess the problem is she only has like three thoughts a day and can't think of enough categories.

That's where the you in you/we/us come in.

My human says what we need is a great big brain tornado to come up with as many different pug categories as possible.
Don't think too hard, but the categories should be stuff that can be shown in a picture. Y'know, stuff like pugs on color, one-eyed wonders, couch-potato pugs, foodie pugs.

pugs on color

The more categories, you/we/us can come up with, the happier my human (and her gimpy brain) will be.

* * *

Today's Dutch-style SYOP is from Sailor the poodle (!) and Emi. Yep, little Emi. Who is totally not afraid to get between a giant poodle and a big pot of food. Emi, you rock!

Monday, November 28, 2011


photo of us by Tamara Watson

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, full of pie and turkey and more pie! If you didn't get to eat any turkey or pie, check out these SYOP pictures of the lucky pugs who did.

My human says the holidays aren't just about food. Or shopping. Or those weird leafless trees they just started selling on like every corner. She hasn't exactly told me what else holidays are about, but I think they have something to do with humans getting warm and fuzzy about stuff.

Like today my human is working on some stupid 1k Pugs blog post called 'the us in we'. It's all about how my paws and her thumbs are the "us" behind the "we" you read about on the 1Kpugs site. But it's also about all the awesome people who are sending in ideas, helping us fix problems, and spreading the word and stalking pugs.

You know, everyone who's helping us be a better we.

I told her if she's going to talk about usses and wees, she better let me say something about it here on the DP too. Because without everyone here, there wouldn't be an us. Or a we. Or whatever me and my human and Dutch are.

I mean, we'd still be here. But we wouldn't be here.

You know what I mean. So big fat thanks to everyone and everypug, pug-fraction, non-pug and kitty who comes here everyday. You/we/us are the best you/we/us on the whole entire the internet.

* * *

Janey + Pie

Today's Dutch-style SYOP is from Janey, Napoleon and their human Jennifer. Jennifer says Ms. Janey doesn't like taking pictures, so getting her to do this was like pulling teeth. I don't know about you, but I'd totally let someone pull my teeth for a piece of pie. Right?? Dutch says he totally understands how Janey feels though.

Thanks Jennifer, Janey, and Napoleon :)

Friday, November 25, 2011


Turkey Neck Envy

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. And if you live in Canada or Poland or Germany, I hope you still got to eat something tasty so your human could take a picture of you for the SYO- contest.

Today's photo is from Shelley (human of Chloe, Camille, Layla, Sugar, and Pill). Since I live in the city with a human who swears carrots are dog treats, I'll let Shelly explain what's going on in the picture:

There's just not enough meat on the turkey neck to cook and pull off for four dogs and a cat, so it goes to the chickens and the dogs are soooo envious.

OK. I don't really know why a chicken would want to eat a turkey neck. I don't even know what a turkey neck is, really. But I'm envious too. Thanks Shelly for sending us your picture!

Dutch will pick his favorite SYO- on Dec 1st, so If you haven't taken your non-pug + holiday food picture yet, don't worry. You have until Nov 30th to email it to us (

If you're in the pug camp, there's already some pretty ridiculous holiday cuteness happening over in the SYOP section of the 1000 Pugs facecbook page (you can see it here). If your human hasn't shot you yet, tell them to hurry up and get on it!

If you have no idea what to do for your SYO-, here's some inspiration for you. I call it 'how to score a snack in 3 easy steps'. I perfected the technique yesterday with a roll, but pretty sure it works with any eatable you can get your mouth on.

Good luck and good eating!

Step 1: grab

Step 2: snatch

Step 3: gulp + recover*

* the recover part is crucial. You must be ready for any food that comes your way.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy eating!

Licks + Pie,

Puglet and Dutch

* * *

PS: Don't forget to shoot your pug! And your non-pug too :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I think you are all quite aware about my feelings for Nikon. But if you don't know, that soul-stealing box with the creepy black eye freaks me out. I don't like when humans look me in the eye and humans pet me and sometimes give me food. Nikon just... stares.

Although this 1000 Pugs thing sometimes makes me feel like a zero, I was very happy not to be a pug when my human came up with the idea to have a 'Shoot your own pug' photo contest. Until she decided there must also be a non-pug version so nobody would feel left out. Now Nikon will be staring at me. And everyone else too.
Thankfully the contest is also about food, so we'll be eating during the staring.

If you are a pug, you should read the 1k Pugs blog for details.

For non-pugs, the rules are mostly the same (except for #3):

1) Photo must contain a Thanksgiving holiday food item OR proof a holiday food item was recently inhaled

2) If you don’t believe in Thanksgiving or don’t live in the US, you can still participate. Just stick a sweet potato or some other holiday-type food item in a picture to make it official.

3) enter your non-pug photo by email: from Nov 24 - Nov 30th

*pugs, please don't email photos. yours go on facebook. my human's brain will explode ! *

We'll post all the non-pug pictures here. I don't know what your prize will be (just in case kitties want to be part), but I will pick one out just for you. I can't promise that it won't be pink.

Happy eating to everyone! Pugs, non-pugs and kitties too...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ok, so I don't really want to talk about yesterday. Not about not being here. Not about the pink incident. And really not about my human and those other pugs. Except to show you these pictures, which will maybe make you feel bad for me just in case I have any more "moments" and need forgiveness.

I mean, how can I compete with that kind of cuteness and supermodel caliber focus?? Or this Yeah.

Anyway. In case you're not on facebook, I need to tell you about the Shoot Your Own Pug contest that's happening over in the land of 1000 Pugs. You can read the blog post here to get all the details. And you totally want all the details because the winner gets $50 gift thingy to and losers still get to eat food (
the contest theme is pugs + food).

Dutch will be announcing his version of Shoot Your Own here tomorrow, so don't feel bad if you're a kitty or a beagle or a puggle. You'll get to eat food for the camera too :)

Oh! I almost forgot about the turkey testicles. So, my human has been kinda sleepless/stressed/crazy-busy recently and whenever this happens, she kinda gets a little grumpy. Well, maybe not grumpy, but she's definitely not as fun. Apparently if I had thumbs I'd understand.

Whatever. Anyway, this morning my human (and her grumpy thumbs) was on the phone with my friend Tiffy's mom and got crazy-excited about something on the computer. She was so excited and laughing so hard, she snorted like a pug and spewed water out her nose. Between the snorting and the water-spewing, my human just kept saying Turkey Testicle Festival?!?
Turkey Testicle Festival?!?

I guess there's this thing called the Turkey Testicle Festival and Tiffy's dad goes to it every year. I don't know why this made my human spew water out her nose, but I've only seen that happen once so Turkey Testicle Festivals must be really.... something.

If your human is
sleepless/stressed/crazy-busy/grumpy human, maybe you could let them know about the turkey testicles.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone, Dutch here again. First, I must thank you for sending me the juju. My honking is almost completely gone and I'm feeling much better now. Hopefully I'll be 100% honk-free soon so we can rejoin society soon.

You might be wondering why I'm here today instead of Pug. Let us just say he's having a bit of a moment. Ever since The Epiphany, he's been OK with the 1000 Pugs. He's even been showing off his #1 tag and encouraging other pugs to be one of the other 999. But yesterday someone sent us a picture of my human that sent him over the edge:

I don't understand what he's so upset about, but Pug says there are many things wrong with this picture. According to him, Nikon, food, a strange pug, and my human should never be in the same place at the same time. Ever. Especially when the strange pug is very, very cute.

I think Pug is being ridiculous about this. My human and Nikon are safe, the cute pug did not follow us home and there is plenty of food left for us to eat. It is just a stupid picture. But when I tried explaining this to Pug, he just kept saying Pictures don't lie! Pictures don't lie!

If that is the case I would like to share a picture someone shared with me. It was taken last week at the airport when Emi flew away and clearly shows a certain pug and a very girly pink toy. Yes, Pug was playing with a PINK toy (even though Emi's new human brought him a stuffed lion).

I'm sure my human will talk Pug out of his sulk (again) and he'll be back tomorrow like nothing ever happened. I also know he will try to deny the pink toy incident, and when he does please remind him that pictures don't lie.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I don't know how many of you read my friend Tiffy's blog, but I stole today's title from her. Except her post was about not leaving on a jet plane and mine is all about flying away.

Don't get too excited for me though because I'm not the one who got to fly yesterday. Remember little Emi? With the sickness and the icky exploding eye? Well, she ditched the bad eye, is completely better and has a brand new human named Peggy. Who she found right here on the Daily Puglet.

How freaking cool is that?

Emi's been through a lot for such a little pug and I could tell she was kinda worried when we were standing around at the airport yesterday. My human wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn't exactly know what the plan was, but my human promised it would be 100% awesome so I told Emi not to worry.

When Peggy's plane landed and she came out to meet Emi, all the worry went away. Peggy's from New York and lives with two pugs named Benny (you sent him a boatload of juju awhile ago) and Gracie and she is awesome.

Emi's kind of a crack pug (and a puppy) so she was extrasuperexcited to meet Peggy. But then she got all calm like she knew it was ok to relax because everything was going to be good from now on. Total zen moment, I swear.

Emi was ready to climb into her travel bag and take off before it was even time to leave... like she couldn't wait another minute to get to her new home. I'm so glad she found such a good one.

The humans got all leaky when it was time to say goodbye, but my human explained it was a good kind of leaky. The best kind of leaky there is, she said.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Before I tell you all about the secret 1k Pugs thing that nobody but us will know about until later today, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who told their story yesterday. I've sent them to our favorite Pug Rescue Lady and she will make sure all the little voices are heard. Paws crossed someone at the rescue listens to them.

Ok. Now for the secret. My human's been trying to figure out a way to let everyone be part of 1000 Pugs. You don't really know my human, but she's hugley big on being fair. To everyone. Which I think is pretty much impossible, but whenever I tell her this, she just tells me to shut up.

Anyway. I guess
some folder in her the 1000 Pugs email called 'Non-tour State' has been kinda driving her nuts. And so has the idea of non-pugs and the pug-fractions (ie, puggles) being left out. So she came up with the idea to have a monthly 1000 Pugs 'Shoot Your Own Pug' photo contest. Anyone with a human and a camera can now kinda be part of 1000 Pugs.

For everyone here on the DP who's a non-pug or pug-fraction, we'll have a special Dutch version of the contest. We don't want anyone to feel like a zero. Or a Jan.

The best part about all this is each month's contest will have a theme and the first theme will be food. I don't know all the details yet, but I'm 99% sure this food will be Turkey Day food. My human will post about it on the 1000 Pugs facebook page later today, but I'll fill everyone in on it tomorrow too.

I'll be out on a mission for most of the day, but my human always reads me your comments - even from Droid. Hopefully I'll have a very cool happy-ending story for you tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1, 2, 3 THINGS

Today's going to be kinda random. Not Randomizer-random, so don't get too excited. More like all over the place random.

Randomness #1
In case you're not a big facebook fan (like my human the social-media wimp), you have to see this cool little tag thing we posted on the 1000 Pugs page. I've been wearing it the past few days to test it out and my human says if it survives the rain tomorrow we'll definitely go with them.

Randomness #2

I made my human promise to keep the other 999 pugs off my blog. But I guess if 1000 Pugs has something cool going on, I'm ok with it being here. And since you're my peeps (thumbs or not) I'm totally going to let you in on all the top secret stuff before anyone else knows.

Like this...

1000 Pugs will be announcing some sort of contest thing tomorrow. It will involve food and pugs and cameras and there will be a prize. I also heard my human say something about a 'Dutch version'. No idea, that's all I know for now. Stay tuned.

Randomness #3
There's been HUGE debate here at Casa de Puglet about this last one, but I won so here goes...

Some of you might be wondering why we've never done much with the local pug rescue. I mean, I want to help pugs and my human wants to help pugs - makes sense right? Right.

Except for one thing. Our local pug rescue (who isn't called Pugsavers) does a lot to help pugs but has rejected 100% of all the people we've sent to them. We get a lot of emails asking for the 411 on where to get an awesome pug. Since I'm awesome and also recycled, we always tell people to try rescue first. So it really sucks when the rescue makes it impossible for people to adopt a pug. And we're talking good people. Pug people!

I mean, our local rescue even rejected us. Yep. Before I came a long, my human applied to foster for them and was denied. Something about the wrong kind of stairs? No idea. Maybe the pug gods made them do it so she'd foster me instead, but it's still kinda weird.

They've rejected people for having a pool, the wrong kind of windows, the wrong kind of kids, cats, dogs, jobs. All sorts of stuff. A friend of mine just got rejected because his family has a German Shepard and big dogs eat pugs. And my friend is a pug!!

I'd be cool with all the rejection if there weren't pugs in shelters and on a waiting list to get rescued. But there are.

Anyway. The only reason I'm telling everyone this is because a little pug rescue birdie told us some changes are happening at the rescue and we think maybe things could get better if they got some feedback from people.
Like all at once and sent to the same person.

Sometimes a lot of little voices are louder than one big one.

If you've tried to adopt from the pug rescue here in the Bay Area (I'm not naming names, you know who) and were rejected, just got postcard and/or never heard back from anyone - please let us know your story like ASAP. If you don't want to comment in front of the whole internet, that's cool. Just email me:

We really want just want to help the rescue be better for pugs in need and the people who want to love them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello everyone. Our human made Pug give me the blog today because his honky germs made me honk too. Yesterday I had to go to the vet and she thought sharing my experience might make me feel better.

My human finally broke up with our regular vet so we tried the new SPCA hospital. It's very nice, not far from our house and my human really liked them. Our Dr. lady even remembered meeting me on the cow hike a few years ago. She really liked me and I really liked her back.

I am not going to dwell on my time at the vet. They put me on a scale, but I am skinny so that was painless. They also did the stick-up-the-butt maneuver. I don't like when people do anything to my butt, but I suppose it was also painless.

After the butt violation was over, they sucked some blood out of me for the Birthday Bloodwork my human completely forgot to get me back when I turned the Big 8. Not my idea of a nice surprise, but painless.

The best part about our new vet is that it's quite close to our grocery store. Thanks to a comment from Sabrina she read while waiting to pay, my human decided it would be nice to stop at the strore and get me (and Pug) a Golden Chicken (I believe we were also out of dog food).

Golden Chickens are a very big deal at our house because for some reason my human finds pulling meat off bones "repulsive". Fortunately the store has an entire Golden Chicken department, so she looked for something a little less "gross". She found a fascinating boneless option called Boneless Chicken Wings, but couldn't figure out how they weren't just Nuggets and opted for a Golden Turkey Breast instead.

The Golden Turkey didn't have many bones and was quite tasty. Even my human ate some, although she said it was too dry. Between the drugs and the golden meat, I should be honk-free in time for the real Turkey Day, but pug will tell you all about that tomorrow.

Monday, November 14, 2011


There were 92 comments at midnight Casa de Puglet time and The Randomizer randomly decided comment #48 should be the winner of the Awkward Family Pet Photos giveaway. So congratulations Grumpy, Chunky, Barney and Bella in Plantation Florida!

Please email us your address so we know where to send your new book:
So, normally this is where I'd pose with the winning thing before handing it over to the PO people. But my human says I'm not allowed to go anywhere near the boo
k because of the honking. Something about not wanting to spread my germs around.

We've been on lockdown since my honking started
because of the whole germ-spreading thing (no friends, no dog park, no fun) and I totally didn't get why until Dutch started honking too.

I guess my germs became his germs
because that's how germs work, so now he's sick like me. Except Dutch's honk is more of an Eh Eh Eh instead of a HONK HONK HONK. Seriously, if a cough could be a color mine would be black with skull + crossbones and his would be pink.

Whimpy whimpy whimpy!

Dutch's honk vomit totally kills what's coming out of me though. My vomit pools are the size of my feet, but Dutch's are almost as big as my human's size 10 hideous pink crocs.

Little honk vomit.

Big honk vomit.

Yeah, I know that's gross. But my human says everyone should see what this stuff looks like so they won't panic and think their dog ate a wood chip (or a fork) if their dog starts honking it up.

I'm feeling a lot better after my trip to the Pug Guru at Bishop Ranch, so now it's Dutch's turn. Except Dutch isn't a pug and we don't live anywhere near The Ranch, so he'll go to a vet here in the city. My human really doesn't love our vet at all and wants to try a new one out on Dutch. If anyone loves a vet in SF, please let us know like ASAP.

Oh, and if anyone has any spare juju lying around, Dutch could use some. The honking isn't serious or anything but you know, he's kinda... sensitive.

Friday, November 11, 2011


If you've been on the Daily Puglet for awhile, you've probably seen some of my more, uh, awkward moments. And I don't know why, but for some reason the dorkier the picture, the happier my human gets.

I mean it's bad enough that
humans make us do things like pose in front of the Grand Canyon with a red french thing on our head. Do they really have to take pictures too? Uh, I think we all know the answer to that. Because I'm pretty sure there wouldn't even be a Daily Puglet if it wasn't for my human and Nikon.

Well, I guess the DP isn't the only place on the internet where humans + pets + cameras = funny pictures. There's even a website called that's 100% awkward pet photos.

Well, a few days ago I got a top secret package from a place called Random House. I guess they'd
asked my human if I wanted to review one of their new books and since my human LOVES books, she said yes (heck yes!).

So I was going to do a review on the book, but it's been kinda heavy around here lately (strikes, epiphanies, juju, honking)
and I also kinda forgot a whole entire 11 days worth of Special Days because 1000 Pugs turned my human's brain into jello and our calendar is still stuck on October. So I think today would be good time to break out The Randomizer and give something away.

Something like your very own copy of the Awkward Family Pet Photos book:

If you haven't been Randomized before, it works like this:

1. leave a comment on today's post. Telling me how awesome I am won't help you win, but you can totally say it anyway.

2. On Sunday night (midnight here in SF) my human will count up all the comments, give that number to Randomizer and Randomizer will spit back another number.

3. Whoever's comment matches that number wins their very own Awkward Family Pet Photos book.

4. I'll announce the winner on Monday.

I can't comment because that'll totally confuse The Randomizer, but we'll read them all like we always do :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi everybody! Huuuge thanks for the juju. I'm still honking, but feeling a lot better. I rested yesterday like I was supposed to and the little blue pills the doctor gave me stopped The Cough so we were all finally able to sleep last night. My human and her jello brain are very happy about the sleeping part.

For a trip to the vet, going to Bishop Ranch wasn't too bad. I had to go in through some special back door and totally missed out on cookies and love from the front desk, but the vet lady was supernice. She's done so much work much with pug rescues, she's become a total pug guru. If you're a pug and live in the Bay Area, remember the name Dr. Ikezawa.

Except for the scale (26.08 lbs) and the part when they stuck that thing up my butt, the exam wasn't bad. Dr. Ikezawa said it's not crazy-weird for pugs to hack up water or frothy foam when they're honking, so the puking thing probably isn't because of anything stuck in my belly.

Dr. Ikezawa also said pugs are 'specially built', so The Cough can lead to things
like pneumonia. I think this was a nice way of saying we have no necks or snouts and that can screw stuff up. She gave me extra-strong drugs to make sure that doesn't happen.

She also gave my human a 1000 Pugs card! Uh huh. We got pugspotted by the Bay Area's pug guru. Dr. Ikezawa sees so many pugs, she totally didn't recognize me from the 1kpugs website and had no idea I practically am the project. But that's ok because she totally loves 1000 pugs and cine I am #1, it means she loves me too. and wanted us to know all about it.

Even though she didn't recognize me, it was really cool to be pugspotted by the pug guru. She totally loves 1000 pugs and since I'm #1/1000, that means she loves me too.

Thanks again for sending the juju my way. I hope we don't need to do that again for awhile. For me, or anybody else.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, I think I might be done with the practicing. Because yesterday was the ultimate test and I totally passed.

We were at the Post Office taking a few pictures and standing right in front of us was a poodle. Yeah. A poodle. A real live poodle.

There we were: me, Nikon, my human, a bag of Omegas... and a poodle. And for a second (or ten) I thought about telling Mr. Poodle to step away from me and my stuff, but then my human gave a look. It was a look that said 'go poodle and you won't be #1'.

So I took a deep breath and tried to erase the poodle from my head. I thought about Emi and all the other Emi-s out there, about the other 999, and how it would feel to be a zero. And it worked! My human got her picture, I got my Omega and the poodle didn't get poodled on.

I was pretty proud of myself, and I think my human was too.

* * *


Thanks for sending Payton such awesome juju yesterday. I know it totally helped. If you have any left over, can you send a little to me? I didn't say anything yesterday because Payton needed it more, but I've been kinda sick the past few days.

The sickness started on Monday when I started honking + puking up water. My human was afraid I'd finally met a woodchip I couldn't beat, but food is still going in and out of me so the problem obviously isn't in my belly. I'm not really puking anymore, but the honking is still pretty bad sometimes. My human says it sounds like kennel cough, but the puking part is weird.

She's worried I might have something stuck in my throat, and that makes her worry about me dying under anesthesia again. We're going back to the Bishop Ranch place this morning because they're supposed to be pug gurus. But my human's still worried I might have eaten a fork or something and might have to go under.

I don't remember eating a fork or anything, but if you have any juju left please send some to whatever's making me honk. And a little extra to make my human feel better.

* * * HOLD THE JUJU! * * *

We just got back from the awesome pug vet and it doesn't look like I have anything stuck in me and that the honking is just that kennel cough thing. The vet said sometimes dogs (and especially pugs) will puke up white foamy stuff when they have the cough. I'm supposed to be resting so I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I just didn't want any juju to go to waste - this stuff is powerful!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy Gracie

So after I practiced trying to share Nikon with Eddie McSupercute, we headed over to the Pug Rescue Lady's house to drop off Emi.

PRL's house is like a pug mecca. There are 2 full-time pugs who totally would have out-cuted me in a picture, plus whatever recycled ones need a place to crash for a few nights or have no where else to go. Like Gracie. She's been staying at PRL's since the doctors found out she has the C-word.

Olive, uber-cute resident at Pug Mecca

My human says she has a soft spot for Gracie and was superexcited to see her. Gracie was just superexcited. About everything. My human says the drugs she's taking kinda crack her out, but I think she's just happy and feeling awesome. Between the juju everyone sent, the Omegas Lola donated and the love at Pug Mecca, Gracie's stupid C-word doesn't stand a chance.

Of course since Gracie was feeling so good, my human wanted to take her picture. Which meant more practice for me. There was some worry about a repeat poodle, or Gracie poodling on me because the crack-drugs make her extra food-crazy. But Gracie was fine and I sat on the stupid rock waaaaay in the background just like my human told me to.

* * *


I got a special SOS yesterday from Payton. The doctor found something scary and maybe C-wordy on her ear. They're removing it today, but I know her people are superworried about it, plus the anesthesia part because of Payton's PDE. Please send juju to Payton + her people!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Even though I'm pretty much OK with the 1000 Pugs situation (except for the airplane thing) my human said I ought practice being the #1/1000 Official Spokespug.

I really wasn't sure what she thought I needed to practice.
I mean, I already had The Epiphany. I totally get why 1000 Pugs is cool. And as long as none of the other 999 pugs tries to steal my #1 spot, I'm fine with whatever (except the airplane thing).
But practice sounded like something I might get cookies for doing, so I went along with it.

Well, next thing you know she loads me in the pod (without Dutch) and we head over to the Bishop Ranch vet place. Cookies or no cookies, I definitely did NOT want to practice anything at a vet.

Luckily we were only there to pick up Emi. I guess her eyeball exploded on Pug Rescue Lady's leg or something so the eye-removal surgery had to happen asap. I was still confused about the whole practice thing, but it was good to see Emi again. She is SO much happier and cuter without the creepy eye.

It didn't take long to figure out what I was supposed to practice once we got to our next stop: Pug Saturday in San Jose. My human explained that if I want to be the 1000 Pugs #1 Spokespug, I have to embrace the idea of her and Nikon and my cookies spending time with other pugs. I asked if there would be enough cookies for me too and she said yes.

Then she stuck me on a bench next to my buddy Eddie and started taking pictures.

Now, you have to understand that Eddie is even cuter than Frank. He always wears these cute neck outfits AND he head tilts. So of course my human was all gaga over him even though I was sitting right there. But I tried to practice being good and I totally did kinda ok. Until my human broke out the salmon Omegas.

That's when I kinda went mini-poodle on Eddie. He's my friend so I wasn't really trying to poodle him, but it was totally impossible to just sit there and watch him head tilt at Nikon and make my human go awwww AND eat my Omegas all at the same time.
I guess my human was right. I do need to practice more.

Sorry Eddie. But next time maybe skip the insanely cute head tilt thing?

PS: thanks for being nice to Dutch. I'm supposed to tell you he feels less Jan-y now, whatever that means.